YAWN! Cool It With The Anti-Semitic Remarks!

It’s really boring to discuss Jewish power over America. You know how you know it’s boring? Because Jews and their sycophants keep telling us it is.

The Jew-obsessed element in the Alt-Right…saw this as a Goyim vs. Jewish thing (yawn!)


It’s always fascinating when people who describe themselves as “dissidents” actually aren’t dissidents at all. If you want to hear how wonderful Israel is, and how it’s totally not Jewish power that is the root cause of America’s subservience to Israel, you can read the “dissidents” – or the Democrats in Congress, the Republicans in Congress, ABC, CBS, NBC, and ABC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Also, the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, and NY Magazine.

“AIPAC” is a conspiracy theory. Israeli agents running ABC and NBC is an “anti-semitic conspiracy theory,” too.



Even left-wing celebrity dissidents like Noam Chomsky will tell you, it’s not powerful Jews that cause America’s subservience to Israel. No, it’s “white colonialism” and “Christian Zionism.” Hell, Noam will even tell you that American Christians force Israelis to be so mean to the Palestinians.

Even the anti-semites are in on the act. Celebrity Nazi LARPer Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer is endorsing the two most pro-Israel people in the government for President, Matt Gaetz and Ron DeSantis. Amazing, that, a “Nazi” like Andrew Anglin “just happens” to have run his website out of the apartment of Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer’s Jewish roommate, and hired Joshua Ryne Goldberg, a Jewish “troll” that pretends to be a “Nazi” when he’s not pretending to be a “radical anti-semite Muslim.”

Then of course the entire “Alt Right” and “Dissident Right” and “Neo-Nazi” movement were all in on Trump, the man who married his daughter into a Mossad family, the Kushners, whose grandchildren are Israeli citizens and who has spent literally his entire career fronting for Jewish organized crime.

The Jew-Nazi connection is pretty well known by now. Right-wing Jews love to stir up “anti-semitism” because so many “Jewish-Americans” have decided to drop the “Jew” nonsense and join the rest of the human race, so you have to stir up some “Jew hatred” to convince them to move to Israel.

Here’s one way to do it:


I mean, that’s probably the majority of the ADL’s “anti-semitic” incidents right there, all done by one Jewish teenager, like Goldberg, just a “troll” and totally not a part of Israeli hasbara working hand in hand with Rita Katz of SITE Intel.

It’s never the Jews. Jews – the richest and most politically organized group of people in America – have absolutely nothing – zero – to do with America’ subservience to Israel. It’s has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Jewish money accounts for 80% of the Democratic party’s fundraising and nearly 50% of the Republican party’s fundraising.

Mossad operatives like Jeffrey Epstein – who killed himself in prison – and Ghislaine Maxwell – were totally not trafficking underage girls to politicians like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and highly connected scientists. Matt Gaetz’s pal, Joel Greenberg, totally wasn’t running a “sugar-daddy” ring and trafficking young girls, some minors, to “top levels of the Florida Republican party.”

It’s not like dozens of states have passed laws making it illegal to not do business with the foreign state of Israel. It’s not like every single President and Presidential candidate travels to Israel to engage in a bizarre and humilitaing Jewish religious ritual of kissing some wall while wearing a Jew beanie.

No. It’s not the Jews. It’s some little old church lady in Texas that thinks she should “bless Israel.”

So, whatever you do, never talk about Jewish power, it’s so boring. Instead, talk about the liberals, the Christians, White Colonialism and the defense contractors.