“How could they have demolished the World Trade Center? Someone would have noticed the demo teams working in the Towers!”

Elevator World documented the largest elevator modernization in history in their March 2001 edition. It was taking place in the WTC Twin Towers during the 9 month period prior to 9/11 and should have been investigated by the FBI, along with the security company Stratesec, as a source of access for the surreptitious placement of explosives throughout the core columns and beams in the towers.

Elevator World, March 2001:

At a time when new construction is dominating the market, ACE Elevator undertook what was perhaps, one of the largest, most sophisticated elevator modernization programs in the industry’s history.

This “towering” achievement took place at New York City’s prestigious World Trade Center (WTC), with the completion of the first six members of the elite “Shuttle Fleet.”

This project was originally intended to operate with the existing 275kW motor-generator sets that were specifically designed for the WTC project. However, both the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and ACE Elevator Co. Inc. had the collective vision of utilizing cutting-edge, solid-state-drive technology to replace the existing motor generator sets


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