Claire O. Finkelstein and Richard W. Painter at ask the question.

Well, golly gee, it’s just such a big mystery, isn’t it?

What did we learn about “Russiagate?”

The media told us that Trump’s cronies like Michael Flynn were collaborating with Russia and in fact getting orders from Putin. They told us that Putin had the goods on Trump because they had him on video peeing on a bed in a hotel room with two Russian hookers.

The Washington Post, proving that it isn’t a serious newspaper anymore, actually paid someone to make a cartoon film showing Trump as Putin’s boyfriend, even using evocative phrasing about “love in a teenage boy’s bedroom.” So, it’s creepy and frankly extremely homophobic. Basically, the Washington Post was calling Trump a “fag.”

But what was Trump and Flynn actually doing? It was known long before the Democrats impeached Trump. Flynn was demanding that Russia veto a UN resolution condemning Israel’s illegal settlements.

But the Democratic party and the media outlets barely breathed a word about that.


Well, because Flynn and Trump were not working in the interests of Russia, they were working in the interests of Jews. Since in America, the ruling class is Jewish, no one will level with the public about anything that is going on.

So, instead they opted to spew racist hatred against Russian people. Steve Bannon never attacks “the Chinese people” but instead only uses the phrase “the Chinese Communist Party.”

But don’t expect Democrats to be as “not racist” as Steve Bannon. Oh, no, the Russian people as a whole were subject to constant racial hostility from every outlet.

So now Finkelstein and Painter scratch their head and wonder, why won’t Attorney General Merrick Garland go after Trump and his people for the January 6th riot?

I mean, they know. They want to pretend it’s a big mystery because they don’t want you to know. Merrick Garland, of course, is a Jew – a Zionist Jew. He has a long history of covering up Jewish and Israeli scandals, going all the way back to his coverup of the Israeli involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing case.

And how did Merrick Garland get his start? Well, he was “mentored” by Jamie Gorelick, who was instrumental in covering up the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s infiltration of the Clinton White House. Gorelick then did a repeat performance on the 9/11 Commission, making sure that the “Dancing Israelis” and Urban Moving Systems and the rest of the Israeli operatives involved in the 9/11 attacks were never mentioned during the 9/11 Commission hearing.

And who is Jamie Gorelick? Well, she’s a Zionist Jew whose “mentor” was … wait for it … Donald Trump’s and Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer, Zionist Jew Alan Dershowitz.

So why won’t Garland tell the truth about the 1/6 Capitol Siege?

Because they people who planned it, who orchestrated it, and who were behind the “QAnon” psy-ops operation were … you guessed it … Zionist Jews.

This is what it means to be under a “Zionist-Occupied Government.”

Obviously, it would be foolish to expect someone named Finkelstein to ever mention that.

Just like the entire impeachment of Trump, done by an almost entirely Jewish and Zionist cabal, never breathed a word about Israel.

I mean, once you see it you can’t “un-see” it.