Ivory Hecker is the pretty blonde news reader that basically fired herself on air by complaining during a live spot that she was being censored by the management.

Apparently, she did an interview with a famous doctor, called the “Covid Hunter,” and let him discuss his Covid treatments. He said of all the interviews he’s done – over 1,000 since the pandemic began – none of them would ask about what he’s actually using.

The WHO is going out of their way to denounce these treatments and the news media is censoring anyone discussing them.

Why? These are typically cocktails of well known drugs, many of them generic and very cheap. Pretty much the opposite of experimental.

It’s almost as if they are purposefully trying to kill off old people. Look I was just kidding with the Boomer Day of the Pillow stuff.

I have yet to know personally of a single person who had anything worse than a flu in the last year. I’m fairly certain I had it late 2019 and it was just that, a very bad flu.

What is going on? I’m asking, I don’t know. As of now I subscribe to Ron Unz’s theory, it’s a US bioweapon used to attack China and to take down Trump. The US military, and its intelligence community, are all evil sociopathic criminal traitors and I expect them to attack American citizens as their first priority.

Now they are promising a do-over with the Delta variant?