This is the new thing, right? They have been scaremongering about this and Dissident Right bloggers are saying this will be the next gayop.

What say you, commenters?

This is related to the coming supply line crashes?

Also, Russian hackers just took down a bank. Are they going to crash the banking system somehow?

Why would they be doing this?

This can’t be an accident or due to structural issues, because these sorts of ops are telegraphed. During the 2008 “Mortgage Meltdown” people had been discussing a crash for years, because everyone knew it was a bubble. But they certainly didn’t seem to anticipate the timing.

Although someone might have. What actually triggered the actual collapse, right before the election, was someone withdrawing a huge amount of cash from short term highly liquid instruments. This then blew over the house of cards.

I’ve been hearing about The Great Collapse for my entire life. It used to be UN Black Helicopters. But that was always ridiculous, because the UN doesn’t have any troops. The Birchers were just displacing their enemies.

They are in the middle of a purge of normal white men in the military. We can assume any officers with political opinions to the right of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will get his walking papers.

Then, the electricity goes out? California has had rolling blackouts for over a decade.

But what would this do? It would destroy the cities. The suburbs will have a lot of problems, and the rural people may hardly notice. Anything they do like this would hurt “their own” while barely touching the hated rural folks. The preppers live for this shit.

So what gives? I’m asking, I don’t know.