Two of my favorite movies are The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut.

You gotta give Kubrick this, the sets and the cinematography combine to make very great art. It’s not even something that I would have been particularly aware of on a conscious level.

I’ve seen The Shining at least a dozen times. The scene on the staircase is one of the best scenes in film history, because it’s so realistic, so small. This is what real men who go crazy are like, no supernaturalism to it, and it’s the most horrific thing imaginable. It’s an important film for me personally because seeing it as a kid, maybe 12 or so, it was the first time I understood what “subtext” was supposed to be, and enjoyed something really ambiguous. At the time, the question was, “are the ghosts real or just in his head?” As I got a bit older, I sort of realized, there really is no difference, is there?

When I came across the “theory” that The Shining is about Kubrick faking the moon landing and going crazy keeping the secret, I loved it. I mean, I don’t believe it, but it’s such a great interpretation and if you squint a little, it kind of makes sense. The same theory works for Eyes Wide Shut, the opening line is, “honey, where’s my wallet?” The implication being that Kubrick just did it for the money, but by the last line, “Fuck!” he realizes what he has gotten himself into.

Unfortunately The Shining was kind of ruined for me by some guy doing an analysis saying, it’s all quite obvious, Jack is sexually abusing Danny, Wendy finds out, Jack goes crazy with rage and shame and tries to kill them. Watching the film again after that analysis, I have to agree, and it’s just sad.

I tried to read the book Lolita in college, but never made it past the first chapter, and I’ve never seen the Kubrick version. But I did see the remake in the 90’s with Jeremy Burns. I watched it thinking I was going to see a sexy Jailbait movie, like Poison Ivy with Drew Barrymore. I don’t feel guilty because when I saw Poison Ivy I was barely not jailbait myself; Drew Barrymore is almost exactly my age.

But the 90’s Lolita was interesting, because the opening is funny and you can’t help but think Lolita is sexy, but by the end of the film the just horrific implications of the whole scenario become clear. The film is almost magical in how at the beginning Lolita is this beautiful nymph, but by the last scene her utter ordinariness is apparent. I suppose they did it with make up and other film trickery.

Lolita isn’t acting “coquettish” or seductive, it’s Humbert, and the viewer, projecting that onto what is in actuality just a regular young girl. The film almost made me a feminist. I’m not naive, obviously, women are sometimes seductive on purpose, and young girls flirt all the time. But they truly do not understand the implications so it’s our responsibility, as parents, to basically protect them from their own instincts.

We do the same for boys and violence. A typical young boy, without adult supervision, will almost naturally become a murderer before he becomes an adult; Lord Of The Flies is the natural state of mankind.

Everyone knows this. Yet, subversive people are always trying to overturn our entire civilizational structure that deal with these basic realities. Men are naturally chimpanzees, women are naturally bonobos, and civilization is all about maturing into gibbons.

So it took me years to figure out, but I have, in fact, cracked the code of Eyes Wide Shut and while the film has many layers of meaning, it really is about a specific thing, and that specific thing is the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell operation, and it even names names and points to who – the very man – at the top of the pyramid so to speak.

The timing of the film, the sets, the subtext, Kubrick himself, his life, his associates, put together it becomes somewhat glaringly obvious.

Back in the 80’s there was this film with Edward Norton about the murder of a Catholic bishop, and it showed the bishop involved in a child sex ring. At the time it seemed to be just one of the many anti-Catholic films from Hollywood. At the height of her fame, the Irish singer Sinead O’Connor tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II during her performance on Saturday Night Live, destroying her career and causing a huge scandal.

Well, both were referring to a hidden reality, and about 2000, it was simply impossible to keep this particular dark aspect of the Catholic Church hidden any longer. You cannot understand the Catholic Church, as an institution, without facing the fact that the Celibate Priesthood is basically one big gay closet, and always has been. Everyone has always known it, and the Protestant Reformation itself, Luther and Calvin, and the proto-Protestants like the Lollards, were all reactions to this fact and they all said it quite openly. This will scandalize some Catholics, but, ah well, I don’t care. I have bigger issues to worry about.

