I don’t agree with those who say the deep state does not exist. It does exist. It has always has – and it did not start with the Republic; it dates back to Ottoman times. It’s simply a tradition. — Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Charles Tilly wrote of an “interdependence between the historical processes of war-making and state-making and organized crime. ‘Banditry, piracy, gangland rivalry, policing and war-making all belong on the same continuum’”The Deep State In Turkey

Every cop is a criminal — Sympathy for the Devil, The Rolling Stones

What do you know, my favorite author is back, and more interesting than ever.


Her focus seems more specific than it used to. From my recall, she started her blog writing fiction but took a hard swerve into intelligence and espionage during the Edward Snowden … operation … let’s say.

What really was Edward Snowden, anyway? One way to understand it is to think about how you’ve never heard of William Binney. Binney was an NSA whistle-blower that exposed NSA’s “illegal” “wire-tapping” of basically the entire Internet. He was arrested, harassed, but eventually let go.

But you have most certainly heard of Edward Snowden. Snowden was not actually NSA, he was CIA. And the Mockingbird Media turned him into an International Celebrity Folk Hero. They even used sexy pictures of his beautiful Russian girlfriend as part of the publicity campaign. His story is James Bond come to life, first jetting to Hong Kong to pass a thumb drive full of NSA material to some “journalist” before winding up in Russia, under the protection of Vladimir Putin, doing video conferences pushing the Department of Naval Intelligence’s Tor Project to Silicon Valley employees interested in “privacy.”

Then, Oliver Stone makes a high budget hagiography of him.

So, CIA whistle-blowing on NSA. Strange, that. I don’t know. Fascinating that much of the more interesting material is actually from Britain’s GHCQ.

Well Nolen gives us a fascinating glimpse into the early NSA, and all her trademark stuff is there, including an occult angle. I’m still trying to figure this out, why “the occult” – which to me has always come across as the worst sort of Dungeons and Dragons hokery – crops up in the history of intelligence agencies time and time again. Why the founder of the British System of Intelligence, John Dee, was himself very much into “the occult.”

One of the most fascinating men I’ve ever met was a hypnotist. I grilled him about it, and he made a good point about those Pentecostal, Evangelical services where you have people “speaking in tongues” and being “slain in the Spirit” and engaged in ritualistic dancing as if in a trace. He pointed out that this is very similar to those hypnotist stage shows where you get people in the audience doing weird tricks and clucking like chickens.

That angle has obvious intelligence implications. Another of Nolen’s old posts about Tarot Card readers and psychics was quite interesting. One must assume that a hard nosed military general, or a hard charging CEO of an investment bank, would have no interest in such silliness as Tarot cards and palm reading.

But his daughter might.

E. Michael Jones gets almost the chapters in his book about Adam Weishaupt and his Bavarian Illuminati. Jones claims that both the Illuminati “character studies” as well as Freud’s psychoanalysis were adopting the Catholic sacrament of Confession and turning it into a system of not just intelligence gathering, but psychological control. Of course, Jones’ Catholic bigotry (in the original sense of the term, ‘bigot’) prevents him from wondering what the Catholic church was doing with those confessions. An institution that ruled Europe and much of the world for centuries must have certainly learned a thing or two about intelligence and espionage.

Aleister Crowley, in my estimation one of the most overrated figures of the 20th century, can be read with an eye to espionage, hypnotism, and what I’ve called “folk psychology.” In fact, only reading him this way makes him seem interesting at all. He had his “cult members” sending him regular “magickal reports” about various people, including the obvious intelligence target Jack Parsons, that were basic psychological profiles of the kind useful to any intelligence agent.

Then, amazingly, steps in a man who would become notorious, “former” Office of Naval Intelligence operative L. R. Hubbard, who befriended Parsons and caused Crowley to panic and beg his correspondent to get Hubbard out of Parson’s life. Hubbard wound up sleeping with Parson’s girlfriend and stealing his boat before founding Dianetics and Scientology.

