This is SO OBVIOUS that, like 9/11, I consider it a sort of “litmus test.” If someone is NOT pointing out how OBVIOUSLY fake and gay Patriot Front is, I can then conclude with a very high degree of certaintly that that person is full of shit and acting in bad faith.

From “Whitespace” on the CC article:

Here’s a thought experiment: Look at their manifesto and imagine someone posted it under “Why do you want to join?”. Other than the connection between nationhood and blood, it looks like Rorschach test.

While not as brazen as the rhetoric of the erstwhile leader of Oathkeepers – an FBI provocateur – it is generic. I doubt you’ll find a fed who could discuss how the dialectical frames of the left have subverted conservatism, but you’ll find many who could bang out a ‘manifesto’ of this sort:

They have recently suddenly (suspiciously) been raised in profile by media. The media clearly anticipate this group will used as a white effigy. And they will be. They are going to march, with the fasces on their flags, their plastic riot shields and torches right onto the front pages. Do you think they will find their way there because their message has found purchase among the public?

Ha! What is their message anyway? I seriously contemplated whether the rants on their website were autogenerated. Its every sentence is in an energetic active tense, and has a chatbot’s strategic and philosophical depth.

It’s not about optics. There is no doubt they are of most value for domestic police agencies, eager and starved for white villains.

… Very well said, sir.

Now, I’m a story teller, not a philosopher. So let me tell you a story. Back in the day, my cousin, who was a few years younger than me, came to live with my girlfriend and I. He eventually picked up this extremely pretty young gal, maybe 19 or 20, and we all used to “party” together.

What does that mean, “party?” Well, we would hang out in the den, a mixed group of guys and gals, listen to music, drink beer, smoke weed, sometimes indulge in something harder, and when everyone was good and lit, typically everyone would couple up and go to the bedrooms, their cars, or go home, and have sex.

This is the way real people behave; this is authentic Americanism. This is what we suburban hipsters did in our free time. When we got older and married and had kids and settled down, we would still drink the beer, but do no other drugs, and the guys would hang out in the back yard and grill while the gals would congregate in the kitchen and cook and gossip.

Well my cousin’s pretty little thing – and she was astonishingly pretty … she was not the sharpest knife in the draw. Frankly, she was a bit of an airhead. But I learned something about people hanging out with her.

She was what they call a “fantasist.” She made up bold faced lies and told them with an astonishing sincerity.

My father told me about these people. He had read some sort of neurological research about these people. They can often pass lie detector tests because they aren’t really “lying” in the sense that we mean it. They just don’t have the same relationship to reality that “normal” people do.

One of my high school girlfriends lied to me; her mother being a hard charging career lady in a male dominated field, her self-conception was based around the idea that she was very academically gifted.

Problem was, she wasn’t. After I took my SATs and told her my score, she told me she had already taken them and scored higher than me. But as always with lying, it’s hard to keep the lies straight, so she wound up contradicting herself, and when I pointed it out, she admitted, shame-faced, that she had lied and had not even taken her SATs yet. She felt shame – probably not guilt, now that I think about it, but definitely shame.

But the pretty little gal – did I mention how she was utterly adorable, so hot, my cousin was very lucky to get to have sex with such a beautiful specimen of femininity – she was totally guileless. Since she wasn’t that smart, she fooled no one with her lies, which were all ridiculous and meant to simply get social approval from people.

If you had a specific kind of dog, she had the same kind of dog – two of them, in fact. If you had attended a concert of a popular band, she had as well, and even before you. If you had done some kind of drug, she had too, and more than you did.

I met another of these types of people in college. This tall, blonde, jolly fat guy. Think John Candy. He was personable, funny, nice, cool to hang out with, fun. But he did nothing but tell obvious bullshit stories about himself. At the age of about 23, he had served in the Army – and the Marines – and the Air Force! He had dated dozens of beautiful women, which we could never meet because they lived in Canada. Every experience you had, he had too, and before you and better than you.

When people sometimes confronted him with how ridiculous his stories were, he would throw an amazing temper tantrum, go into a fit of rage, accusing you of being a bad person for not believing him. How dare you call him a liar! That sort of thing. In fact, the last time I saw him he walked out of a party after a couple of people told him – dude, you are full of shit.

Now I want to get back to the “White Nationalist movement” and how utterly fake, and utterly gay, the entire thing is.. ALL of them. As far as I can tell, there is not a SINGLE person acting in good faith. Sure, there are writers who seem more or less sincere, while I’ve never attended an AmRen conference, I’ve seen the videos. I think there are plenty of people involved in such things acting in good faith.

But none of the “activists” are. ZERO of them, not a single one. Charlotteville – it was put on by Jason Kessler, yes? I’ve listened to a few interviews with him, and he seemed totally sincere … yet … his background says otherwise.

It’s the most obvious in the case of two people I’ve written about before, Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott.

