I don’t think I’m a right-winger. While I find much valuable insight in the writings of Neo-Reactionaries, I find their moral compasses skewed in some way. I was enlightened by a “confession” of an Neo-Reactionary about how much he liked traffic court. He loved the power that even a lowly traffic court judge had over people, and how they were forced to show a humiliating respect and deference, referring to the judge as “your honor,” and how they were at the mercy of an extreme amount of arbitrary power.

Nolen often wrote about “power-worship” and a connection to narcissism.

Consider the cringe-worthy “God Emperor” memes about Trump, the bizarre fascination of Jim Donald with even the fancy dress of the Restoration aristocrats and his hatred of the plain clothing of the Whigs.

Curtis Yarvin had a more systemic approach to monarchy which he thought of almost in terms of modern management theory, the unified executive. But many of his acolytes clearly have an something more personal going on.

After the US invaded Afghanistan, there was an editorial written calling for the United States to restore a previous monarch to power. Trying to justify this to a government ostensibly dedicated to democracy, it was explicitly stated that people had an erotic relationship to their monarch. Many Neo-Reactionaries make the point that a man takes care of his prized automobile because he is the owner, similarly, if a monarch owned the country and the people, they were his personal possession, he would take better care of them by ruling in their best interests.

I’ve often said that in any sexual relationship with a woman, she will at first hint, then ask, then demand, you engage in some form of BDSM with her. There is clearly a “natural” kind of dominant/submissive aspect to the sexual and intimate relationships between men and women, it’s so common in fact we don’t even really think of it as “kink” unless the roles are reversed or it involves extreme practices.

I suspect that these right-wingers have a similar erotic relationship to power, with themselves in the role of the submissive.

We have, at one swoop, connected Hemingway, Crowley, Stein, Joyce, Ford and Pound to Intelligence, and we have done it without leaving the whitewashed pages of Wikipedia. … The role of Intelligence in the rise of Modernism has been missed by most people for the same reason I missed it for so long: we forget how far back the Agencies go. Most people know the CIA wasn’t created until 1947, and since it came out of the Office of Strategic Service—which was an agency of the Second World War, we then take Intelligence only back to 1938 or so. But there was Intelligence in the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. There was Intelligence in Caesar’s armies and in the armies of Alexander. Like prostitution, it is as old as the race itself.


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Indeed, as old as time.

The sisters worked as a team: LDG would advertise Elinor Glyn and vice versa. Their most famous creation was Clara Bow of “It Girl” fame. “It” is sometimes described as sex appeal, but I think “It” is more of a combination of sex appeal and extreme narcissism. Below is a clip of Glyn describing what “It” is, using the same metaphors that Sigmund Freud used to describe his conception of narcissism in the famous 1914 essay “An Introduction to Narcissism”, i.e. the ‘big cat’ attitude.

Here is the money shot:

While these twentieth-century icons brought bordello to the masses, they were actually building on a long-existing— and very strange— European sub-culture that had been nurtured at the highest levels of government wherever empire-minded monarchs reigned. This subculture was about power-building through hermetical means: it looked to the Near East for Ancient Greek political wisdom and such knowledge flowed into Europe along the same routes as white slaves flowed out. These slaves, typically women and children, staffed the harems and prostitution houses in Islamic lands— a practice common since Viking times that has never really ended. In the minds of absolutist rulers hermeticism/the occult, sexual exploitation of minors and slaves, and lucrative trade were conflated into an intoxicating dream of absolute power. The reality of life in ‘the East’ really didn’t matter, what mattered is how this culture was perceived by the rulers’ political allies. LDG’s ‘bordello culture’ was a mass-market rendering of this empire-minded philosophy, stripped of its obvious occult underpinning, and sold at 15 cents a ticket to American working class audiences.

I’m sure Edward Said would say this is “Orientalism.”



I’m sure it is not a coincidence that a woman, like Nolen, and an artist, like Mathis, see these things that others don’t, or in ways that others don’t.

Feminist often complain about men’s sexual objectification of women, indeed, neurological research shows that men’s brains are excited in the same place by looking at a woman and, say, power tools. There is obviously always some sort of “objectification” in sex. But few people see other people as only objects. Those who do are typically somewhere on the scale between narcissism and full blown sociopathy.

There is a connection here but I’m not entirely sure what it is or its significance.

But indeed, there is very strange connection between these old “occult” “secret societies” – which were often themselves a form of “intelligence agency” – and modern “cults” like Scientology, also seemingly very related to intelligence.

CIA uses a model of human motivation called “MICE,” an acronym for money, ideology, conscience, and ego. Chris Simmons, the author of Human Chess, said that sometimes they tack on an “S” for sex. But I suggest that sexual inducement falls naturally under “ego.”

Sexuality is seated in the “lizard brain” of course, but there are also much more “higher brained” psychological motivations involved.

Both the Mills and the Austins belonged to the insular cult of personality that Jeremy Bentham wove around himself. Bentham, famous for his trade-friendly Utilitarian philosophy, his defense of pederasty, and his “panopticon” prison scheme, preferred to surround himself with young married couples who inverted gender roles.

Again, we see a sexual inversion, aka “trangender magic.”

The conspiracy theorists who discuss “beta sex kitten programming” will find this illuminating:

Sarah was a strange mother. She went out of her way to involve the prepubescent Lucie in her weird relationship with Pueckler-Muskau; as a very young child Lucie was often left alone in the company of Bentham. By thirteen Lucie was involved in her first homosexual affair, about the same time she began to act out in the presence of her mother’s friends: her behavior was so manic that one acquaintance said “I regard her as a potential homicide”. (Freud would have probably called it ‘hysteria’.) As she grew up, Lucie developed a cameleon-like quality of transforming herself into whatever the milieu around her desired her to be …

Yes, Freud was very keen on covering up the rampant sexual abuse of young girls in his circles, thus inverted the aggressor and victim with his theories. So does … a certain popular Neo-Reactionary blogger with an intense interest in the sexual lives of prepubescent girls that shall remain nameless.

Recently many of the blogs and podcasts have discussed a very bizarre book called “Buck Breaking” which seems to be a racial, homosexual BDSM/rape fantasy by an African American projected on to the past.

But like “folk psychology” there are clearly “folk methods” of enslaving people psychologically. If prostitution is the oldest profession, pimping is the second oldest, and indeed, the techniques of pimps are a kind of “mind control” and sex trafficking is indeed a form of slavery.

While I’m hardly dedicated to democracy, as a system (the NRx are wrong that there even exists that much democracy in the US) I’d be extremely hesitant to advocate the kind of government that these right-wingers seem to want.