This is not really,
this is not really,
This is not really happening

You bet your life it is
You bet your life it is
Oh honey, you bet your life it is

-- Tori Amos, Cornflake Girl

I’m listening to the Daily Shoah and they are asking about the “conspiracy theory” that JFK Jr. is still alive and will become Trump’s Vice President after the election gets overturned and he’s restored as President.

That is what it is, it’s a QAnon thing.

We know that QAnon is a Zionist psy-op. So why the JFK Jr. thing, as part of QAnon?

It’s gloating.

Zionists killed JFK Jr., as they did JFK and RFK. RFK and JFK Jr. were killed for the same reason, to make sure that they were never in a position of power to go after the killers of JFK.

Why did they kill JFK? He was preventing the Zionist entity from obtaining nuclear weapons, and he was forcing the Israelis to be registered as a foreign lobby. The Zionist Jew Arlen Spector, long time Senator from Pennsylvania, was not only a part of the Warren Commission cover-up, but also assisted the Israelis in stealing nuclear technology from “his” home state.

Joe Kennedy was known to have German sympathies during the war, and was “on the list” as an “anti-semite.”

This is how the Mishpucka acted in those days.

I bet they killed Beverly Eckert too, and they may have killed Paul Wellstone, himself Jewish and a Zionist, but was standing in the way of their Yinon Plan and PNAC/New Pearl Harbor/9/11 op.

So the people behind QAnon, the Likudniks running the Trump operation, are doing a bit of the “Revelation of the Method” thing by putting crap like JFK Jr. into their narrative. I’m sure they find it hilarious. I’m sure there’s a huge amount of “Duper’s Delight” in spamming this particular talking point, too

Sirhan Sirhan was a victim of an “MK-ULTRA” type thing – he had been clearly drugged, tortured, hypnotized, and his mind completely destroyed. It may have been the actual, CIA based MK-ULTRA, the related projects Artichoke or Bluebird, run by the Zionist Jew Sidney Gottlieb, or it may have been a parallel Israeli program.

I’ve seen the video myself, one of the mainstream network prime-time news anchors announced that Sirhan had yelled, “I did it for my country, I did it for my country” – a lie, as all the eye-witnesses said that Sirhan had said absolutely nothing. And he supposedly had a newspaper article about RFK’s ostensible support for an Israeli arms deal in his front pocket.

It’s quite clear, glaringly obvious, what the narrative was supposed to be. Sirhan, a Jordanian – read, Palestinian – assassinated RFK because of his love of the Jewish people and their homeland Israel.

Immediately after 9/11, the Zionists re-ran this story, one of them writing a book, and called Sirhan the first “Islamofascist terrorist.” But the story was quickly dropped, likely for the same reason it was dropped the first time, because it raised more questions than it answered.

QAnon appears right at the time the Likudniks had driven out all of the “goys” (remember, the infamous Huffington Post headline, “Goy, Bye!”) from the Trump administration, leaving it firmly in the grip of Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller. With Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions gone, any hope that the Trump administration would even lift a finger on any of the “America First” policies was gone, so a new narrative was needed to keep the suckers on the hook.

Also, as with “Pizzagate,” we see that part of the QAnon op was a warning to many politicians that the people behind Trump had a huge amount of very scandalous blackmail material on quite a few of them. “Pizzagate” is a debunked right-wing conspiracy theory, but it’s simply a fact that John Podesta was a close personal friend with the notorious Dennis Hastert – the Wikileaks emails show Podesta quite concerned with the revelations that Hastert was a “serial child molester” – not my words, the words of the federal judge that sentenced him to prison.

And the people around James Alefantis did, in fact, post numerous things on their social media accounts that any normal person would find to be “pedophilic.” Alefantis’ former partner is a major big time Democratic operative that runs Media Matters. “Pizzagate” was a shot across the bow, likely initiated by Roger Stone.

Similarly, QAnon was a shot across the bow to everyone involved in the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell child sex trafficking and blackmail ring. Trump talked about Jeffrey Epstein at the CPAC convention over three years before he ran for President, and he discussed Epstein’s connections to Bill Clinton several times on the campaign trail.

And Trump would know, as we came to find out that Trump was himself long-time personal friends with both Epstein and Maxwell, and in fact the most famous victim of Epstein’s was recruited at Trump Mar-a-lago club in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump, Roger Stone … Roy Cohn … have been involved in the business of sex trafficking and blackmail forever, in Cohn’s case going back to the 1950’s. What do you think Trump’s “Miss Teen USA” pageant was all about? That is a cover for sex trafficking of underage girls, all out in the open. What the hell did you think it was? All of them are either members or collaborators with Mishpucka, Jewish organized crime, as was Trump’s father, and quite possibly his grandfather.

