Good artists borrow, great artists steal. Since this is just my personal blog I can engage in a bit of narcissism that I wouldn’t dare in real life. I find it fascinating where my ideas crop up. To be clear, I steal all the time – my entire corpus of writing about CIA, espionage, and the intelligence agencies is straight up stolen directly from the late, great Andrea Nolen. I’ve been a long, long time fan of James J. O’Meara, from his old blog, before he wrote for Counter Currents, and more or less was introduced to the concept of The Mannerbund by him, although I have made my own spin on the idea, greatly influenced by Musonius Rufus of the Rebel Yell podcast from Identity Dixie.

There are two other writers on Counter Currents that obviously read me – one commented here once, Jeelvy I think – and it’s always amusing to me when a post of mine basically gets rewritten and passed off as their own originals. Of course, they never, ever give me credit much less a link. Back when I had Twitter, I was re- … twatted? … by heavy weights Steve Sailer and RamZPaul two or three times each, but I was unceremoniously banned from Twatter for using the “f-word” to attack fat-ass Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott, the two “activists” that I have always despised from the very, very beginning. In fact my blogging career was all but started by feeling an obligation to my fellow man to point out how these two shitbags are obviously fake and gay. I had always liked another blogger but now that he’s trying to rehabilitate Parrott, who is a terrible, awful, horrible human being who I wouldn’t trust to tell me if it’s raining outside, well, fuck him too.

You’re complete idiots if you ever get involved with any of these “white nationalist activists” because if they aren’t Feds – and plenty of them ARE actual Federal Informants, like Harold Covington or Milo Yiannopoulos, they may as well be Feds. Like Matt Parrott. When he had his humiliating “cuck box” incident, the first thing that asshole did was call the SPLC and give them a report. He had them on speed dial. He admitted to closely cooperating with them. But, apparently, he wasn’t getting paid so that means he did it for free. How is he NOT a straight up enemy agent? He traveled around the country sharing motel rooms with an Antifa “journalist” all to get a book written about him. Can a normal person even understand the level of narcissism it takes to engage in such behavior? Remember how Heimbach and Parrott worked directly with the SPLC to harm the 2015 NPI conference because Richard Spencer, in a rare moment of good judgement, ask them to not attend because he didn’t want them to do their clown act for the Jew media?

One thing I learned from Andrea Nolen, is that “cults” are essentially a group of narcissists manipulating each other. The most charismatic becomes the leader, but the followers are themselves narcissists getting “narcissistic supply” from the leader.

This notion of “narcissism” and “sociopathy” are the most important and relevant discoveries of modern psychology. Once you understand them, you will be TERRIFIED about the state of mankind. All of a sudden things that seem to make zero sense make perfect sense.

The terms “sociopath” and “psychopath” are used interchangeably, but typically they have different connotations. It’s important to note that they are not the same as “sadist.” The average sociopath does not necessarily enjoy hurting other people, and not all sadists are necessarily sociopaths. We typically use the term “psychopath” to describe, like, a serial killer or mass shooter or something, which is imprecise, but why I’ll stick to using the term “sociopath.” Not all narcissists are sociopaths, but all sociopaths are narcissists.

I already related the story of rooming with a narcissist sociopath once, and because he was so stupid, I was able to pick up on the pattern of behavior. This led to taking a personal inventory and understanding that certain people I have known in my life, one person in particular, was a textbook example of a sociopath. I thought of this person as my best friend, which makes perfect sense because normal people typically find sociopaths more charismatic, even sexier, than average. Think about the connotations of that. It is absolutely terrifying. Especially when you find out that sociopaths start to recognize each other in childhood and begin to organize themselves.

Because of the rise of High Technology, computing in particular, there’s a growing awareness of a psychological type we refer to as “Asperger syndrome” – “autistic” or “aspies.” It is where we get our stereotypes of “computer programmers” because those on the “spectrum” who are also highly intelligent tend to gravitate toward such jobs.

