There’s a rather silly stereotype that “Jews have big noses.” It’s not true, but it likely comes from two sources. First, in some medival art “Jewish merchants” are often drawn with large noses, but this likely had more to do with the cartoon trope, that exists to this day, of drawing oversized noses as a euphemism for lechery. Bill Clinton was famously drawn with a big red nose in the editorial cartoons, as a reference to his many “bimbo eruptions.” Similar to how they draw “bubbles” around Winston Churchill to reference his alcholism.

There are also some families and ethnicities in South Eastern Europe that have prominent noses, so in some cases, there are families that have large noses and are also Jewish.

My girlfriend’s girlfriend asked my girlfriend if she would give her permission for me to accompany her as her date to a Jewish wedding. I always find it cute how women see men as their property. She didn’t ask me, as my opinion was mostly irrelevant as weddings and dating are women’s business. So she asked my girlfriend if she would loan me out as her date and my girlfriend agreed. It was a lovely ceremony and I didn’t even realize these people were related to the Les Wexner mafia. The bride was quite radiant, and her bridesmaid’s were pretty, but about half of them – one otherwise strikingly beautiful blonde in particular – had some misfortune in the nose department, which my girlfriend’s girlfriend made a number of very catty comments about.

So, no, it’s not true. Jews aren’t even a proper ethnic group, remember, anytime someone said someone looked Jewish, they would say, “what do Jews look like, Sammy David Jr.?” Ugh – just more of that Jewish passive aggressive obnoxiousness. In America, when people say “Jewish” they are typically referring to “Ashkenazis” which are an ethnic group mostly from Poland and what used to be called “The Pale of Settlement” – the actual Jewish homeland, thousands of miles north of Palestine.

There have long been Jewish families in Dixie – as they ran the slave trade – that seem to be mostly “Sephardic” or “Spanish Jews.” So many of them have intermarried half the time they are “one quarter Jewish” or whatever nonsense. Southerners like to do this, apparently, as we know all white Southerners are “1/16 Cherokee” a descendants of an “Indian princess.” I have my own suspicious about where this idea comes from: you can read Ben Franklin back in the 18th century complaining about the English youth that would come to the colonies and skip out on their indenture and “join the Indians.” So I think “Cherokee” was a kind of euphemism for “barely civilized, living like an Indian.”

If you want to see actual, real, hateful “anti-semitism” – don’t look for it among “white people” – look for it among Jews. I worked at a company in New York that had a Hassid Jew working there as a consultant, and he dressed in the whole outfit with the hat and everything. He looked like he wandered off from the 49th Street Diamond District and took the wrong elevator.

Oh my god, the Jewish people – as in “Jewish but not religious” – hated this guy. Despised him – especially the women. They seemed to take his very existence as a kind of personal insult. One gal, a perfectly nice Jewish married mother, started doing and saying all of these stereotypically “not Jewish” things, seemingly, to distance herself from this guy and anything to do with him. Once she actually brought in bacon to work and offered it to me, which was just frankly weird, but I love bacon so I gladly accepted. She later told me that I reminded her of Mel Gibson in that movie What Women Want which I wasn’t sure if she meant as a compliment on my looks or some sort of weird accusation or probing about if I was an “anti-semite.”

This sort of dynamic reminded me of another incident. I went on a date with a woman who was not Jewish to see her Jewish friend perform a kind of “open mic” acoustic guitar set at some sort of “Jewish Community Center” and two of the men there got into this passive aggressive verbal exchange over a box of cookies.

Apparently, one guy brought this box of cookies in – on purpose – and they weren’t “kosher.” So the other guy threw them out, and the guy got up on stage and asked, “what happened to the cookies I brought?” The other guys answered, “I threw them out because they weren’t kosher” and they went back and forth in an exchange that was quite obviously extremely hostile, although with just enough plausible deniability that I guess if you weren’t paying attention you wouldn’t have really understood the subtext. I mean, it was straight out of a Larry David vs. Funkhauser exchange from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

They always love to pretend that “anti-semities” have some sort of personal issue with Jews, but that certainly isn’t the case with me. I can really only recall one Jew that I ever had any sort of personal problem with, and this was because he screwed me big time in a business deal. Frankly, it was my own fault because I didn’t do enough due diligence but he wound up losing more money than if he just hadn’t have tried to screw me over.

So that guy? Yes, a total asshole, and there is that stereotype of Jews being “sharp” in business, but that is the only personal issue I’ve ever had with a Jew. If I were to stereotype Jews from my own personal experiences, it would really say more about me and my work and social life than anything to do with Jews as a whole. My stereotype is Jewish men tend to be a bit smarter than average, a bit more nerdy than average, and a bit more autistic than average. Jewish women tend to be really jealous of “shiskas,” especially blondes, and have a thing for “goy boys.” Jews also tend to have some weird hangups about religion, but I suppose that would be the same for any minority religion. Mormons tend to have the same sort of hangup, always really sensitive about not being seen as “real Christians.”

Another pernicious anti-semitic trope comes from a purposeful misreading of a passage in the Talmud. Back in the ancient world, really up until the Industrial age, a women’s virginity was of primary importance as this was the only way to ensure the paternity of children, thus to avoid becoming a cuckold.

