I quite enjoyed the Myth of the 20th Century episode about the Baader–Meinhof Gang. I saw the movie a couple of years ago and quite liked it. According to one of the guys, the Baader–Meinhof Gang were real – they really meant it – and drew a negative comparison to the Weatherman terrorist group in the US during the 1960’s, which some suspected were “feds.” I quite agree, and it reminded me of a blog post that went super-viral during the beginning of the Trump era at the height of Antifa terrorism against the “Alt Right” and just regular work-a-day Trump voters.

A review of the book Days of Rage by Bryan Burrough, written in January of 2017 by a Jew named David Zhines, it’s about Left-wing terrorism in the late 60’s and 1970’s, a part of history that is virtually unknown. It received a bit of publicity during the Obama years as it was claimed that his campaign was started “in the living room of Bill Ayers.” Sarah Palin memorably quipped that Obama was “paling around with terrorists.”

“People have completely forgotten that in 1972 we had over nineteen hundred domestic bombings in the United States.” — Max Noel, FBI (ret.)

Many years ago I was browsing a used bookstore in San Francisco, California, and found an original printing of a book by Weather Underground and snapped it up for five bucks. I had read about them and was very curious to read them “in their own words.” It completely disabused me of my preconceived notions about who these people were. Incidentally, I had the same feeling when I saw a lecture by Noam Chomsky in college, I had completely misunderstood what “the left” was.

I had always assumed that “the Left” – including Communists – were all about economics, that they were “for the working man,” supported labor unions and engaged in a class war on the side of the poor against the rich. But apparently, the Left isn’t any of those things at all. Everyone knows the stereotype of the Champagne socialist, but in the case of Weatherman the stereotype is absolutely true.

Reading this book by Weatherman, this would have been in the 1990’s, I was shocked to find out it’s all what we would now call “Social Justice Warriorism.” It was all about Feminism and Black Power and its enemies were working class white men – the kind in labor unions. They openly and unselfconsciously claimed to be Communists and endorsed every totalitarian police state and every left wing terrorist movement on earth.

As a commenter pointed out, it’s not that Weatherman were upper-middle class. They were the children of oligarchs.

I was there, and you’re overlooking something important. The Weather-idiots and their White supporters weren’t just middle-class; they were *rich*. Bernardine Dohrn was heiress to the Dohrn trucking empire. Bill Ayers had parents rich enough to hire him a defense lawyer good enough to get him excused from murder on a technicality. Jim Mellon… Well, did you ever hear of Carnegie-Mellon?

These were really spoiled rich kids, used to getting what they wanted when they wanted it, padded by money from suffering the consequences of their actions, and raised to assume that they were superior Intellects who were born to rule the illiterate (or semi-literate, anyway) masses. — Leslie Fish

These days anything I read I look specifically for two markers: “sexual kink” and “abusive cults” – two related issues that appear time and time again in “civilian intelligence agency” context, and in Weatherman both are there, in spades, as the author clearly understands:

Weatherman started doing crazy stuff with SDS: street brawls, public nudity, sexual orgies, ordering established couples to break up. If you think it sounds like a cult, you’re right. This is literally cult indoctrination stuff. They were remaking people, seeking the hardest of hardcore.

The author also makes it plain that the leadership of Weatherman were mostly Jewish, and despite a lot of pro-Black rhetoric, weren’t the slightest bit interested in Black people any more than as using them as a wedge against their real targets, middle class White Americans, the hated goy.

The Black Panthers, erstwhile allies, thought Weatherman was nuts. But Weatherman, despite pro-black rhetoric, didn’t care. (Weatherman’s pro-black rhetoric was mainly Phariseeism, done to win acclaim from other whites. Basically, they’re Tim Wise.)

Just as today, the mainstream media is directly collaborating with these “counter-culture” terrorists, providing them a huge media platform and essentially acting as their Public Relations arm:

SDS started radicalizing in ’66. By ’67, Burrough notes, an SDS leader is saying in the New York Times, “We are working to build a guerilla force in an urban environment.”

Zhines, who identifies with The Right and seems to have been a supporter of Donald Trump, points out that despite the fantasies of some on The Right that they could always beat the Left in a “real” conflict, The Left has institutional support and The Right has none; there are no right-wing institutions at all.

Also, people don’t want to remember how much leftist violence was actively supported by mainstream leftist infrastructure. I’ll say this much for righty terrorist Eric Rudolph: the sonofabitch was caught dumpster-diving in a rare break from hiding in the woods. During his fugitive days, Weatherman’s Bill Ayers was on a nice houseboat paid for by radical lawyers.

Most of my earliest reading about the Central Intelligence Agency were critiques of CIA from the left, characterizing CIA as “right-wing” and even “fascist” and pointing to CIA’s constant attacks on “left-wing” governments in Central and South America. This is simply a matter of faith among leftists, that The Left is for “the people” and The Right is for “the elites” – but it’s simply not the case.

