Politics is just too depressing right now. The technocratic police state is rapidly expanding, now to include forced experimental RNA injections. Ten years ago everyone laughed when Alex Jones said they were going to implant microchips in us to track our every move, now it is all but assured.

NATO is going to start a war with Russia because the Empire cannot allow Germany to have a normal relationship with Russia. We may be headed to an American Holomodor, or at the least they are threatening one. Bomber Biden is following in the footsteps of O’Bomber and on track to beat his record like Obama beat Bush’s.

Even the “radical anti-semite Alt Righters” are endorsing, yet again, the most Zionist Republicans like DeSantis and Gaetz. Everyone knows Epstein didn’t kill himself, but no one has any idea how to stop American white girls from becoming the new global prostitute class, something that goes back to the Ottoman Empire, if not long before. Ten years ago I naively thought writing about how to pick up chicks would save, if not marriage as an institution, at least a little bit of romance. But it has simply empowered the worst, most misogynist incels, to all but set the terms of debate.

The Democratic party has become so openly and overtly anti-white it makes Bob Whitaker’s warnings about “white genocide” seem rather understated. The conservatives used to love to say, “we’re a republic, not a democracy” which was a meaningless platitude. But of course the Reactionaries have doubled down on this. It’s long been quite obvious that the Left and the establishment certainly don’t “believe” in democracy. In Europe they hold as many referenda as they need to get the outcome they want, in America the Democrats totally rejected democracy when most everyone voted against same-sex marriage, and have doubled down on simply importing new voters. So the smartest – or at least the most autistic – of right-wingers, the reactionaries, tell us this lack of democracy is actually too much democracy, and letting goyim vote is the problem – certainly not the Jews. It’s never the Jews.

Now we find out that even being concerned for the well being of your race – your ethnos, your family – makes you part of a degenerate fertility cult.

Which reminded me – it’s not the first time I’ve been accused of being a “Goddess worshipping fertility cultist.” Back in the day when I participated in a forum about Christian marriage, I was accused of that more than once. Despite not one time ever expressing the slightest concern about White men marrying Asian women, nevertheless not constantly saying that Asian women were “more traditional” than White women apparently triggers them so hard they will accuse you of being a “Goddess worshipping fertility cultist.”

All my 50 Shades spanking stories were more gimmick than reality, but you write what you know. These American men that move to Asia … or Mexico … because the women are “more traditional” have things exactly backward. It is because Americans are richer than Asians and Latinos that allows the men – not the women – to be more “traditional.”

In America, many White men simply cannot afford to be Traditional Husbands. They aren’t rich enough. It’s you, White Man, that is the modernist anti-traditionalist. You move to Asia and Mexico because there you can leverage your wealth to be traditional, and that is why you Yellow or Brown wife seems “traditional” to you. And indeed, she is traditional – when your money runs out you will find out quite quickly the other side of women’s “traditionalism.”

There is no reciprocity. Men love women, women love children, children love hamsters. — Alice Thomas Ellis

All you had to do is read a single woman’s romance novel and think for five minutes, and the thing about women you miss would become quite clear. The traditional marriage vows tell the man to love the woman, but only tells the woman to obey the man. Just consider the meaning of the term “husband” which comes from agriculture. One wag said the best way to learn “game” is to learn how to ride a horse. Horses are prey animals, hence they shy away when you lunge for them. So you learn how to husband a horse and the skills translate quite easily to women.

Of course, no man is an island. No man can truly be a man by himself. It takes a village. The entire reason they hate white solidarity is because European man, in a group, has been the Apex predator for at least a thousand years. Similarly, men cannot be husbands in a society that doesn’t want them to be. Remember the saying, “look at the hottest woman and realize there’s a man out there tired of her shit?” That goes for you, too, man. You can never do it alone, you have to have a society.

Kevin MacDonald already pointed it out, Europeans are “egalitarian individualists” and we are moralists that need an overarching “moral structure” to collectivize. Americans had “muscular Christianity” but the conservatives, the right-wingers, always the worst people, reacted to Science by denying Darwin and counting how many elephants could fit on Noah’s Ark. That is what destroyed American Protestantism – the smarter people just dropped the whole thing and the dumber people doubled down on the autistic fundamentalism of Newton, the first modern fundamentalist in fact. No Americans were smart enough to do what he did and square that circle.

The American elites embraced Darwin, eugenics, and even “Nordicism.” What happened? Electronic mass media was immediately captured by enemy forces and when quasi-Communist FDR took power all of that was suppressed. It’s actually not particularly complicated.

In fact, you can tell what side of the Darwinist eugenicist line you fall on by whether or not you believe the shit on the Electronic Mass Media, or you accept the reality that the ruling class absolutely does, but simply lies about. If you aren’t a good liar, you aren’t fit for this phase of evolution. Same as if you believe lies.

Of course right-wing idiots hate “egalitarianism” but the Lilliputians worked together and tied Gulliver down until he met their demands. So who exactly is the “elite” in that case? There is no “i” in “team.” There’s still a debate whether or not humans are eusocial but clearly groups beat rugged individuals any day of the week.

All this is a shaggy dog story to get the point, which is why redheads make me feel so goddamn rapey. The blonde makes me want to kiss and dance. The brunette makes me want to grope and tickle.

But the redhead makes me want to rape.

I read in the UK there’s actually a real thing about bullying redheads. “Gingers have no soul.” Perhaps it is related to that. But I feel downright predatory when I see a redhead. I read they are more sensitive to pain, too.

After all, Americans – real Americans, not you people – are Scots-Irish. Scots-Irish are just Scots, and Scots are just Vikings, and Vikings loved kidnapping women, tying them up, throwing them in the back of the boat, then taking them back to the hills for some quality raping time.

She will never love you like your mother loves you. She will love your children and if you have any hand, any power, she will obey you. When you are old, if you’ve done it right, she will have affection for you and will take care of you. But no young woman can love a man. If you’re all really the hard-nosed Darwinist Nietzschean Übermensch you claim to be, you’d not just know that, you’d celebrate it.

Three little short guys can almost always kill one big guy. So what you need is to organize. You need to build institutions. Scarface had it right, mostly. “First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.”

The meaning of life is to make more life. All male mammals fight other males to get the right to breed the female. That is the Will of Gnon.

But no one said you have to go it alone. It’s better to hunt in packs anyway. Mankind is a social creature.

Don’t mourn, organize!

I hope it’s clear that this is not at all about “chasing chicks.” If you do your job, the chicks will chase you.