At this point, everyone knows about Heimbach. But Parrott is still around. I’ve never met him, I’ve only interacted with him on social media a handful of times. But I’ve been observing him forever, for over a decade.

He is … something. I’m not sure. He is very much acting in bad faith – very bad faith. In retrospect, “Trad Youth” looks to have been a cult. If Andrea Nolen is correct, and cults are simply a group of narcissists getting “narcissistic supply” from each other, well, there it is, in spades.

The humiliating “cuck box” incident shows that Heimbach was the cult leader, and Parrott was the cult follower, because the leaders ALWAYS fuck the women of their followers – it’s a tell tale sign of a cult, in fact.

Anytime someone would criticize Heimbach online, Parrott would defend him. Parrott seems far, far smarter than Heimbach, and a much better writer..

But there is not a single, even the tiniest amount, of sincerity in Matt Parrott. He’s a decent wordsmith, but his writing and his defense of their “activism” shows quite clearly that the man is simply a fantasist. I wouldn’t trust him to tell me it’s raining outside.

These people always postured as sincerely religious, even though they obviously were not. They changed their sincere religious beliefs more often than people change their underwear; there was not an ounce of good faith and sincerity to these people. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

It was all bullshit, all the time. When people asked them, what the hell are you people doing? What is the point? Parrott was particularly good and putting on a show.

But break it down and it’s just rhetoric. A string of glittering generalities, appeals to emotion. Try to grasp it is like trying to grab air; it just dissolves.

Notice how these White Nationalist activists use words – a string of glittering generalities, meaningless platitudes like “Stand Up!”

The 2015 NPI conference is telling. Richard Spencer “uninvited” Trad Youth, and the very first thing that Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach did was to go to the SPLC – they were in regular contact with not just the SPLC, but even Antifa “journalists” – they traveled around the country drinking beer and hanging out with Antifa – I mean, really, consider the implications of that …

Richard Spencer stupidly invited an extremely overrated writer called Jack Donovan. Donovan is a gay “bear” weight lifter skinhead type that writes about “masculinity.” The kind of stuff about masculinity that is actually pretty good lessons for, say, pre-teen boys. Be strong, study hard, learn to follow so you can be a leader. All appropriate for young boys, although no father would want such lessons to be taught by a gay “bear” tattooed skinhead, of course.

But the point is, no adult needs to heard any of that stuff, and frankly the simply fact he’s a gay skinhead makes the message even more useless.

Well, Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott went to the SPLC, accused Richard Spencer of being a part of a secret network of homosexuals. They trolled all over social media, making up absurd lies about NPI “sneaking homosexuality into the movement” and postured as if they were great moralists, taking a strong, religious stance against homosexual infiltration into the white nationalist movement.

And of course, while this is happening, Heimbach is likely fucking Parrott’s wife, and Parrott is probably watching in the corner, jerking off.


We saw much of the same thing in the so-called “Optics War.” Except the Optics War was not actually over “optics” – it was over authenticity, and guess what? Neither “side” had an ounce of authenticity either.

There never was any real argument over the “optics” of fat-ass Matt Heimbach holding “protests” in stupid looking costumes LARPing as a Nazi. Matt Parrott was quite good at spewing paragraph after paragraph of complete nonsense defending this “activism” but any adult human being with an ounce of common sense knew that it was all bullshit, complete bullshit.

Really, who the hell are these people? They travel around the country, getting drunk with Antifa “journalists” and SPLC employees, and posing for the TV cameras. What are they trying to accomplish?

Yet – if you point out any of these facts, they will – of course – call you a “conspiracy theorist.”

Once Hunter Wallace told me he didn’t believe any of the “conspiracy theories” about Heimbach and Parrott, because he knew them, got drunk with them, and traveled with them.

Well – what does that say about him?

I know. No one wants to believe it, but there it is folks.

You would be a complete idiot to have anything to do with “Patriot Front” which is just about the most obvious FBI front group ever.

Just read their website – as “Whitespace” points out above, it reads like auto-generated text. It is all straight out of Hollywood, a script, costumes, props, actors. Not a single bit of it has any appeal to real, actual, normal white Americans. Nor is it meant to, because they exists for one purpose, that is to provide “Fascists” for Antifa to pretend to fight.

Remember, the CIA’s psychologist, Gittinger, discovered that the “street activists” of the Communist party had “theatrical personalities.” In other words – actors. People who are good at creating fantasies about themselves, playing different characters, who like being in the spotlight, having an audience.

They can be highly entertaining but the theater has also always had a very bad reputation, and actors were considered hardly better than prostitutes. In many cases, they ARE prostitutes, we have all heard the stories of the “casting couch.”

Remember what John Travolta said? He would suck hundreds of Jewish dicks to become a star, and he did, even though he isn’t really a natural homosexual, apparently. He just wanted fame that bad.

Fake … and extremely gay.