Michael Scheuer is an interesting guy. The head of CIA’s “Bin Laden unit” before and after 9/11, he became infamous writing a book, Imperial Hubris, critiquing the “War On Terror.” He maintained a public posture of strict non-interventionism and made sharp critiques of the Israel lobby and the Zionist entity itself.

But as with all CIA people, he’s a liar and a propagandist, as that is his job after all. As a young man reeling from 9/11, I bought his gimmick hook, line and sinker, but as I gained some wisdom I realized how all of his output was more or less just attempts to maintain the 9/11 official story.

He used a very effective type of lying; simply lying less than everyone else. At the time, the moronic conservatives were telling people that “radical Muslims” hated America “for our freedoms” and because women wore swimsuits at the beach. Scheuer came along and said, no, they hate us because we are occupying their nations, constantly going to war with them, and propping up Israel.

True, as far as it goes, but the main effect was to prop up the mythology of Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.

So I was somewhat surprised when he became a big advocate for Donald Trump and spread all of the Trump conspiracy theories about the elections. He did a series of podcasts with Thomas McInerney, a propagandist who made up ridiculous lies about “Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction” being smuggled out of Iraq – which is why Bush couldn’t find them – into Syria. So, therefore, we have to invade Syria. So McInerney peddled ridiculous conspiracy theories in an attempt to not just prop up Bush’s “War on Terror” but in fact widen the war, as Syria was on the infamous “list” that General Wes Clark talked about.

Scheuer had McInerney on to spew all of the lowest-rent conspiracy theories about how the election was stolen from Trump. To be clear, I just automatically assume that all elections are rigged in one way or another, but clearly the stuff McInerney was spouting was more entertainment than any serious account of election fraud.

So listening to his latest podcast, I noticed Scheuer trying to get his guest to spread a certain propaganda line about China but the guest wouldn’t take the bait.

The guest was giving a more or less mainstream analysis of China and speculating that China and Russia were building an alliance against the United States and NATO, that China was rapidly building up its nuclear and missile capability, and that in the very near future they may seize Taiwan, with the cooperation of Russia, and that the West will simply be unable to do anything about it.

Scheuer gave an amazingly elaborate conspiracy theory about China, the Democratic party, and “Russiagate.” So, “Russiagate” was actually cooked up by “the Chinese Communist party.” The idea was to prevent Trump from negotiating a detente with Russia, thus pushing Russia closer to China. So, the Chinese Communist party, which Scheuer tells us essentially owns the entire Democratic party, just paid a bunch of Democrats to peddle “Russiagate.”

Amazing, as an ostensibly critic of Israeli influence in Washington, he is creating this elaborate conspiracy theory which has the effect of distancing Israel, and Jews, from “Russigate.” Yet, as we know, Russiagate was all about a backchannel between the Trump team and Russia to put pressure on Russia to block anti-Israel resolutions at the UN.

It is interesting that we see a sort of tag-team of the Democrats and Republicans. Democrats engage in hysterical anti-Russian propaganda, while the Republicans engage in anti-China rhetoric. Steve Bannon, whom I assume is CIA, has been the pointman on this for a while now.

I doubt there is really any difference between the Democrats and Republicans on this, but domestic constituencies make it easier for the Democrats to attack Russia and the Republicans to attack China.

A credit to the guest for refusing to take Scheuer’s bait and peddle partisan conspiracy theories, though. Once you know who these people are and how they operate, you can get a better understanding of the real agendas at play.

Scheuer was almost certainly directed involved in the “CIA Torture Scandal” and even married a woman at the center of it, presumably so they wouldn’t have to testify against each other.

I once tried to contact Scheuer and get his take on 9/11, but he did not respond. I’m sure he would have just fed me a line of bullshit anyway. He is unfailingly polite and respectful in a kind of old fashioned way and plays up his persona and an Old School Soldier fighting against the corrupt elites.

But of course he is the corrupt elite. And not only did he fail to get Bin Laden and stop 9/11, he spent his career just propping up the official lies. Considering his love for torture and torturers, I must assume he’s a sadistic sociopathic, in other words, the perfect CIA operative.

I read somewhere that someone told John Kennedy to not be intimidated by Pentagon brass and in my era there was a phrase going around that Generals are just white collar executives that wear their resume on their chests.

I hesitate to criticize the military because I come from a military family. I also am afraid of soldiers because they are, after all, professional killers, and I don’t want them to kill me.

But you know, I just don’t buy the bullshit anymore. There is nothing “patriotic” about these people. I’m also not the type that thinks there is some sort of integrity in the lower ranks and all the problems are because of the “rot at the top.” But clearly these bureaucracies have a tendency to send the worst, most awful, terrible people to the top of the ranks. If a decent person does somehow slip through, they are extremely limited in what they can do anyway. What’s the phrase, at some point in every bureacracy you start to believe that the people running the institution are engaged in a conspiracy against the institution itself.

Whatever, I still something can be learned from paying closes attention to these liars so at least you know what sort of lies they want you to believe.

But you know, think about it. Scheuer – you had ONE JOB!


h/t for the meme: https://parrhesiaparousia.wordpress.com/2021/05/15/dispassionate-criticism-of-modern-memes-should-not-be-confused-with-advocacy-for-the-politics-of-the-meme-makers/