“White Nationalism” isn’t a thing. It really can’t be a thing.

This is not E. Michael Jones’ argument. Jones pretends that race doesn’t exist, except when it does. He likes to say that “white” is a “category of the mind” as opposed to a “category of nature” which is his way of dismissing inconvenient concepts that don’t mesh with his Catholicism.

In America, the color terms “white” “black” and “red” were used by the Founders to refer to the different races in North America at the time, Europeans, Africans, and “Indians,” likely a people from Asia. Later, the term “yellow” was used for the Japanese and Chinese and other East Asians, although they would have likely prefered the color “gold.”

That is all the colors meant, they were shorthands for existing, observable racial categories. The Founding Fathers wanted an Anglo-Protestant country; famously, Ben Franklin warned of German immigration. While the state of Maryland was founded explicitly as a Catholic colony, the Puritans went to war to prevent Catholicism from taking hold there. To our modern eyes, Puritan anti-Catholicism seems absurd, but at the time there were real and serious reasons for them to be afraid of Catholic power.

America wasn’t a “country” or even a set of sovereign states, the colonies were instead economic enterprises, thus economic interests prevailed and African labor was imported. As Europeans in North America were never just Anglo – the French were there as almost as early as the Anglos, the Dutch too – the Fathers created citizenship for “white” people, acknowledging the non-Anglo European presence. In other words, an Anglo-Protestant country with a minority of other European ethnicities.

As time went on there was so much intermarriage, and so much distance from Britain, a new ethnicity was birthed: “American.” Still an Anglo core, with a growing number of Germans, and plenty of ethnic European diversity.

E. Michael Jones’ “triple melting pot theory” – that the source of ethnicity becomes religion – is exactly backward. The source of ethnicity becomes race. An African-American Catholic still identifies as “Black.” A German Protestant that marries an Irish Catholic still identifies as “white” – and is identified by others as “white.” Jones simply builds a fantasy world to square the circle of his conservative Catholicism and find an excuse to hate the American people for being traditionally Protestant.

But race is far too broad of a category for a nation, thus American nationalism has always been based on the American ethnicity – the very ethnicity being targeted by the imperial occupation regime precisely because it is the founding ethnicity.

I identify with Dixie and her flag, however I try to avoid the narcissism of small differences. I had hoped that something like Southern identity would be useful to hang our hats on, but it is clearly not working. Despite the LARPing of the League of the South, most Southerners are barely Southern any more – and it’s not just because of Yankees moving to Asheville. The South lost the culture to the Television, just like the rest of the country did.

A Russian who flies from Moscow to New York City and takes the oath of citizenship is still not ethnically America, despite obviously being white. Even 20 years ago, an Irish-American could claim to not be a “racist” because he identified as Irish, not “white” – but that window has closed and now even a shamrock on your front door in Southie Boston is considered a “symbol of white supremacy” and Irish-Americans who immigrated after the Civil War are still “tainted with the legacy of racism.”

A White Identity is indeed being formed in America, but that is completely to do with the anti-whiteness of the imperial occupation regime – and it’s still a negative identity. But that identity won’t stay “white” – it will morph into the American ethnicity.

Jones likes to talk about “identity theft,” that European Catholics like him are forced to be “white” – and there is a kind of truth to that. But his bitter hatred prevents him from noticing that it’s ME – not him – that has had my identity stolen. I’m an American, an actual American. It’s my identity being stolen by foreigners who in some cases won’t, and in some cases can’t, be ethnically American. Jones is actually American, whether he likes it or not, and his LARPing won’t change it – and his denials won’t make him “not white” either.

Personally, I am fine with a broad American nationalism. I dislike the term “White Nationalism” but I know they are going to call it that anyway. What I am very much NOT fine with is the “White Nationalist movement” which is complete bullshit, not even a real movement, and is populated by nothing but Feds, Jews, and LARPing narcissists.

Apparently, a group called “Patriot Front” held some sort of stupid “activism” and the Usual Suspects are arguing over the “optics” of it. Let me take the opportunity to say, a pox on BOTH of their houses.


