So I'm in love with Saturday's child
Every time you hold her close, you'll see
(She's driving me wild)
You can feel the thrill that's gonna be
(Gonna spend my time)
Now the future has a guarantee
(Makin' sure that Saturday's child is mine)

Saturday’s Child - The Monkees

Starting with a pedophile blackmail ring is too much for people, they focus too much on the scandal and miss the system. So let me try another tack:

What’s your sign? As in astrological sign? Chances are you know it, but you think astrology is bunk – and it is.

Do you know your Myers Briggs Personality Type? You may. Myers Briggs is called “astrology for nerds” because it appeals to a certain type of intelligent introvert that would never read a horoscope, but put a psuedo-scientific spin on it and they are all in.

Categorizing people into “types” is as old as humanity itself. Aristotle divided people into gold, silver, and bronze.. The Hindu caste system has Brahmins, Kshatriyasm, and Vaishyas, and the “Alt Right” has adopted the system as warriors, priests, and merchants. There is a popular “Alt Right” blog with the tagline, “The Site For Priests of the Reaction” – the implication being that the readers are the “priests” of the coming age. That’s always a good technique when you are a writer – flatter your audience. For example, the readers of my blog are typically far more savvy than the average “alt right” type.

Beau Albrecht, in his review of William Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism, relates a story Reich told about his childhood:

The author’s father Leon was a wealthy farmer who apparently had some baronial pretensions. Young Wilhelm wasn’t allowed to play with the peasant children. One of the few times he interacted with them, he got a fairly minor injury but didn’t regard it as a big deal. However, after his father found out, the other child’s father got a severe beating. This wasn’t the only time that Leon dished out violence with impunity to his “inferiors.”

Albrecht then contrasts this class system with the racial class system of the antebellum Dixie:

What’s surprising is how unfavorably this contrasts with conditions in the antebellum South. The children of masters and slaves played together routinely, and nobody objected. If a white boy lost a fight with a black boy, that was his tough luck; pulling rank was not an option even if he wanted. Surely plantation owners considered themselves to be of a higher station than their slaves, but Leon Reich lorded it over the Ukrainian commoners even more.

This difference should be kept in mind, and of course note that the boy who beat up little Billy Reich wasn’t punished directly, instead, his father was.

If anything defines the modern American ideology, it is the idea of tabula raza, the “blank slate.” This is sometimes euphemized as “egalitarianism” but they are surely different things. Consequently, if anything defines the “right-wing alternative” to the modern America ideology, it is the belief that nature, probably more than nurture, all but determines a man’s fate.

It’s easy to tell who is less wrong by simply talking to any parent. A friend of mine was a mother to five boys, and loved nothing more than to discuss how early on their different personalities expressed themselves. If you had told her that all her sons were born simply “blank slates” and it was how she raised them that “caused” their personalities, she would have laughed at you. It takes a huge amount of ideological indoctrination, which in modern America is called “education” to believe apparent nonsense like “tabula raza.”

One of the most controversial books of the modern age was The Bell Curve, which suggested there are significant IQ differences between different races and that these IQ differences are based on genetics – nature – and “education” – nurture- can only do so much to “close the gap” in educational outcomes between e.g. whites and blacks. The entire American establishment strenuously denies this reality – in public. In private, in their personal lives, the very same people act in such a way that demonstrates they absolutely believe this to be the case.

As RamZPaul – possibly quoting me – likes to say, these “progressives” are “Anti-Racist in the Streets, Ku Klux Klansmen in the sheets.” A progressive like the political comedian Jimmy Dore will spend his entire show complaining about “structural racism” in America and how African-Americans are mistreated due to the racism of white conservatives and liberals, then retire to his million dollar home in the whitest neighborhood in Los Angeles. This attitude is universal among progressives.

Many years ago I considered taking a job at a company that contracts with the federal government, a position which requires a security clearance. I sought the advice of a mentor that I knew who had successfully advised many people going through the process, and he explained the basic system.

He told me the first “level” – which I seem to remember is called “Public Trust” – consists of a background check, and that there are basically two “red flags” they are looking for. The first is your foreign contacts. He said if you have family in Ireland, it would raise no concern. If on the other hand you have a bunch of friends from Tehran, you are going to be scrutinized a lot closer.

