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I endorse nothing and have only skimmed the comment, but it’s about Jews and buildings collapsing, so it’s obviously relevant to my interests and I want to subscribe to his newsletter.

Of course this could very well be disinformation. “Crisis actors” absolutely do exist, the media puts on actors and their own staff posing as “eyewitnesses” all the time. But the “Crisis Actors” thing came along with “Flat Earth” – both part of the Cass Sunstein “cognitive infiltration of online conspiracy theorists.”

So either way, it’s an interesting example of something untoward happening, or an example of disinformation. I report, you decide.

If it was a demolition, I suspect they were not going to demolish the entire building. They had to make it look like a partial collapse and leave part of the building intact so it wouldn’t look too suspect. I know repairs would have been upwards of 15million + had they not demolished it. Everyone on the board of Champlain South Tower Inc., was Jewish. Even the principal agent Bruce Hornstein. They all have their fair share of weird LLCs and I would bet many of them were funded with Israeli money.

Steel beams held up each floor. This building was constructed by code for hurricane force winds. Common sense and a basic understanding of physics say the way the news is reporting this building’s failure is complete fabrication. Engineers don’t want to even look into the possibility of a demolition due to either denial and cognitive dissonance, anti-conspiracy theorizing or because they would have to admit it wasn’t an engineering failure but a orchestrated controlled demolition. Hence, no contracting money for them to figure out what happened on the consensus that they blame it on some bad concrete, salt water or worse, global warming. The only reason a building collapses onto itself in this manner is due to a simultaneous failure of every single column in the building. I know that structural failures cause semi tall buildings like this to fall both vertically and horizontally, never global collapse; and managed demolitions cause the floors to collapse either on top of each other vertically so the building won’t fall horizontally and hit other buildings. That much I do know. When a building falls at free fall speed into itself it means all resistance from inside the building gave way at perfect timing to allow this to happen. Since when can you have a global failure of all columns and floors at the same time? Unlikely. Detonations flashing white hot, ground level explosion, fire immediately following collapse, symmetrical collapse which is impossible when there is asymmetric damage. In addition, there is pyroclastic flow and post collapse fires that lasted awhile.

Gravitational acceleration (g) = 9.80665. Height of the building = 166 ft. Free fall time = 3.212 s
Footage of collapse is 30 fps. First collapse takes 114 frames at 30 fps is 03.24 s. Second collapse also takes 114 frames (lol). Both buildings are in free fall. Controlled demolition! But no, I’m just a nut job lunatic who should take my medicine; it was because of bad infrastructure and bad infrastructure leads to the inevitable gravitational collapse scenario. Also, those clear and obvious explosive ejections were just fire alarm strobe lights. 😉

Also, if you use this search engine, search: Gofundme Champlain:


…You’ll see a lot of fund raisers with fairly high maxium amounts. This reminds me of many past Active Shooter PsyOps where everyone wanted their fair share of profit under new aliases. Nearly everyone who participated in the PULSE event had multiple mugshots, two of who should have been in jail but were not, one of which a week before the PsyOp said he was getting evicted and didn’t know what he was going to do and magically he becomes a hero in the PsyOp and got like 150,000 bucks on gofraudme. He also was a criminal who had mutiple mugshots, one involving underage molestation charges but they changed his name on the media by adding a different last name. Therefore all media are involved in these PsyOps. You also had Angel COLON, a criminal with multiple mugshots, who got worked on by Dr. LUBE, became the hero of the event and didn’t even know how many times he was shot or where. Norman Casiano, also shot multiple times with an AR-15 by a GAY ISIS MUSLIM (script writing Hilarious) was out of the hospital the next fucking day, he says. He was on Anderson Pooper the next day totally fine and a week and a half later did a Facebook Live singing session with his shirt off, NO WOUNDS AT ALL. Once people started barking in the comments about this, he said “I have a lawyer,” and then shut down his session. So obviously Florida has a history of conducting fake PsyOps and using desperate people who sign Gag orders and NDA’s to participate for money. At least the script writers for these events have a sense of humor. But I wouldn’t say for certainty that this demolition was merely a demolition with nobody in the tower. I cannot tell yet. It appears some people are lying but others seem like the are telling the truth. If people did die, look for lawsuits and see what happens.

Odd interview; the end part the interviewer states that fire keeps popping up:

Very odd interview below of those who supposedly lost family members, not believable at all, most of those interviewed are Jews, “if it’s God’s will, then I’m okay.” :

Another odd interview of a Jewess who said she rode out the rubble and climbed to safety, doesn’t look like she survived a building collapse in fact this stupid bitch is lying:

The real question is why were so many Israelis living there? There are a lot of jews in florida, but they’re mostly ‘American,’ but can they really be American if all Jews are citizens of Israel? Something is fishy with this whole event. You can almost see the big nose poking out of the rubble.

This was the developer of the tower; a Jew wanted in Canada:


Polish born Jew, Nathan Reiber, former exec. VP of JINSA and developer of ‘collapsed’ Champlain tower skimmed tens of thousands of dollars from coin-operated laundry machines in the buildings and pocketed about $120,000 from phony construction checks; paid off officials and wanted in Canada for tax evasion.

Source: https://nypost.com/2021/06/27/developers-of-fla-tower-were-accused-of-paying-off-officials/

Others say it was a controlled demolition by the guy that took over Reiber’s Nattel Construction company when he died in 2014, who was, the Jew, Mark Meland, who is married to Reiber’s daughter Jill.

According to co-founding partner, Mark Meland:

”…in most cases the best results are obtained when people are UNDER ONE ROOF.

NYT article:

The developers of the Miami condo tower that collapsed were once accused of paying off local officials to get permits for the site — which needed $15 million in repairs just to bring it to code, a new report says.

Building rivals claimed that the partners behind Surfside Champlain Towers South were receiving preferential treatment when it came to getting through the permit system as the site was being built in 1981, the Washington Post said.

Surfside’s developers had contributed to the campaigns of at least two town council members, then demanded that the donations be returned when the allegations surfaced, according to the outlet.

Middle Meland, right Reiber:

So, Nathan Reiber and his family are con men. Daughter Jill Reiber married the current owner, who was the company lawyer, Mark Meland. Reiber & Bronfman were buddies.

Nattel Construction: Agent name: MELAND & RUSSIN, P.A. (c)

Inactive officers:



MARK S MELAND, vice president
MARK S MELAND, president


MARK S MELAND, director

NATHAN REIBER, president





Treasurer, Director REIBER, NATHAN
Vice President, Director LEVINE, S J


President, Director GOLDLIST, NATHAN


Agent name: LEVINE, STANLEY JOEL (c)


Present owners of; the one that did not collapse:


President, r, e, s GOLD SALOMON, also th agent of company.


Director, i, r, e FRANCO MOISES




BUILDING THAT ‘collapsed’ under 2015 ownership :


Director, i, r, e Friedman Max


Treasurer Notkin Maria (Myriam)Mrs.
Director, i, r, e LEVIN NANCY


Agent name: HORNSTEIN BRUCE E (p)


2021 officers:


^ ^ ^ Lots of her pages have been scrubbed:


Title Secretary CHOUELA, MARA

Title Treasurer BRECKER, JOHN


Agent Bruce Hornstein


^ ^ ^ Documents lsited below in link.