UFO’s are alien spaceships – not obvious Pentagon propaganda. Also we’re all going to die of Covid and here, let me post the numbers from this new ready made site that just popped up, tailor made for bloggers, complete with graphs and charts and graphics to spice up the page.

I’ll do a daily count of the numbers and anyone who disagrees I’ll label a “conspiratard.” I’ll use the basic motte and bailey rhetoric tactic. If someone says, “the numbers are exaggerated” I’ll claim that they can’t be, because this would require hundreds of thousands of doctors and researched to all be in one a giant “conspiracy.” I’ll simply ignore the actual arguments, like how the regulations require any death with Covid to be labeled as of Covid, the $10,000 a head for Covid cases, and the extremely high false positive rate for the PCR tests.

All I’ll have to do is say “conspiracy,” “conspiracy theory” and “conspiratard” over and over again.

If anyone wonders why I’ve all of a sudden started spouting government propaganda, I’ll call them a “conspiracy theorist” because anyone questioning my integrity or honesty is positing a “conspiracy theory.”

If someone calls me a liar, I’ll say that’s a “conspiracy theory.” If anyone questions my associations, I’ll call that a “conspiracy theory.” If anyone points to my associates’ close and direct collaboration with ostensible enemies, I’ll call them a “conspiracy theorist.”

Whitney Webb recently pointed out that it’s considered a “far out conspiracy theory” to suggest that the US “Deep State” – or Israel – had foreknowledge or complicity in the 9/11 attacks, but it’s considered brave truth telling to parrot Pentagon reports about Little Green Men from Mars.

Data from the Navy camera clearly indicates the unidentified object had a wingspan of about four to seven feet in diameter, roughly the wingspan of a Canadian Goose, and flew at an altitude of 8,000 feet, well below the 29,000 feet maximum altitude of the bird.


A grainy, black and white pseudo-video of a goose flying can be a “Martian Spaceship” if you want to believe …

The way to shill is to tell the truths that your audience wants to hear, but then lie about the one or two issues you are being paid – or pressured – to shill for.

This is mostly the entire conservative movement as it comes to the Jewish problem. The conservatives will tell a lot of truths, but then lie – bigly! – about Jews and Israel.

Snowden’s GHCQ documents revealed that the intelligence agencies are BIG into online trolling, it is literally at the core of their propaganda program. One interesting tidbit is the strategic use of profanity. Calling someone an “idiot” has less of an impact than calling them a “fucking idiot.” They measure this stuff.

Having the first response is far more impactful than the second or third.

Ridicule almost always works better than logic, of course. You don’t challenge the message, you kill the messenger. So, always use personal attacks. Always accuse others of doing what you yourself are doing, so as you spout conspiracy theories your call your opponent a conspiracy theorist.

An old copypasta called “The Gentleman’s Guide To Forum Disruption” laid out all the same techniques that were in Snowden’s GHCQ document, showing that this is more of that “folk psychology” that people discover independently.

One guy wrote an unintentionally funny piece about how “Neckbeards Control Reddit.” On a popular subreddit, you have three or four people in a private chatroom. Anytime an outsider comes into the forum that you don’t want, you post the link in the chat room and then the three or four people – controlling ten or 20 reddit accounts each – start the downvoting and the trolling.

I mean – OF COURSE. How could it be any different? I control this blog, I could be writing all the comments under different handles myself. I could be emailing back and forth between my favorite commenters to attack you if you comment something we don’t like.

But everyone assumes that Internet forums are somehow “free discussion” or just in good faith conversation, when they are almost NEVER that.

Now, if you’re talking about anything “White” – considering the US establishment is overtly anti-white, wouldn’t it be quite obvious that any “White” movement would, in fact, be controlled by “Feds” or other deceptive actors? How could it possibly be otherwise?

Everyone reads 1984 in tenth grade. Tenth graders learned about how Emmanuel Goldstein’s opposition group was a honey pot for dissidents. So, tenth graders understand this. But adults, otherwise intelligent and savvy adults, have a hard time figuring it out.

When it comes to anything actually controversial – just like anything involving money – you have to assume a conflict of interest, if not bad faith.

Again, how could it be otherwise?

Read up on network theory and especially communication over hostile networks, then translate that into the world of online political discussion.

Read those Snowden documents – UK’s GHCQ and US’s NSA are literally professional internet trolling operations.

That’s what your tax dollars go to, paying Chair Force grunts to sit at a desk and troll bloggers and Twitter. If you haven’t figured out that the ENTIRE “White Nationalist movement” is fake and that clown groups like the “NSM” – the former leader is now an “anti-racist extremist educator” – are literally run by the FBI, then you aren’t tall enough for this ride.