Just before he died Bob Whitaker (PBUH) released a bunch of emails between himself, Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, and Peter Brimelow.

I love Kevin MacDonald, I have nothing but respect for Jared Taylor, and Peter Brimelow is to be credited for consistently running a great resource, VDare, for a long time.

But the emails revealed that MacDonald, Taylor, and Brimelow are not fighters. They said, “no don’t use the term ‘white genocide’ instead use something softer like ‘white dispossession'”.

Even worse – way worse – instead of doing the right thing and publicizing Whitaker For President 2016, they CUCKED and went all in for Zion Don.

They made excuses for Trump. I was so black pilled when I watched a MacDonald interview and he was saying, “oh Trump’s really going to come through during his second term.” It was then I realized that despite his genius, MacDonald really is just an old boomer that watches FOX News and takes it all at face value.

So this trio, for the last five years, said, “don’t fight our own fight, let’s fight for Likud and then maybe if Trump wins a second term we might get something.”

Academics aren’t fighters. Whitaker was a fighter. He was a CIA officer and killed Commies in South America. Not that I approve of anything the US did in South America – it was horrible and did Americans zero good. But it showed that Whitaker actually knew how to fight.

MacDonald’s work is required reading for understanding the Jewish problem. But he’s not a fighter, he’s an academic.

My favorite story of Bob Whitaker was when he was in the interview for the CIA, they asked him, “are you an anti-semite?” He said, “yes!”

So the Republicans have no choice but to fight back against “Critical Race Theory.” They are forced to do this because their potential voters are fighting against it, with or without anti-white Republican cucks.

But now they are freaking out, saying, “don’t call Critical Race Theory ‘anti-white.'”

Which is obviously stupid, because critical race theory is anti-white. That is all that it is. There is no theory and it isn’t even a real critique. It is simply anti-white.

But Republicans are desperate to make sure white people don’t start using the term “anti-white.” Similarly, the good guys like MacDonald, Taylor, and Brimelow were squeamish about using the term “white genocide” and thought that if they downplayed the rhetoric they could sneak in with Trump.

All for naught, of course. “Anti-racist” is a code word for “anti-white.”

The very term “racist” simply means “a white person” – “a person of European ancestry.”

To call a white person a “racist” – the “R-word” – is the exact equivalent of calling a black person the “N-word” or to use similar slurs for Jews, Latinx, and AAPI.

Bob Whitaker’s “Mantra” – and his team of “BUGsters” – had it all figured out 20 years ago. They were the FIRST to be censored because they were effective. They were responsible for many major publications taking down comments. And I would like to claim a tiny bit of cred myself – it was me, almost singlehandedly, that got the comments removed from the Atlantic because I never let the audience forget who was running that publication.

Telling the truth is all that is needed. Telling the truth works because everyone can see the reality and they will gravitate toward those telling the truth and away from those telling lies. You can “tell the truth in love” – you can finesse – all important and appropriate at times.

But sometimes it’s time to strike at the enemy with the best weapon – blunt truth. That time was in 2015 when the Likudniks behind Trump were doing the typical GOP dog-whistling, the co-opting that Lee Atwater explained.

If people had stood strong, AGAINST TRUMP, and refused to get co-opted … Trump would have still won, but when he stabbed his voters in the back – as he did from day one all the way to when he set up his own biggest fans for federal charges on January 6th – ON PURPOSE – they would have looked around and said, “wow, those people were right all along.”

Say it loud, “Anti-Racist Is Code For Anti-White.”

“Critical Race Theory Is Anti-White.”