Steve Bannon was attacked pretty viciously by the media. They actually wound up giving the game away, when Jared Kushner – a Zionist Jew – got Steve Bannon fired, and the Huffington Post celebrated with the headline, “Goy Bye.”

Imagine if George W. Bush had fired Colin Powell and replaced him with Chuck Hagel and the Huffington Post ran the headline, “Bye Bye Blackie!”

Why would a “liberal” publication like Huffington Post celebrate the Jewish takeover of the Trump administration by the most hard core foreign Israeli agent in Washington and Donald Trump’s actual Jew family member? Because Jared Kushner was “more liberal” than Steve Bannon?

This is only a question if you don’t understand the Jewish Problem. Once you understand the Jewish Problem, it all makes perfect sense, in fact, how could it be otherwise?

I’m proud that I never fell for the Trump scam. I was one of the few bloggers sounding the alarm and titled my first series, when Trump announced he was running, “The Likud Takeover of the Republican Party.” Needless to say I was attacked by all of the “Alt Right” crowd, the same crowd who now “just happens” to be freaking out about the PR hit Israel is taking on their recent actions.

Some famous Neo-Con Jew of the Bush administration openly said it, “we Jews need a certain amount of anti-semitism to remind us we are Jews.” So when there isn’t enough “anti-semitism” – they create it. Hence, the “Neo-Nazi” movement of the 1970’s – a completely Jewish production. Some Jew from the JDL actually dressed up in a Klan robe and walked into the state government office to get a permit for a “Nazi rally.” The infamous “Nazi leader Frank Colin” was a Jew named “Frances Cohen” who was simply wearing a costume. In other words, he was a Jewish Hollywood actor, but the “real journalists” never told anyone that and pretend this guy was a “real Neo-Nazi.” He was even the one that introduced the concept of “Six Million” to the wider public, when he said on TV – broadcast on the evening news to the entire country – “Hitler only killed Six Million I’m going to kill the rest.”

Who were these Jews he was going to kill – his parents? His brothers and sisters? His cousins in an illegal settlement in Palestine? The “journalists” giving him nationwide prime time coverage?

Also – what does the KKK have to do with the Nazis? They fought each other in WWII.

Oh, right, they are both hated by Jews so therefore Jews pretend they are the same thing, because for a Jew, everything revolves around them and their Jewishness. It’s similar to Blacks, who the famous IQ researched pointed out really love nothing more than doing the “Blackity-Black,” as in, “as a Black, I black and blackety and black black.”

It’s always projection with these people. Jews and Blacks are literally the most racist people in America and all they do is project their own racism onto people they racialize as ‘white but not Jewish.’ And anytime a black man goes off the Jew Plantation, he is immediately called off by his Jewish show-biz manager. It’s astonishing to see it sometimes.

So Bannon has a Senator on, maybe it was Hawley? – who said “as long as I’m in the Senate I will provide Israel with whatever she needs to defend herself.” So, congrats Whitey, as you’ve been screwed for a year by the Covid Lockdowns, your conservative Republicans in the government are sending your tax money to Jews in the Middle East.

But surely, the conservatives say, the Democrats are pro-Islam and anti-Israel, right?

Really? The top two most powerful Democrats are openly and slavishly pro-Israel. Chuck Schumer, a Zionist Jew, has said that “God put me in the Senate to protect Israel” and used some weird-ass Jew-word, “Shofar” or whatever, to refer to himself as some sort of divinely inspired protector of Israel.

Wait, I thought that Chuck Schumer was supposed to represent the US state of New York, not the foreign state of Israel 7,000 miles away?

For that matter, where are all the “secularists” demanding a “Separation of Synagogue and State?” All of a sudden religious nuttery is ok when it’s Judaism, not Christian?

The other one, Nancy Pelosi, openly said “even if this capitol building crumbles to the ground it will not lessen our support for Israel.”

I thought Pelosi was a Representative for San Francisco, California, not Tel Aviv, Israel? She isn’t even a Jew!

So Bannon has some Jew on that openly bragged about his love of Jewish organized crime. He bragged that his thesis at Columbia was “Tough Jews: Jewish Gangsters in the 1930’s.”

So, this Jew, pretending to be an American, is openly glorifying the murderers, assassins, drug dealers and sex trafficking pimps of the Jewish mob of the last century?

Can you imagine an Italian saying this?

“If they say John Gotti, you say Rudolph Giuliani!” — Italian-American Women’s Association, The Sopranos

Then this Jew literally challenged “Democrats” to a boxing match in Las Vegas and threatened to “kick their asses.” Apparently, Jewish masculinity ends at the maturity level of a 17 year old.

At least three Jews on Bannon’s podcast started in on how their parents died in the Holocaust, really, all three of them. You have to wonder – the big Jewish immigration to the United States was in the 1880’s, over 50 years before World War II, yet every last one of them is a “Holocaust Survivor?” I thought the Holocaust happened in Poland – 5,000 miles away from America?

Were the Nazis building concentration camps on Long Island or something?

The entire Jewish media acted as if Steve Bannon was some sort of “Neo-Nazi” when in reality he’s a Zionazi, and a “Shabbos Goy.” Steve Bannon can figuratively fit more circumcised Jew penis in his mouth than the entire population of Tel Aviv’s Hilton Beach, the literal Gay Capital of the Middle East.

Listen, White Boys – this is your Republican party. This is your Right Wing. This is your conservative movement. It has never been America First, it is Israel First … and Israel Only.

This is outright treason. The entire Republican party needs to be brought up under RICO and registered as a foreign agent.

Forget that, that is too nice. I want to see every Zionist Republican, Jew or “Gentile,” sent to Gitmo and waterboarded until they confess.

Then send the Democrats.

Come on Iran, I’m rooting for you. Please Nuke Israel Immediately.

Free Palestine, Free America, Free Dixie.

Also, fuck the Jews.


Two “Dirtbag Left” podcasts, Chapo Trap House and True Anon, did a joint show to discuss the recent Israeli attacks on Palestine. From a “progressive” point of view, they did ok – they even mentioned AIPAC once. But only once.

Instead the two co-hosts – both Jews, once who admitted his cousins live in Israel – complained a lot about “liberal Zionists.” Which is fine – it’s far more honest than the shitbag Republicans – but they just skipped over the why of American support for Israel.

Oh that’s right, Brace Belden is the Jew who hosts “True Anon” – get it? The opposite of “Q Anon” – it’s “True Anon” the real conspiracy! “True Anon” is all about Jeffrey Epstein.

So what does Brace Beldin, the Jew, tell us about Jeffrey Epstein? A hundred hours of that podcast and they mentioned “Mossad” maybe once. Instead, it’s “Trump, the Republicans, the conservatives, right-wing Christians and Epstein maybe worked for CIA!”

Did I say “fuck the Jews” yet?

Look I don’t care what people do in their private lives, but can you people please stop throwing your jewness in everyone’s faces? I didn’t make that rabbi cut off the end of your penis and suck the blood out. That is the fault of Jews, not me, not White people, not actual Americans. That’s a Jew problem.

You – Jews – you are the problem. Not us. So can you please keep that jew shit to yourself because no one else wants to see it. Stop flaunting that shit around and shoving it down everyone’s throats.

I would be a good Christian and invite you to stop being a Jew and accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, but let’s be honest, it wouldn’t do you any good. I’m a Calvinist and a strong believer in double predestination, so Jesus didn’t die for you. He died for us. So it doesn’t matter, you’re all going to hell anyway.

Good – I praise Jesus every time God executes His righteous wrath on the wicked.

Blessed shall he be who repays you with what you have done to us! Blessed shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock! — Psalm 137:8-9