It has actually become fashionable for people who are not autistic to claim that they are, because computer programmers have typically been paid quite well for middle class jobs, and people totally misunderstand Asperger’s as being related to high IQ. It’s not the case. Autism is a form of mental retardation, but there does exist some highly intelligent people who are nevertheless “on the spectrum.”

It’s also important to note the difference between these people’s self-conception and the reality. They all think they are logical, emotionless Mister Spocks. But they are the exact opposite, they are highly emotional Sheldon Coopers. They have very strong emotions, they are simply emotionally illiterate. They do not understand other people’s emotions, nor their own. So – again, just like Sheldon Cooper – you see these people hold themselves out to be objective and logical right before they throw a temper tantrum like a child. The phrase I’ve read is that emotions are a “foreign language” to them.

Some have claimed that Asperger’s is basically an overabundance of “male intelligence” and a deficit of “emotional intelligence.” There is a mirror syndrome that affects women more than men, a very high degree of “emotional intelligence” but a complete lack of any ability to reason.

One of the worst things about the modern age is that Asperger types have organized a type of lobby where they claim a “disability” and demand that normal people, the “neuro-typical,” cater to their eccentricities.

Talk about narcissism! The entire “Social Justice” “Woke” culture is based on narcissism, demanding that instead of you working to improve yourself, everyone else has to cater to your personal quirks.

Again, just as the CIA, according to Nolen, learned to recognize sociopaths and manipulate them for useful purposes, the right-wing NRx/Neo-Reactionary blogger Spandrell coined the term “bioleninism” to describe how the Usual Suspects have recruited a class of the biologically … let’s not say inferior, let’s say non-typical … because their disability makes them extremely loyal.

Or … again, Nolen … not “loyal” so much as “predictable.” Nolen looked at the rampant alcoholism among spooks and speculated that they were essentially “given a pass” by the intelligence culture because as long as they were functional, they wouldn’t want to defect to another institution because few other careers would put up with their alcoholism.

We see the exact same pattern with the male autogynephilies claiming to be “transgendered.” As Sailer noted, they have become the shock troops of “Wokeness” and – per Sailer, Nolen, and Spandrell – are the perfect core of a “Bioleninist” cadre. No one else would put up with them, thus they are the most “loyal” of shock troops, precisely because they have no where else to go.

In a previous age, pre-LGBT, we saw something quite similar with homosexual men. This is also a key to understanding why the United States officially promotes LGBT to such an absurd degree, putting the LGBT “rainbow” flag on embassies. This is a form of imperialism, as there are features of homosexual men that make them quite useful to intelligence agencies. The Empire is basically recruiting the “gay male network” in other countries, who may have conflicts with their own societies due to social disapproval of homosexuality. So they make natural traitors, natural allies, because their homosexuality is accepted by the Empire. This is bioleninism in action, and it really explains some things that seem absolutely unintuitive, doesn’t it?

I feel like fucking Forrest Gump. I’ve accidentally stumbled into historical events without having a fucking clue of what was going on around me.

Now that I think of it, my first job out of college, pre World Trade Center, was basically working as an intern for a guy that I now realize was OF COURSE fucking CIA. He was basically the man who brought the Internet to China. I was just his secretary, typing up letters and doing spreadsheets and getting him coffee. Once he tasked me with setting up a cocktail party that “just happened” to have been for a bunch of Chinese officials he was negotiating with. So there I am, 22 years old, shaking hands with the ambassador from China.

I cringe … absolutely cringe … and my own naivete about such things. But I was just a redneck with a college education who “got lucky” landing some decent paying jobs because I was “good with computers.”

I have every reason to believe, now, that I have always been “on the list” of CIA, and later, Mossad. Mossad, from what I can figure, was mostly to do with the World Trade Center. I think afterward, they were somewhat worried that I would pull a Beverly Eckert, and I stupidly started a Youtube channel. I was going to become something like that one kid whose friend had committed suicide after his father was killed in the WTC, doing “truther” style youtube videos.

It was then when all hell broke loose in my personal life, and I realized I was fucking with people who could, and would, kill me if they had the chance.