To understand CIA, you have to keep in mind two basic facts. First, it is a civilian intelligence agency which is very different than military intelligence. As I’ve written about before, the very idea of a “civilian intelligence agency” is very directly related to the “secret societies” of earlier centuries, and a huge part of what we now think of as “the occult” is actually related to these secret societies cum intelligence agencies. We see CIA investigating “the occult” and “the paranormal” all the way up to the 1980’s. Yes, the Pentagon did similar investigations but CIA was doing it from the beginning.

Secondly, the idea that CIA is “right-wing” is absurd considering it was started by the FDR administration, the most left-wing government the United States has ever had. The early OSS agents were all hard core partisans of FDR and were themselves more or less “socialists” and FDR’s administration was riddled with Communist spies from top to bottom.

Relatedly, the OSS/CIA was more or less started by William Stephenson, a Canadian advisor to FDR and an agent of British intelligence. CIA was founded on the “British model of intelligence” which is itself directly related to “secret societies” and “the occult.” The British System of Intelligence can be traced all the way back to John Dee, an occultist who coined the term “British Empire.” The ultimate Western “secret society,” the Freemasons, were more or less founded as an appendage of the British Empire. The entire purpose of Freemasonry was to unite various ethnic and religious factions into a unified Empire under British rule and did so by recruiting men in the port cities under the sway of the British Navy.

Last month the right-wingers had a field day laughing at CIA’s new “woke” recruiting ad, blissfully unaware that the CIA was always “woke” and in fact, invented “woke.” “Wokeness” and “social justice” are psychological weapons of imperialism and always have been.

What will be surprising to many is how much institutional support Left wing terrorists like Weatherman had. Radical Puerto Rican guerillas FALN, who attempted to assassinate Harry Truman and invaded the Capitol and shot at Congressmen with semi-automatic rifles were assisted by no less than the Episcopal Church!

You would think the Episcopal Church would be outraged. Horrified to be dragged into the legal proceedings. You’d be wrong. Liberal Episcopal bishops were enraged — with the FBI! Claimed govt was out to stop the church from funding progressive Hispanic groups! The institution the FALN had compromised went full-force to defend them and mobilized mainstream institutions on FALN’s behalf!

The leadership of Weatherman, after their spree of bombings and murder and mutilation, went on to join the most prestigious institutions in the land, getting tenure at Columbia University and running Democratic party Presidential campaigns.

What you are looking at here is The Deep State.

Let me put this in a way that even a left-wing liberal can understand.

What happened in Alabama during the Civil Rights era? What really was the Ku Klux Klan? The Klan can be understood as an arm of the Alabama Deep State of its time. Its membership included many of the leaders of law enforcement.

Similarly, the Freemasons can be seen as an arm of the British Imperial Deep State of its time. During the 1980’s, the so-called “P-5 Lodge” was at the center of the Operation Gladio scandal.

During the Antifa protests of the Trump inauguration, guess who was found participating in Black Bloc, complete with the outfit and masks? Some left-wing, local community college professor? No, the son of Democratic Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.

You won’t be surprised to know that he was let off with a slap on the wrist, and he will almost certainly follow in the footsteps of the Weatherman leadership and take his rightful place, as a scion of the Oligarchy, in a respectable institution, lionized by the New York Times and other establishment mouthpieces.


These people are not “counter-culture” – they are the culture. Antifa is itself an arm of the Deep State.

Zhines’ article is required reading, and even five years ago we see the exact same thing happening that is happening now. Last month the blogs and podcasts were aflutter over Karlyn Borysenko, a “social media influencer” working for the Zionist front group Prager U., who had said that “Critical Race Theory isn’t anti-white” because if it was, White people may start organizing themselves as whites which is Literally Hitler.

Zhines was warning about the same thing five years ago:

You do not want white people to riot. You Do Not. Want. White People. To Riot.

Tone it down, left-wingers, you’re riling up the goyim!

So if you tell me that I’m a Nazi, and tell me people I respect are Nazis, and tell me you’re in favor of going out and beating up Nazis, guess what? I am suddenly very interested in the physical safety of Nazis. And I’m Jewish.

Were Weatherman “feds?”

Ask yourself, would anything have been different if they were?


There is hope and there’s a very straight-forward way to survive the Coming Crisis. You have to build the institutions that will become the New Deep State when the old one collapses. I started my blogging career a decade ago because my message – my only message – resonated with a lot of readers and they encouraged me to blog.

There are two institutions; the Church and the Lodge/Mannerbund. These are basic institutions of humanity itself and variations of these two institutions exist in every society. The Church is above ground, the Lodge is underground. The Klan was nothing more than the deacons of the local Baptist church at night wearing disguises. Antifa – and BLM – are nothing more than the Democratic party wearing masks.

And all of this shit is basically CIA, who are simply instruments of Capital, Wall Street, and Zionist Jews, the only people who are truly organized in America. Organize or die, time is running out.