According to “Enty,” the supposed “Entertainment Lawyer” that runs the scandal blog, Stanley Kubrick was a pedophile and an active child molester. There is an article about him from the 90’s that also hints at such a thing, in a very similar manner that the original article from Vanity Fair about Jeffrey Epstein worked. They didn’t come out and say, “Jeffrey Epstein is sexually trafficking underage girls” but you’d have to be pretty obtuse to not get the subtext.

In the 20 years since the September 11th attacks, the Anglo world in general had a number of scandals involving men in the entertainment industry molesting children. Most infamously, Jimmy Saville, a popular children’s TV host, in the United Kingdom died and it turns out that everyone knew he was a child molester and were really just waiting for him to die to spill the beans. Australia had a similar scandal with a similar TV host. In Hollywood, there was a famous children’s TV show host that was revealed to be a very active child molester and it’s somewhat assumed that all of the children on his show, he molested. There was the case of Jerry Sandusky at Penn State, and the almost unbelievable case of Larry Nassar, a doctor used by the gymnastics industry that molested a huge number of girls involved in gymnastics, including girls on the American Olympic team.

It’s hardly just the entertainment industry, virtually every single institution in Western society has had some sort of scandal involving the sexual exploitation of children. Most people are simply horrified by such things and don’t really want to think of the implications, but it is precisely this attitude of turning a blind eye that has allowed these things to happen, and more to the point, has allowed the very institutions at the heart of Western society to be manipulated to the great detriment of people.

In fact, 9/11 FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds once mused that the scandal of Dennis Hastert, the most powerful Republican politician of the 9/11 era, known to virtually everyone in the intelligence community to be an active child molester, was just a reflection of American society in general.

Let’s turn our attention for the moment to a rather obscure figure by the name of John Gittinger. He doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page, but there does exist a page for the “Personality test” that he invented, called the “Personality Assessment System.”

Wikipedia also acknowledges that Gittinger worked for the CIA and was involved in the MK-Ultra program:

John Gittinger, the developer of the PAS, worked as a psychologist for the Central Intelligence Agency during the time he developed the PAS. Early publications describing the PAS appeared in academic publications and did not mention Gittinger’s employer. While the PAS has been used in many contexts such as education and clinical work, it was developed by John Gittinger who worked with a number of other CIA employees. Gittinger and his PAS work were related to a wide range of projects, some of which were part of the set of projects known as Project MKUltra.

Gittinger was a witness and identified as a CIA psychologist at Senate hearings into Project MKUltra. The relationship of Gittinger, the PAS and MKULTRA is discussed by Marks in chapter 11 of his book based upon examination of thousands of documents. Earlier articles on the PAS in professional and academic journals never mentioned John Gittinger’s employer. While Marks’ book is critical of the CIA and the MKULTRA project, Marks reports of Gittinger’s passion for his personality system and describes it quite thoroughly. Marks also reports that Gittinger was very concerned that Marks’ 1974 article connecting Gittinger, the PAS, and the CIA would damage Gittinger’s professional career. Marks also reports that Gittinger was “humiliated” by the 1973 hearings saying Gittinger was interested in talking about his personality system, not the drug and sex scandals being pursued by the Senate committee. Note that Gittinger retired from government service in 1978.

The use of the PAS by a CIA psychologist in the field is described in DeForest’s book. The book describes the work of a psychologist, Bill Todd (a pseudonym) in Vietnam. Treverton says that this book “is one for intelligence fans, not an assessment but a lively tale of a spymaster and his agents-” Manning’s review in the New York Times says, “Orrin DeForest, the principal author of the book, certainly comes across as a disaffected C.I.A. person, and its contents are certainly self-serving. Whether the book is also misleading is difficult for someone outside the spook fraternity of hired dissemblers to ascertain. Nevertheless, Slow Burn has its virtues anyway.”

According to writer Andrea Nolen, the Central Intelligence Agency used Gittinger’s personality test to find people who we would now label as “narcissistic sociopaths.” Not all narcissists are sociopaths, but all sociopaths are narcissists. The psychological literature on sociopathy is growing and there is an emerging understanding of sociopathy as having a biological base.

Let’s get back to the film, Eyes Wide Shut. Perhaps the most infamous scene is a kind of “ritual” where a Red Priest is surrounded by a circle of naked women, who begin kissing each other, then filter out to the room and pair up with the men in the audience.

The “esoteric” meaning of this scene has been a major topic of fascination among fans of the film, and this writer suggests that it is a reference to a really existing system, leveraged by “the intelligence community.” The costumes and masks also reference a specific group of people, and a specific event, from the 1970’s.

One of the great things about the film is that is simply has no use for any “political correctness” when it comes to the differing sexual natures of men and women. In fact, the entire film can be seen as about that difference.

There is a very amusing scene from the old MTV cartoon, Beavis and Butthead, where Beavis is having a temper tantrum about how “unfair” it is that men will pay women for sex, but women won’t pay men for sex. Beavis says that he so wants a woman to pay him for sex that he would pay a woman to pay him for sex.

The gag works because it’s about the very obvious differences between men and women when it comes to sexuality. Prostitution is called “the oldest profession” because this difference between men and women is basically at the very core of society. It’s something that “everyone knows” yet, for very complex reasons, people always try to deny or downplay one way or another.

Virtually every scene in the film Eyes Wide Shut references these differences between the two sexes, indeed, it’s really the entire point of the film.

Let’s be clear. If the Central Intelligence Agency was using personality profiles to find people with the specific psychological trait of socipathic narcissism, they are surely not the first people to do so, nor would sociopathic narcissism be the only psychological profile that such groups would be interested it.

Now I’ve claimed, and hope to demonstrate, that Kubrick’s film references, specifically, the “sex trafficking ring” run by Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, which was perhaps at its peak at the time the film was made. There is also numerous references to the people “at the top of the pyramid.”

These people are quite well known, are surrounded in mystery and conspiracy theories, yet all discussion of them is always attacked as “anti-semitic conspiracy theories.” These people also played a significant role in the founding of the Central Intelligence Agency itself, although, again, it is never discussed because to do so makes you an “anti-semitic conspiracy theorist.”

Eyes Wide Shut gets my vote for the most “anti-semitic” film in history, as it is simply impossible to not see the role that Jews, and “Gentiles,” play in the film.

So who are these people? It’s quite obvious, isn’t it? Alan Dershowitz actually named them on national TV. They are the people who invented Zionism, essentially the founding family of Israel.

You simply cannot understand the subservience of the United States government to a small and otherwise insignificant country on the other side of the planet without understanding the role these people have played in the history of United States, and more directly, the United Kingdom.

Now – watch this scene from the film.

Did you see it? It’s quite disturbing, isn’t it?

So … as always, to be continued … I hope.