Scientology has the same exact system of course. They sit you down hooked up to an “E-Meter” and you have to reveal all of these psychological – and sexual – traits about yourself. Which get written down, put into your file, and shared up the line. That’s how NSA does it, too. I mean, once you see it … it’s pretty obvious, right?

We also see sex trafficking; we see even early in the 20th century “Homes for Boys” and “Homes for Girls” used as essentially feeders to brothels and the young boys and girls pimped out to powerful figures. The Washington Times article about the George H. W. Bush White House giving “midnight tours” to “homosexual prostitutes” remains a major touchstone of “Conspiracy Culture.” Relatedly, the “Boystown” scandal of the 1980’s and the suicide of Craig Spence.

All of this has falsely been denounced as a “Satanic Panic” despite it being obviously quite real. The author of the only book about it, Conspiracy of Silence, John DeCamp, all but came out and said that CIA director William Colby’s unfortunate midnight canoe ride in the Potomac River was all about his knowledge of the subject.

As does the absolutely fascinating story of The Finders. Just a few years ago, the FBI put that scandal back into the spotlight by Tweeting about their unclassified files about it.

Everyone took The Finders to be something sexual, as if the children were being pimped out. I think it’s actually far darker than that. I am virtually certain that the children in The Finders were basically slaves; they were raised in torturous conditions as a form of “mind control” – or at least an attempt at “mind control” – and instead of sexual it it probably better to understand them more as “child soldiers.”

One of Nolen’s most interesting focus is right at the time the United States is transitioning from a Republic to an Empire, the Roosevelt family being a major player in this transition, and what can be called the “penetration” of the United States by European, especially British but also German, … let’s call them “networks.”

America is a baby by European standards and was itself founded as a sort of “Year Zero” country. It would be wrong I think to call them “organizations” … “networks” or “tendencies” is better … but you can see right when these old European tendencies take over the United States and turn it into an Empire along the old lines.

The British class system, so hated and rejected by America, has come to dominate it, although it a very distorted form, with all of the worst features and none of the cultural benefits.

In my estimation, sexual and other human trafficking have been major systems of control throughout history. As Curtis Yarvin noted, our modern progressives believe in a Present that is different than the Past – untrue. Imperialism is as old as time and is indistinguishable from civilization itself. It’s the height of arrogance to believe that America is in any way new or different or exempt from an Imperialism as old as time. Surely, there was nothing unique about American slavery, despite the absurd false history now taught about that African institution imported to America for a few hundred years.

Prostitution is called “the world’s oldest profession” for a reason; it’s a human universal, as all the other vices.

I agree with the censors that “Pizzagate” and “QAnon” are “debunked right-wing conspiracy theories” – the former I suspect the product of Roger Stone’s dirty tricks campaign and the later a Zionist psy-op meant to control the Trump movement as the last non-Likuniks were ousted from the Trump administration.

But it’s not me suggesting that Ghislaine Maxwell was trafficking underage girls – that is the government’s contention. I agree with the Official Story. It’s not me suggesting that Joel Greenberg was trafficking underage girls to the “top levels of the Florida Republican party” – that’s the claims of the US Department of Justice.

I also believe the “Official Story.” I am the opposite of a “conspiracy theorist” on these matters, I fully agree with the government. So please, don’t ban me! I’m doing my part to fight misinformation.

However, I also suspect that these particular “systems of control” have become somewhat obsolete in the Current Year, 2020, the year America died.

We can see the new System of Control being rolled out via the Medical Industry, Medicine itself, as a human institution. All of this was perfectly predictable and in fact, predicted. Tenth graders read Brave New World after all. It’s all rolling out exactly as they said it would.

We also see the Internet, which is a global surveillance system, the Panopticon – also predicted.

By the way … Sally … I totally had a crush on you in high school, but Bill was my friend and I never wanted to let on. We never hooked up, but I did with all your friends as you well know. You were also a genius, far better at math than I could ever be. So, if you’re reading this from your office in Fort Meade … hi!