I’m not even that old. When I was young if a man dressed in drag tried to wrestle around on the floor with children at the public library, he’d be sent to prison if not get beaten up by angry parents. I had confederate flag t-shirts, toys, and at least a half dozen toy versions of the General Lee, the ’69 Dodge Charger from my favorite TV show, The Dukes of Hazzard, some of my my most treasured possessions.

Leaked membership data from the neo-Confederate Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) organization has revealed that the organization’s members include serving military officers, elected officials, public employees, and a national security expert whose CV boasts of “Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance”.

The SCV was founded on July 1, 1896

It’s not very neo now is it? So why are they calling it a “neo-confederate” organization? It’s a paleo-confederate organization. When did this become controversial? They are acting like it’s some sort of big secret society. They used to have parades. Their names are on buildings and memorials and monuments everywhere. The Daughters of the Confederacy run all the museums and graveyards.

But alongside these members are others who participated in and committed acts of violence at the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and others who hold overlapping membership in violent neo-Confederate groups such as the League of the South (LOS).

The League of the South is “violent?” It’s Hunter Wallace and his father in law. They do next to nothing. For some utterly stupid reason, Wallace decided to parade around with fat-ass Matt Heimbach and his tard corral. All of these people were set up in Charlottesville and despite being warned, personally, by yours truly and many others over the years, their lack of discipline and lack of media savvy (the SPLC liked to ironically call Matt Heimbach “media-saavy”) turned a bad situation worse.

Have you ever noticed that “activists” don’t actually do anything? They stand around on a street corner, sometimes holding signs, and sometimes chanting slogans. What is the point? What is is supposed to accomplish? I asked them and they said it’s all about “standing up.” Considering the heft of some of these people, standing up, like getting off the couch, I guess counts as “activism” to them.

You know who does actual “activism?” The Daughters of the Confederacy. They actually do something, they maintain gravesites and monuments. It’s actual work.

The Confederate Flag started getting banned after the Dylann Roof shooting. Again – yours truly – told people to not buy that one. Roof didn’t actually release his “manifesto” – the manifesto was “discovered” … on a Russian website … after two neo-communist activists raised some money for a “private internet search.” This is where the pictures came from.

I looked into Dylann Roof. He was hanging out with his black friends smoking weed. Then all of a sudden he starts taking LSD.

How many times have I said it? LSD is not a for-profit drug. It’s hard to make and there’s no money in it, because people can’t take it habitually. You can make a lot of money selling cocaine. You can make a lot of money selling heroin. You can make a lot of money selling meth. You can sell weed and make enough money to afford your weed habit. But no one makes any money selling LSD. So, it’s being used for something else. Can you guess? I knew that you could.

Roof was picked up at the mall walking around in a daze. He was living in a friend’s trailer. Yet, all of a sudden, he starts being dosed with LSD, taken around the state of South Carolina and posed in front of various Confederate monuments, and was even pimped out with extremely obscure “right-wing” “fascist” patches – the kind of thing that ZERO white boys from South Carolina living in trailer parks even know about. You’d have to order these patches online, from international sources. Where did Dylann Roof get such things? Did he whip out his American Express card and order them online? How would he even know about them?

There was clearly more going on there, but no one wanted to touch it because “conspiracy theories.”

Also, there was no “Scott Roof” – the cousin who claimed Dylann Roof became “racist” because a black boy stole his white girlfriend. That never happened, there was no Scott Roof, the entire thing was made up out of whole cloth by a “journalist” at The Intercept. After this story received international press coverage The Intercept admitted it was fake, fired the journalist, yet not a single other publication ran any sort of retraction..

Confederate culture is just that – a culture. Which means to preserve it, you must use cultural means. That means art, music, stories, fiction and non-fiction, films. Gods and Generals was probably the very last time a good piece of art was made about Confederate culture that wasn’t just an attack.

Does the League of the South actually do anything cultural? No. Did they at one time? Maybe, I don’t know. But I’ve been observing them for over a decade now, and all they do is Republican politics and occasional forays into “white nationalist/1488” crap and – apparently – hang around with Matt Heimbach and drink beer with antifa “journalists” who write books about them.

It’s not a “conspiracy” – it’s just bad faith. They exist as “enemy face” to allow them to ease out Confederate symbolism with only token resistance.

But the Sons of Confederate Veterans are a real organization, and mainstream, so it is them being attacked now, with “journalists” pretending that it’s some underground organization. As we can see, they use LoS to tar SCV by association.

When Hank Williams III put out his albums they made the Dixie flag black and white so it wouldn’t be so obvious on the Walmart shelves. (You see, kids, they used to sell music on physical disks called “CDs.”) Tom Petty cucked like a little bitch and apologized for using a Dixie flag backdrop during his Southern Accent tour.

It wasn’t Black people bitching about the Confederate flag. Actual regular black people just know that it’s a flag for white boys, rural people, rednecks. I can assure you, the average black man has a lot more respect for a white man flying his Dixie flag than he does a white man flying a BLM banner. All Black men believe both of those White men are “racist” and “anti-black” but only respects the White man that isn’t afraid to show he not ashamed to be white. They think the “white allies” flying the BLM banner are just being sneaky and disrespectful.

“We” have allowed the entire system to simply lie – lie about the Civil War, lie about slavery, lie about the Savage Indian Tribes, lie about the settlers, lie about Civil Rights. “We” allowed hateful Jews like Howard Zinn to make up ridiculous lies about our history, to teach these lies to our children, and “we” allowed Zionist Jews like Steven Spielberg to rewrite history via his films.

While this was happening, the people who are self-appointed “leaders” and “activists” were marching around with fat-ass Heimbach in plastic helmets and fake “fascist” costumes, all purposefully and openly coordinated with the SPLC. That isn’t a “conspiracy theory” – there’s no “conspiracy” – they did it all out in the open, they bragged about it.

Now we see a coordinated media assault on the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Pay close attention to these stories coming out. Let’s see which “activists” are going to jump in front of the cameras.

Notice the framing too, “Revealed” – like it’s some big secret. Someone hacked into their computers and published their mailing list. Big fucking deal. I’m not a member but maybe I’ll join now.

They are trying to position this utterly mainstream organization as part of the “Capitol Siege” or as some sort of “neo-” quasi-terrorist group. Y’all Qaeda – the shitlibs have been wanting to do to Americans what they did to Muslims since 9/11.

The cowardly “movement” didn’t want to “get involved in any conspiracy theories” so every single time one of these false flags happen everyone gets gobsmacked.

As for you Yankees, just remember they have already come for your history too. Teddy Roosevelt has been canceled and Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are already “problematized.”


It’s a culture war.

The national membership data was provided to the Guardian by a self-described hacktivist whose identity has been withheld for their safety.

They cry out as they strike you, remember. BLM burned down DC and a dozen cities and they claim to feel “unsafe” when someone uses words. They are even claiming that a white woman crying makes them “unsafe.” The Guardian, as all media, are working WITH the “hacktivists” which are working WITH the FBI.

Notice too, SCV is being attacked here because they have lawyers and bring lawsuits. In other words, ACTUAL ACTIVISM. That occasionally gets RESULTS. Something that “movement” clowns NEVER EVER DO.