Everything they did to Muslims since 9/11, they are going to do to you.

All it is going to take is some sort of bomb in a kindergarden in a federal building, a shadowy group of “white male domestic extremists” with Q-Anon t-shirts and clutching their copies on Mein Kampf.

According to people who did the research, OKC was a confluence of interests. There was PATCON, and of course there was a DEA office in the OKC building – which virtually no one ever mentioned, not even the revisionists and the conspiracy theories. When OKC blew up, it destroyed a decade’s worth of evidence into major drug cartel trials, which considering the timing and the location, was part of “Iran-Contra.” CIA drug running. Everyone has known about it forever, but no one stops it, because they can’t stop it anymore than Mexicans can stop the Cali Cartel or the Zetas.

The White House on Tuesday released a first national strategy devoted solely to fighting domestic terrorism after more than two decades of successive administrations focusing almost exclusively on the militant Islamist threat.

The strategy comes after a deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol and a resurgence in far-right violent extremism that the Trump administration — with rare exceptions — was loath to acknowledge.

That they are comparing the “Capitol Siege” – a riot, at best, after a year of Mostly Peaceful BLM protests – to 9/11 – tells you it is going to be bad.

Remember Abu Ghraib? That was merely a mistake, a bit of the program leaking out because part of it was outsourced to Army grunts. But what you saw of Abu Ghraib was merely the least-worst part of that. The full program was called “the CIA Torture Scandal” and whether you like it or not, they did shit like kidnapping people’s children and raping, torturing, and murdering them in front of their parents. They paid “rewards” for people to turn in “terrorists” … so think of Mao’s Sparrow Campaign. When you offer a reward for something, you get more of that thing.

The Muslim immigrant that turns in his white neighbors for a reward? He’s going to be a superhero on the mass media. This has been a dream for certain people since back then, to get revenge on the “right-wingers” who supported torturing Muslims.

Operation Dormouse was the plan to leak MK-Ultra to the news media because MKULTRA was outsourced to universities, thus provided a buffer. Operation ARTICHOKE was the real torture, drugging, kidnappings, and maiming.

Go spend 15 minutes reading about Mexican Drug Cartel violence. CIA and the US military does that, and worse. Hell just read McVeigh’s letter to his sister.

Violent far-right extremists have posed the deadliest and most active domestic threat for more than 15 years, although federal resources remained heavily focused on countering foreign terrorism.

You know this isn’t true, but most people will believe it, just like they believed the absolutely absurd 9/11 “official narrative” – an absurdity that wouldn’t pass a 9th grade physics thought experiment, much less make a believable Hollywood Film. You’ve never seen the “documentary” made by the Naudet Brothers who “just happened” to be positioned in the only place in Manhattan to get the only shot of the first plane, and then somehow allowed to just waltz right into the WTC and film the firefighters.

It was aired once, but it raised so many more questions than it answered that it was never shown again, and the Naudet brothers disappeared overseas.

Remember there was a daycare at OKC and 20 children were killed – little kids, kindergardeners.

Some state rep down in Georgia really tried to expose the “missing children” from Georgia foster homes ten years ago, and then her husband shot her and then himself, if I recall correctly twice in the back of the head. You know the drill. QAnon was always just Trump spam, and Pizzagate was a Roger Stone op, but the trafficking is quite real. Haiti is a major hub because it’s Haiti, no one knows anything about Haiti, there’s no media about it.

What you are going to find out is there are plenty of your fellow white males that are sadistic sociopaths that enjoy torture and murder and will be given an excuse to engage in it, and then they will be given a medal afterward. Quite obviously, many Peoples of Colors hate whites with the heat of a thousand suns.

It will be racial, but it won’t just be racial. They have become quite adept at identifying sociopaths for at least 75 years, and of course there are traditional, “folk art” ways of identifying them forever.

I guess no one picked up on it, but I asked, why would someone buy a baby?

How do they recruit child soldiers in Africa?

What do you think the “Finders” were doing, raising children in a “cult” like they were animals, never letting them outside. You can create a type of sociopathy by raising a child, from a baby, in those torturous conditions. Think of your own life, you have known at least someone who was raised in an unbelievably abusive environment and grew up to be a violent, insane, abusive criminal, haven’t you?

You think that hasn’t been done, in a more “scientific,” more regular manner?

Remember, they did “bottom surgery” on a celebrity child and made a whole TV show about it.

The Trump administration was reluctant to confront domestic extremism, or did so by touting a false equivalency between the extreme right and Black Lives Matter, antifa and other movements on the left.

I can’t stress this enough: right-wingers on the White Right love, love to believe it’s going to be a race thing. But there is no such thing as “white solidarity” in the way you mean it. In 100% European societies, was there ever any solidarity? No, there was more or less constant warfare.

Your right-wing, patriotic, good ole’ boy, country redneck? You think he’s on your side? Why do you think that? Rednecks love fighting each other.

Then, of course Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas all have a traditional ethnic hatred of the fly over “goyim.” They will enjoy it, just as their grandparents enjoyed torturing the Nazis by their favorite brand of torture, crushing testicles.

When it starts, there will be ZERO coverage on not just the mass media, but social media too. It will be whispers, person to person, but anyone who puts anything about it on social media will simply be branded a “right-wing conspiracy theorist” and immediately censored. Then, they will go after their children. They will take your children because you are teaching them “hate.”

Americans were too cowardly to face the truth of 9/11, and the right-wingers loved the idea of torturing terrorists.

Good luck. I saw what was coming ten years ago and got the hell out of dodge. It’s probably too late for you.

Then again maybe I’m just being paranoid. Maybe Ron DeSantis will win and the GOP will win Congress.