In a very similar sense, you cannot understand the Zionist control of the United States government without understanding the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell ring, and similar rings, and once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

There’s some blogger out there, associated with the “Alt Right” that discusses “Judaism” as a “bride gathering cult.” That is a bit esoteric for me, but he’s most certainly on to something.

For me, this is all quite personal, because this system is how they got away with 9/11 and how they successfully covered it up for so long.

Calling it “blackmail” is much too simplistic. Blackmail is indeed a key feature, but it far more complex than simply videotaping politicians having sex with underage girls.

It also will force us to clearly look at facts about human nature, sexual and even racial differences, that everyone kind of already knows but civilizations surround with a lot of taboos, sometimes for very good reasons and sometimes for very bad reasons.

There is something called the “Hanjal Line” which divides Europe; on the Eastern side women have typically been married as young as 14, on the other side of the line the average age is more like 20. There are very obvious racial differences at play here. African-American girls often being menustrating at 9 years of age while “white” girls do not until several years later.

Especially in the Arab world, and parts of Africa, child marriage is endemic. In the West we find such things horrific, there it’s not just considered normal, but even praise-worthy, common sense.

Judaism has always had a unique place in Western society, and part of the reason is that it has somewhat been an interface between Europe and the Middle East; you can hardly understand Judaism as a phenomenon without understanding its situation between the Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

But this story is more of a uniquely American story. It’s also bound up with technological changes – no one could have ever “outed” the Celibate Catholic priesthood until the rise of the Internet. Similarly, the traditional “gay closet” became simply unmaintainable with the spread of modern technology, the rise of “LGBT” is a very similar and related phenomenon.

America is a young culture, barely 500 years ago. Compared to other cultures, it’s a baby. So things like homosexuality, long “understood” in one way or another in Europe and the Muslim world, was simply totally misunderstood in America until quite recently.

Technological changes require social changes. “Child pornography” – or “Sexual Abuse Imagery” – was legal in the 1970’s, when a backlash against child exploitation – falsely labeled “the Satanic Panic” – drove it underground. With the rise of the Internet, certain things had to be adjusted. Until recently, the 16 year old gal that sends a topless cell phone picture to her 17 year old boyfriend was committing a serious felony that had a multi-decade mandatory prison sentence. This is obviously not something that anyone wants to happen, so things had to change.

I have to say this, but I don’t want to come across as one of those creepy “manosphere” types obsessed with the age of consent, but everyone knows that normal men are attracted to teenage girls – 16, 17, etc., sometimes even younger. This is not weird, it’s perfectly biologically normal. Yet, still, we do not accept, say, a 30 year old having sex with a 16 year old for many good reasons.

What is not normal, what is very much a fringe minority, is sexual attraction to prepubescent children. It is very likely that this phenomenon is also related to the cognitive disorder of sociopathy.

So a distinction has to be made, but not in the interests of any sort of reform – simply in the interests of understanding a reality we really do have to face before another 9/11 type false flag is done and successfully covered up for 20 years.

So, let’s get back to Eyes Wide Shut. One scene has Tom Cruise reading a newspaper article about the death by heroin overdose of a “model” – the same model that “sacrificed” herself, for him, at the cult orgy the night before.

That newspaper article had the byline of a really existing newspaper writer, Larry Celona, who also happened to have been the first to report on Stanley Kubrick’s death, the death of JFK Jr., and the “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein.

Supposedly, he is also listed as a passenger on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express.”

I’m going to have to stop here for today, but I just want to put this on the record:

If you read a story about a racist, fringe, 9/11 conspiracy blogger author falling out of his canoe and drowning in the Potomac river tomorrow – don’t believe it.

So, this is to be continued … I hope.