So a Black Lives Matter crowd surrounded a Minneapolis City Councilperson and kept them essentially hostage, followed them out to their car, surrounded the car, threatened to hold a “friendly protest” at their house. This Councilperson was a Black Transgender and as far left as BLM.

As we know, none of the BLM or left wing “activists” will ever be prosecuted for anything, even in the rare cases they are arrested. They enjoy the protection of the highest powers.

They are attacking their own. The entire establishment, to include all the major corporations and all the big money, are solidly behind them.

Here’s a theory:

The USA is an oligarchy like never before. Wealth inequality is at historic levels.

What did the CIA do in the 60’s? The “liberal CIA” invented a non-communist form of “leftism” that more or less ignored economic issues and instead promoted a cultural liberalism.

Is not “woke” the exact same thing? A tiny sliver of privileged Blacks are given media time to slander working class White people, even middle class White people. To an absurd degree, as Steve Sailer loves to point out, they even tell these ridiculous stories about how White people all want to touch their hair.

“Transgenderism” itself … it’s a huge media issue, it’s pushed from the highest levels, it’s almost tailor-made to scandalize women and especially lesbians. Yet these people are a tiny fringe minority. The USA is putting up LGBT flags in Muslims countries as a calculated insult.

Well – this is the modern version of the “liberal CIA.” Jackson Pollack paintings are old hat and the US very much wants authoritarianism and a police state like China’s.

The last thing they want is any sort of movement, racial, ethnic or otherwise, that targets the weathy class – the bankers, the financiers, the Silicon Valley oligarchs.

We know that Whole Foods, owned by Amazon, knew that diversity hurts union organizing. So does multi-culturalism – read, multi-racialism – in general.

A homogenous White country would easily organize to take down the wealthiest oligarchs. A “diverse” society set on itself obviously can never do that.

CIA does this all the time – pit various ethnic groups against each other. That was a lot of their interest in anthropology. The sexual thing, LGBT, is yet another psychological operation, as was feminism before it. As is the free pornography and free abortions, just like the free condoms they handed out in school in my era, to prevent virginal teenagers from getting … AIDS.

As the kids say, don’t “Finkelthink” this. Just because this is against us doesn’t mean we have to be “socialists” or anything.

But we live in an age of abundance, thanks to technology. We could be working 20 hours a week. With a declining population, things like houses would be in the reach of newlyweds. In the era of the Internet, home “schooling” and “stay at home moms” are possible like never before.

But they cannot let us have any of these things, because it is precisely when people get a taste of upward mobility they start getting militant.

The old ideologies are falling apart. Neo-liberalism and libertarian capitalism are simply not compelling to anyone any more.

We see the fights between Antifa and the “Dirtbag leftist class reductionists” over this precise issue. Antifa wants a race war, the Class Reductionists want a class war. Antifa is the privileged sect run by the Feds.

The ruling class is itself quite divided over many issues, but in this they are absolutely disciplined. But in a lot of ways, they are themselves involved in basically a mutual blackmail/Mexican standoff type situation. If any oligarch breaks rank, he can be literally killed – or his children killed – or they simply confiscate his bank account.

I have no solutions, only a hope that we’ll get to the guillotine phase in my lifetime.

It IS “cultural Marxism” although the “Marxism” is really just that the people involved were former Marxist, there’s really virtually nothing actually Marxist about it. It’s also bigger than just Jews, although they are obviously a major factor, a decisive factor.

The Mishpucka – and former Special Ops guys – WILL and DO kidnap and murder people’s children. How much latitude does someone like Jeff Bezos even have? They just arrested Trump’s business manager, any of the oligarchs can be taken down in an instant. Just like how any Good Progressive can be “cancelled” at any time, sometimes it happens by accident, because there are no breaks.