I shut it down quite quickly. I started connecting the dots and moved as far away from New York City as I could. But it didn’t matter, it was a case of out of the frying pan into the fire. They are fucking EVERYWHERE. I’m living in a small rural town in the South, and what do you know, fucking ISRAELIS – you know, “art student” types – are introducing themselves to my girlfriend.

One thing I learned in that phase is that local law enforcement are corrupt as fucking hell. The local police are the ones dealing drugs and pimping out local girls. I’ve written about this a couple of times as well, if you want to find the organized crime in your area, the Mafia, the Mob, the Mishpucka, go find out who runs the local strip club.

I mean, there’s a reason they show this stuff on The Sopranos – a show inspired by the real life New Jersey remnant of the traditional Italian Mafia – it’s because it’s true.

This is the esoteric meaning of the film Eyes Wide Shut, too. The Jewish mob, particularly, is involved in human trafficking – it goes straight to the top, the Rothschilds, the Founding Family of Israel – and use a network of prostitutes to manipulate men. Andrea Nolen, again, noticed that the wife of intelligence agency target Jack Parson was likely “assigned” to marry him.

It is totally unintuitive for men, but women are really just different than men, and a sociopathic woman can be manipulated – and manipulate – in ways that a man would totally miss. Their “loyalty” – and their system of social status – is very, very different than men’s.

Again, Nolen: the trio of Aleister Crowley, L. Ron Hubbard, and Jack Parsons and his wife is one of those events where you can see the Deep State’s slip showing. It’s a story well worth reading and understanding on a deep level.

I would later come to find out that this is all pretty well known sociology. After all, what IS a “state?” What IS a “government?” The Libertarians are completely correct that they are simply the biggest organized crime gang.

Turkey is where we get the phrase “Deep State” from, and Turkey is a particularly interesting country because of its “secular” government that has long kept the religious Muslim population at bay. Before Erdogan, it was a democracy in name only, the secular Army was the “Deep State” that would simply overthrow any Muslim populists that won elections. This is what made them so useful to the West, NATO, and the Empire.

So those researchers into the Turkish Deep State pointed it out, OF COURSE the military runs all the crime.

Look at America, who ran the FBI forever? J. Edgar Hoover, who was himself an active collaborator with the Mafia. He wasn’t “being blackmailed” – he was doing the blackmail.

You know, the Rolling Stones were right, All the Cops Are Criminals.

You know what else? All terrorism is false flag.

Being an expatriate has a certain protocol to it, you can critique your own government all you want, but you never, ever, say anything about your host government, ever, a protocol I follow to the letter. I won’t even say it.

Let me tell you, my fine readers in America, something very, very bad is coming. The American Empire is declining, the technology is changing the game as it always does, and the people who run the Empire are involved in basically a zero-sum game with each other, a kind of “Mexican standoff.” These people are desperate to keep their grip on power and they basically have only one tool, false flag terrorism and mass violence.

Here’s something else to keep in mind. Remember the ancient Empires? One of the techniques they would use is to essentially kidnap the children of the kings of their client states and keep them under a kind of “house arrest” in the Imperial capital.

Do we see anything like that in the modern world? I’m not sure. I do note that one of those “Evangelical Christian” movies had a scene where the “Antichrist” killed his own family to avoid them being used as leverage against him.

Fuck it, dudes and dudettes, I have no solution. I almost sympathize with Jews now, I can completely understand the sentiments in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It doesn’t matter if they are “real” or not, clearly, Organized Jewry shares such an outlook, and why wouldn’t they?

The anti-whites are totally right about European imperialism and the nature of white violence. Of course, non-whites are just as bad, if not worse. Everyone would rather be ruled by the Europeans as opposed to Africans, the Aztecs, Indians or the Chinese.

We are ruled by sociopaths whom we are naturally attracted to because we normal people find sociopaths to be more charismatic and even sexier that average. They are, in a sense, our Natural Elite.

Which is terrifying. This is hell on earth. Satan is truly the ruler of this world.

I may just have to stop reading this shit because the more I learn the more absolutely paranoid I become. We are so fucked.