You get an AWS account, and register a domain name for me – ten bucks. In return I’ll set up whatever sort of website you want on that AWS account, worth far more than ten bucks. Setting up your own WordPress is trivial, and the cost is maybe five bucks a month, if even that. But I could probably do better than WordPress. Also interested in the “Fediverse” thing.

We could have a whole online Empire, and do “Social Media” the right way, the way it was intended – the original Decentralized Internet.

Frankly I work better as a sort of “second in command” than running a whole thing myself.

I like blogging enough that I’d be willing to put some time into it, but I’d prefer to remain anonymous. Not “hide from the NSA” anonymous, but like Tor and burner phone anonymous.

I’d also be interested in a podcast, especially the “Podcast 2.0” stuff. Maybe twice a month.

I know for a fact I have a bunch of readers who are computer nerds – one guy actually gave me a long lecture on the R programming language. I would never call myself a “computer scientist” but, you know, I’ve done javascript/html/css crap forever, no big deal, hell I even wrote a toy scheme in college once.

The actual dollar amounts are trivial, and Bitcoin isn’t actually private at all. So I really just want someone else to handle all that stuff. But I can do the rest.

I have a protonmail and a at this name, so, let me know.