In the last month, very “mainstream” media like the New York Times and CNN have run pieces about how the American flag – Old Glory – is actually “divisive” and how anyone who flies it is a Trump MAGA racist. How the American flag, flying on a “pick up truck” – class code for “redneck” – “puts Black bodies in danger.”

So, if you think about it, they have just handed us the American flag. Just like they handed us the National Anthem due to the NFL protests.

So what does the “white nationalist” movement do?

Well, they do what they always do. They leave the money on the table. They snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

If anyone were really interested in “activism” all they need to do now is show up – wearing regular clothes – and wave the American flag and sing the National anthem.

American patriotism itself, and all its symbols, have been rejected by the anti-whites and given, as a free gift, to the pro-whites.

So what does Patriot Front do?

They make up their own “fascist” version of the flag, dress in yet another “uniform,” and chant a bunch of slogans, like “Blood and Soil,” a slogan which has ZERO RESONANCE WITH AMERICANS.

Again, how stupid are you that you cannot see this script? How dumb are you to not see how fake this is? How blind are you to not see the glow?

This is Hollywood Nazism, just toned down a bit to not make it so obvious, because thanks in a very small part to people like me, no one was falling for the bullshit anymore.

The Biden administration was getting laughed out of the room with their hysteria over “White Supremacy” so here appears some “white supremacists” chanting “Nazi” slogans and waving “Fascist” flags, right on time.

People who should know better won’t call this out, for some reason. Sure, they may complain, but they won’t call it what it is, glow in the dark.

Yes, damn right, it’s Feds. OF COURSE IT IS. You’d have to be retarded to not see it.

Yet, again, we have people simply ACTING IN BAD FAITH. Essentially, the entire “White Nationalist” movement acts in bad faith. It’s a bad faith movement filled with bad faith people.

I can’t think of a single one that isn’t.

There’s also a very simple political calculation being made here.

Americans have been pushing back against anti-white “Critical Race Theory.” The Republicans are poised to sweep the next two elections due simply to backlash against all the anti-whiteness.

So the establishment is hyping up this “White Supremacy” stuff to force the Republicans to denounce it, which takes away the Repubican’s number one easiest issue, demoralizes normal white people, and splits a very unified white voting block. The Republican politicians are glad to denounce it, too, because it’s easier for them to be a minority than to have to deal with a riled up white base demanding they actually deliver on their promises.

So, the Biden administration, as part of their “White Supremacy” thing, gives us “Patriot Front.”

Is this NOT obvious? I don’t see how it could be any MORE obvious.