Despite being a decent writer, and clearly an intelligent guy, Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent … there’s just something wrong with that boy. Even after being burned by his association with the likes of Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott, he’s just doubling down, going so far as to try to rehabilitate those SPLC collaborators. Why? Because to him “activism” isn’t meant to accomplish anything except to be seen as an “activist” and hang around with his friends. He claims his goal is to preserve Confederate monuments and culture, yet he does precisely zero to effectively do those things. The writing – all good. But the “activism?” All bad.

And as for Counter Currents? Despite having a number of good writers and being competently edited, and a decent vision, it really has little to do with America. Greg Johnson is clearly more interested in Europe than America, and exhibits virtually zero interest in America. He will claim he’s for a kind of broad White/European internationalism, to include Europe, North America, and the rest of the European diaspora – but he always seem to forget anything outside of Europe. The goal of recruiting a type of elite intellectual vanguard is praiseworthy, and writing is itself just about the only avenue open to us right now, but flogging obscure and irrelevant esoterica like Yockey, Evola, and even worse … Savitri Devi … is clearly a self-limiting exercise and will never resonate with enough people to actually form that intellectual vanguard.


I saw only limited video of this “Patriot Front” march and don’t really have much to say about the “optics” of it. But I can ask this question, what is the goal of such activism?

The Usual Idiots will say something meaningless, it’s about “standing up” or “taking up physical space” but boil it down and what they really want is “to be seen.”

To be seen, by who exactly? For what purpose?

Well to satisfy their own narcissism, of course. Sorry, not sorry to say it, but that’s it.

“Activism” is a show of strength. The Tea Party types, and the Trump types, can get away with it because they have the numbers. But less than 100 or so people, all “marching” under some obscure ideology and symbolism, isn’t a “movement” – it’s a CULT.

Since I am not in these people’s “movement” this is not “infighting.” Yes, they are ALL Feds, or controlled by Feds. The entire “White Nationalist” movement has been, since day one – George Lincoln Rockwell’s day – a “false flag,” “controlled opposition.”

I can say it because it’s not my job, like it is for Wallace and Johnson. I’m not shilling for shekels. I have no ideology, merely an interest in certain topics and an the enjoyment of blogging. But some facts remain, the only man who ever had anything even close to an actual, working strategy, and a set of tactics, was Bob Whitaker.

The proof – the grassroots pushback against “Critical Race Theory.” The Republicans are desperately trying to co-opt that, as is their job, but it’s a real thing. Americans are getting angrier and angrier about the blood libels against them and the constant attacks on them because of their race. They aren’t “white nationalists” – they are American nationalists, and American is an ethnicity within the European, i.e., “white,” race.

If there were real activists, they would be down at the local schoolboard, along with all the “normies,” demanding an end to anti-whiteness in the schools. But these people aren’t the slightest bit interested in that, because the point of their activism is to show off and be edgy. As far as I can tell, that goes for Patriot Front, too.

Wallace’s critique of Johnson is utterly hypocritical, as Wallace was shilling for Trump along with Johnson, he just dropped it earlier than Johnson did, who was shilling for Trump all the way up to election day. So, Wallace is doing exactly what the Yankees did when the sold their slaves to the South then immediately turned around and claimed to be anti-slavery. You know, the Goldman Sachs thing, selling a stock to your clients then immediately shorting it.

What is Patriot Front, really? I’m fairly certain I’ve written about Thomas Ryan Rousseau before, after I heard a sort of “commercial” of his on one of the podcasts. It was someone, I presume to be him, screaming into a bullhorn a bunch of platitudes about “rising up” or some such bullshit, accompanied by a edgy techno soundtrack and a bunch of guys chanting slogans.

You people still falling for this shit? Or – really – it’s your job to pretend to fall for this shit, isn’t it? I continue to be amazed at how easily people fall for costumes and theater.

This “infighting” is really just a bunch of used car salesmen fighting over the next sucker that walks in the door.

The “White Nationalist movement” always fails because it is designed to do so.

Bob Whitaker was the only one ever acting in good faith.