The second was anything that may render you susceptible to bribery – note, not blackmail, but bribery. He suggested some red flags they are looking for, e.g. large gambling debts.

He also made it quite clear that you are never to lie during the interviews, and specifically said, if you have a DUI, or some minor drug charge like marijuana, just admit it, as they will certainly find out and it isn’t necessarily a show-stopper in any case.

Well I had him on the phone, and thought he would be the one to ask, so I specifically asked him about the security requirements for the Central Intelligence Agency, which I assumed he would know.

He said, “oh no, no, that’s totally different. I have no idea. Totally different thing. I couldn’t tell you.”

Years later the significance of what he told me would become more clear.

The oldest intelligence agency in the United States is the Department of Naval Intelligence, which shares more or less a similar system of security clearances. The National Security Administration is known for its particularly stringent clearance requirements, and by the third level of clearance each agent is required to undergo “the test from hell” in which extremely personal details, specifically about your personal sexual life, are asked while you are hooked up to a polygraph.

In all cases, they will send people around to ask about you. They will contact your family, your friends, your past lovers, and they will even send people to your neighbors. They ask questions like, do you ever see this person coming home drunk? Do you ever see this person coming home with different members of the opposite sex?

The “Alt Right” is obsessed with homosexuality, and a major bone of contention is the rise of the “LGBT Lobby.” The rise of LGBT is itself actually very connected to national security. The so-called Cambridge Five scandal in the United Kingdom, a case in which a number of homosexual men, and their heterosexual associates, were found to be double agents for the Soviet Union, sent shockwaves through the British intelligence community, and also the US intelligence community.

Of course the upper classes of Great Britain, the class where their intelligence agencies typically recruit from, is hardly any stranger to homosexuality. Among upper class Brits, while homosexuality was never “accepted” per se, it was seen as merely a personal quirk of little significance.

The Cambridge Five scandal caused a major shift in US intelligence policy. During what came to be called the Lavender Scare, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed Executive Order 10450, which saw the termination of the employment of over 5,000 employees of the federal government who were suspected of being homosexual. Other reasons for termination would be alcoholism, excessive gambling, and other vices.

This prohibition lasted, in some quarters of the government, until the 1990’s. US Navy Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, described as someone who “held several influential positions in the United States Intelligence Community” was apparently influential is changing the prohibition, and told many of his employees who he suspected were “LGBT” to “come out of the closet” to their families and personal friends, in order to lessen fears about the susceptibility to blackmail of LGBT employees.

Well, as we have seen, the Central Intelligence Agency is quite different than the rest of the “intelligence community.” What is quite interesting about the Central Intelligence Agency is that have quite often recruited agents who wouldn’t get past the lowest level security clearance of the rest of the intelligence community.

Now, why might this be the case?

The answer may surprise you!

Let’s end today’s lesson with a quick excerpt from the Wikipedia page for William Colby, the former Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) from September 1973 to January 1976, a man who, in at least one official portrait, has often struck me as looking uncannily like my own grandfather.

Which, come to think of it, might explain some things.

On April 27, 1996, Colby set out from his weekend home in Rock Point, Maryland, on a solo canoe trip. His canoe was found the following day on a sandbar in the Wicomico River, a tributary of the Potomac, about 0.25 miles (0.40 km) from his home. On May 6, Colby’s body was found in a marshy riverbank lying face down not far from where his canoe was found.

After an autopsy, Maryland’s Chief Medical Examiner John E. Smialek ruled his death to be accidental. Smialek’s report said that Colby was predisposed to having a heart attack or stroke due to “severe calcified atherosclerosis” and that Colby likely “suffered a complication of this atherosclerosis which precipitated him into the cold water in a debilitated state and he succumbed to the effects of hypothermia and drowned”. Colby’s death triggered conspiracy theories that his death was due to foul play.

In his 2011 documentary The Man Nobody Knew, Colby’s son Carl suggested that his father suffered from guilt due to his actions in the CIA and committed suicide. Carl’s step-mother and siblings, as well as Colby’s biographer Randall Woods, criticized Carl’s portrayal of William Colby and rejected the allegation that the former CIA director killed himself, saying it was inconsistent with his character.

As always, to be continued, and remember – never go canoeing by yourself at night!