This is all well known now, but no one, neither Trump fans nor anti-Trumpers, want to acknowledge it because of its implications for what is really going on in this country.

Similar to how Jared Kushner’s father, Charles Kushner, who was directly involved in the 9/11 coverup, is simply never discussed in polite company.

Nor is the recent revelation that Jeffrey Epstein was meeting with the soon to be ruler of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, Israel’s man in Saudi Arabia, the day of the election. Of course, MBS was a close collaborator with Jared Kushner, who helped him stage his astonishing coup and helped him murder the “Washington Post journalist” Jamal Khashoggi.

Of course Jamal Khashoggi was the nephew of the infamous Adnan Khashoggi, himself basically a major Deep Stater, but of the world Deep State, not restricted to one country alone. Whole books could be, and have been, written about these people.

I can assure you – the very last thing I ever wanted was to spend so much time learning about the deep politics of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Zionist entity in Palestine. I’m neither a Muslim nor a Jew and have basically zero interest in those countries, their cultures, and their religions.

But I had no choice because these people have invaded my country, murdered tens of thousands of my fellow countrymen, raped our women and girls, and are literally, not figuratively, trying to genocide us.

Come to find out, these are the people behind both World Wars, too!

Kemény describes the political events which led up to Budapest’s police force being entirely overtaken by the ‘Galician network’, an international network of pimps and slavers based out of the Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, in modern Poland:

Nolen is far too academically correct, and polite, to use the term “Mishpucka” – but I will.

And if you want to understand the absolutely bizarre obsession of the Democratic party, specifically, with Ukraine leading to the absolutely insane NATO policies against Russia, it’s because the people who control the media in the United States are all from this area, their actual homeland, not Palestine.

One reason this issue has been so intractable is because people want to see it as a religious issue, or even an “ethnic” or racial issue, but it’s really more about organized crime and what we now call “the Deep State.”

Nolen’s current focus in on early cinema, which ties in quite nicely with my own analysis of the rise of Mass Electronic Media and how this simply changed everything. It is responsible for the end of the Golden Age of Fraternity and the hollowing out of America’s civic institutions, institutions that made America’s character and defined her personality.

In fact, America’s racial problems can also be traced to these same people, as the people behind sexual trafficking are of course the same people behind other kinds of slavery. No, the importation of African slaves was NOT “America’s original sin.” WE didn’t do it. WE fought against it. It was IMPOSED on us and we are victims of its legacy right along side the Africans themselves. In fact, we have paid the consequences of it far more than the Africans did.

I’m not totally black pilled, either. The Internet and computing in general allow for communication and information in a way that is historically unprecedented; all developments in information technology precede a social revolution.

Global communications is a game changer, and these people can no longer hide as the Panopticon is rolled out. If we don’t have any more privacy – neither do they.

There is no “movement” – at least no “movement” that I’m a part of. Americans who are pro-American – pro-white – were utterly shortsighted to not pick up on the sexual trafficking angle here. Like pedophilia, it is something that can still trigger outrage in people. How many people are really happy that something like OnlyFans exists?

Remember, Europeans are egalitarian individualists that need an overarching moral structure in order to cooperate. The old time religion doesn’t hold anymore, and no one gets all particularly outraged about adult homosexuals or other sexual non-conformists.

Except when you start touching kids and raping people’s daughters. That still triggers White Moralism, especially when it’s outsiders doing it.

The ostensibly white boys on 4chan with their Japanese cartoon kiddie porn avatars and pornography-inspired incel misogyny are sure as hell not my ingroup, even if – especially that – they enjoy making “anti-semitic” jokes and LARP as “Nazis.” “Traditionalists” constantly whining about how Asian women are more “feminine” than White women are sure as hell not my ingroup, either. Nor are mischling reactionaries and their Silicon Valley neo-con paymasters who want to blame all of our problems on the fact that the goyim are allowed to vote occasionally.

I’m pro-White women, 100%.

I know who my racial and moral ingroup is. Do you? Are you part of it?

The Boomers and their TV brainwashing are on their very, very last legs, and the “Mainstream Media” isn’t “mainstream” anymore. No one sees CNN anymore unless they accidentally glance up while waiting at the airport.

We can build something better.

I’m old enough to remember JFK Jr., an absolute shoe-in for the Democratic primary and he almost certainly would have beaten George W. Bush – meaning, no 9/11, no wars for Israel. So I can see why they killed him.