Think of the craziest “CIA Conspiracy Theory” you can think of, and realize that the reality is far, far worse than you can possibly imagine.

I have every reason to believe a childhood friend of mine, a girl, was a victim of this.

If you will recall the “CIA Torture Scandal” and “Abu Ghraib,” in this context, it’s pretty obvious what they were doing.

I once roomed with a bunch of guys and one was a sociopath. He was really, really dumb – he could barely read – so his attempts at manipulating me were so ham-handed that I noticed the behavior patterns almost immediately. It was an educational experience and I’m almost glad I went through the ordeal because I got to understand, up close and personal, how these people operate. If he had been of normal intelligence he wouldn’t have been so obvious about it.

Dumb sociopaths tend to wind up in prison. Smart sociopaths tend to wind up in positions of great power.

This is what the CIA has been doing since it’s inception. It’s modern imperialism, and as you can see, Americans are simply one population under the Empire.

“Pizzagate” and “QAnon” I suspect are cover stories and distractions meant to discredit the growing awareness of these things. Just like the so-called “Satanic Panic” of the 1980’s was meant to discredit and derail back then.

Notice too how the “Church of Scientology” makes an appearance, as a sort of “feeder” organization. The entire “cult boom” of the 60’s and 70’s are pretty clearly related to MKUltra.

It’s hardly a surprise that after the assassination of JFK and the ramping up of the war in Vietnam, drugs like LSD flooded the country, and were promoted by the media and their new “hippie culture.”

How to stop this?