RamZPaul did a couple of good videos about this. There are three things that get conflated.

First of all, there was the German Worker’s Party, headed by Adolph Hitler. They were destroyed in World War II and they are not coming back. History is important, but I don’t really think there is much about the old NSDAP that is relevant to 2021 America.

Second, there is the ideology of “national socialism” or “fascism.” This was a 20th century European ideology popular in a few countries, I suppose Franco was the last “fascist” and Mussolini was sort of the defining ideologue. I’m not a national socialists for two reasons: first, I disavow all political ideologies, and second, I’m an American. So my natural political instincts are liberalism or libertarianism. Those are my instincts, not ideologies that I subscribe too. For instance, I’d probably be fine with some sort of national health insurance scheme, despite it not being libertarian.

Third, there are “Nazis” or “Neo-Nazis.” I am not now, nor have I ever been involve with those people. It’s basically a cult of LARPers. Nazis symbolism has never appealed to me and it’s obviously toxic in America, for many reasons. Once the “Alt-Right” was a promising movement but it blew itself up with a spasm of idiotic “nazi” LARPing. Oh well, as a participants in the forums and the like I always warned people about it but they wouldn’t listen.

When they banned the Myth of the 20th Century podcast from Youtube, I downloaded one of those podcasting apps and got pretty addicted. So of course I listen to the two big RightStuff podcasts, the Daily Shoah and Fash The Nation.

Fash The Nation is good, quite informative, I think James Allsup is a great guy and the Jazzhands guy is good too. They may call themselves “Nazis” but they really aren’t, they are just Americans with a historical fetish that will always make them fringe.

The Daily Shoah is more of an entertainment program and I find it funny – the “Merchant Minute” is hysterical.

I’ve also become a huge fan of Mike Enoch because he gets the Jewish problem on a deep level. Jews, due to their ideology, think that everything is a zero-sum game. So, whether you like it or not – and I don’t like it – Jews have made themselves the enemy because they see us – me, a regular American “white” guy – as horrible “fascist neo-nazis.”

That’s on them, not me. They did it. They didn’t have to, but they did. Ah well, sometimes your enemies choose you.

But the Nazi LARPing really just gets in the way of understanding the actual, real Jewish problem. Everyone always reverts to either “Nazism” or some sort of traditional Christianity – two ideologies that have clearly failed to deal with the Jewish problem. Both are really just kind of mirror images of Judaism and turn people into what can be sort of characterized as “spirtual Jews.”

So, Mike Enoch’s politial party is obviously never going anywhere. Enoch is never going to run for office. But I feel no need to counter-signal them, because other than their goofy political ideologies, I feel that they are on “my side.”

Before World War II, there was a mildly popular “fascist” movement in America, it was crushed by FDR and the war. The modern “neo-Nazi” movement I suppose started with George Lincoln Rockwell, a very problematic character to say the least. Even if Rockwell was himself “sincere” for god’s sake, people, he was a clown that did more to hurt the cause of segregation than perhaps anyone of his time. The man writing all his stuff was a Jew, Dan Burros, and he is known to have been an FBI informant. This “just happens” to be at the exact same time as Hoover’s FBI was involved in Operation COINTELPRO to set up fake movements to undermine political enemies.

If it walks like a duck, etc.

From Rockwell you get William Pierce, an interesting guy. I read the Turner Diaries when I was 13 years old. I could understand the concept of a “race war” between whites and blacks, although I had no context to understand the Jew thing at the time. Piece was kind of a nut though, a self-marginalizing crank. Just because he was right about a lot of things doesn’t really make his world view particularly useful to me.

David Duke is another one. He seems like an OK guy to me, without his name recognition I could send a Duke video to my mom and she’d probably more or less agree with it. Duke’s time has passed and he was successfully marginalized, but again, I have no real need to counter-signal him.

The rest of them? Come on people, Harold Covington was a grade-A nutball, a federal informant, and a part of that ridiculous 1970’s psy-op, the “Skokie March” led by a Jewish guy dressed up like Hitler. The whole thing was a scam. That places like Counter Currents still promotes Covington at face value I find, let’s say, quite suspicious. Covington was obviously a fed, obviously a disruptor, and spent his entire life smearing and slandering virtually everyone in his own “movement.”

The rest of the “Neo-Nazi” movement in America has always been Feds or Jews, it’s quite obvious.

Back in the bad old days there appeared in Brooklyn this group called “The Islamic Thinkers Society” and a half dozen Jewish Israelis who pretended to convert to “radical Islam” in order to demonize Muslims in the interests of the wars on the Middle East. They made these ham-handed, over the top “pro-terrorism” statements and the media just loved them.

It’s a scam, a very obvious one, and I don’t think I’m the only one who sees that. The National Socialist Movement? I mean, come on people, don’t be fucking stupid. Anyone who ever took Matt Heimbach as anything other than a glow-in-the-dark dork was an idiot. Maybe he didn’t know it but I suspect he very much did.

They put these clowns on the media for a reason, after all. Now it is more or less known that the FBI – along with the ADL – sets up these “extremist” groups to get suckers to do something stupid and then the FBI can claim they “saved us from another 9/11.”

They did this to Muslims for ten years.

I’m telling you, the suppression of the 9/11 Truth movement should have been a lesson to everyone of how this scam works.

I started to look at the creation of these fake “radical Muslim groups” and it led me to seeing how they spent 50 years doing the same thing to “whites.” It should be quite obvious by now.

One would hope too the lessons of the Trump era are not forgotten. Yes, Jewish groups, Zionists, will absolutely use “anti-semitism” – like Anglin’s idiocy – for various purposes.

What should be clear by now is that the ruling class in America is Jewish – Jews are the power center of virtually everything anti-white in America. At the core is groups like the ADL, itself actually founded to protect the Jeffrey Epstein of the 1920’s, AIPAC, and the Jewish billionaires like the MEGA group.

Jewish organized crime – the “Mishpucka” – is quite real. So is Mossad. They really did 9/11, they almost certainly killed JFK and RFK, they did the USS Liberty. They are a hostile ruling cass that engages in terrorism, and always has.

The tired old slurs are less and less effective. The recent Israeli attacks on Gaza have shown there is quite a change in the West.

I keep up with Utter Contempt, the traitor, as he is probably the best Hasbarat infiltrating these online circles. But he’s the best they can do, and it just isn’t working.

Again – not my fault. Saying, oh you’re so obsessed with Jews, how about this other person who isn’t Jewish, the WASPs, Christian Zionism, the British, etc., etc. It’s all quite obvious attempts to distract people from the core issue, the Zionist-Occupied Government.

But I don’t have to LARP as a German from 75 years ago to understand any of this. But hey, I can’t stop them, so whatever.