So in the Talmud the rabbis are discussing the qualifications of virginity, and one of them said that if a poor girl under the age of three had been molested – i.e., raped – that she still counted as a virgin because it was no more than “getting poked in the eye.”

This was quite obviously based on compassion, to avoid having the poor girl victimized twice, and at the age of three she probably wouldn’t even remember such a horrific act.

But some anti-semite types have said that this means “Judaism says” that it’s ok to rape babies. It’s clearly a purposeful misreading of the passage.

It’s also likely that since Jews have been major players in sex trafficking going back to the Ottoman Empire and even longer, that there has been this association. One of the earliest Christian laws passed was making it illegal for a “Christian girl” to serve as a maid in a “Jewish household.” For obvious reasons, as her status would be little more than a slave and the Jew would rape her and possibly pimp her out.

Even today, in India, there is a trend of “low caste” Hindus converting to Christianity or Islam to escape their low status in the caste system. Early Christianity seemed to be similar, as “pagans” would convert to Christianity which gave them legal protection from Jewish predation. Despite what Jews and Christians would have you believe, Jews and Christians worked together to enslave Europe; they were two sides of the ruling class, and while the monarchs and aristocracy tended to be Christian, some of them would convert to Judaism, or back again, depending on their needs at the time. “Religion” was quite different than we understand it today, Christianity, Judaism, and “pagan” were castes quite similar to caste in Hinduism.

Jews love to tell people that they “weren’t allowed to own land” under Christian feudalism thus were “forced to become bankers.”

So I need to spell out how stupid this is? Poor Jews “weren’t allowed” to become peasant dirt farmers thus were “forced” to become wealthy bankers for the aristocrats? I mean, just read the Magna Carta about the relationship between the King, the aristocrats, and the Jews. Jews were never “oppressed” – they were privileged above 99% of Europeans. But since Jews were only allowed to be in the top 2%, as opposed to the top 1%, that counts as “anti-semitic oppression.”

Jesus Christ, these people and their kvetching.

The great Israeli film Defamation and a show I attended about “anti-semitism” really opened my eyes to the horrific indoctrination Ashkenazi Jews recieve as children. These innocent children are traumatized with lies about “anti-semitism” to make them hate and fear their neighbors.

In any case, there is one of the E-Celebs called “The Golden One.” He’s this handsome Swedish bodybuilder that is more or less /our guy/ and once after yet another horrific gang rape by “Muslim Immigrants” in Sweden, he did a video about it and really did a great job of explaining the dynamics at play.

Yes, obviously, women in North African and Middle Eastern cultures, including Islam, do not have nearly the high status that European culture gives women. But there is nothing really particular in Islam that creates this dynamic. Any time you have one group with power over another group, the women of the powerless group will become the concubine class for the men of the powerful group.

This is a universal dynamic and you see it in most mammals, not just human beings. Islam – like Judaism – draws much harsher ingroup/outgroup distinctions than European, Christianity derived cultures, but any time you have this group dynamic you will have the sexual dynamic.

Just consider the stereotype of European men traveling to Thailand or the Phillipines to engage in “sex tourism.” Since Europeans are rich and powerful compared to Thais and Filipinos, this dynamic will play out. Personally, I find such things morally reprehensible, but I also find war reprehensible, and can acknowledge that it is part of the human condition. In Christianity this is called “original sin” or “fallen man.” As a man, I can certainly understand the appeal but I like to think I’m better than that.

The history of Europe and Jews is far more complex than the situation in America. In America, the hate goes one way: Jews hate “goyim.” “Regular” people who “happen to be Jewish” – I guess meaning “assimilated” – tend to be more liberal than average, which would only make sense.

But unfortunately when Jews drop the Judaism and join some other ideology, like Communism, or modern “wokeness,” they bring the harsh ingroup/outgroup distinction with them, and their extreme bigotry against “goys.” That is their problem, not our problem. The hate comes from them. I think for a lot of Americans who are “Jewish but not religious” they are actually quite embarrassed by their fellow tribesmen and their attitudes.

In a typical middle class town, the local Jewish community may be more “liberal” than average, and may even cause more trouble than average due to their status, but in the United States the problem isn’t really with them. The problem is with the elite, ruling class Jews. When the “WASPs” ran America, they acted as any other elite does, they quite often oppress their “lower classes.” But when Jews become the ruling class, the Jewish hatred of “the goyim” makes them both fanatically hateful towards the “lower classes” as well as paranoid that they will be overthrown.

But, again, it’s their problem, not ours. We don’t need to change, they do. Jews in America need to stop indoctrinating their children to hate their neighbors and they need to either assimilate, or go back.

We really need the “moderate Jews” to stand up against the hatemongers at the ADL and AIPAC. Fortunately, we do see more and more Jews denouncing Zionism and Israeli interference in American politics. But we also need them to stop hiding Jewish bigotry behind a cloak of “wokeness” and anti-white politics. A “conservative Jew” that complains that immigrants are “anti-semitic” is just being a Jew, acting in narrow Jewish interests, not the interests of Americans.

If they cannot show concern for their fellow Americans, well, they aren’t Americans thus need to go.

I’m sorry it has to be this way, but you can’t blame us.