I’m white, and an actual American, so of course I am at heart a Universalist Liberal. So I sympathize with the Palestinians based on Universal Principles.

But also I want to see the Zionist-occupation regime in Palestine destroyed, because the Zionists occupying Palestine are the same as the Zionists occupying America. Literally, the same people – they have passports for both countries and they fly back and forth between the two lands they are occupying.

The destruction of the Zionist-occupation regime in Palestine will weaken the Zionist-occupation regime in America – and vice versa.

I’m not one to get all concerned about some secular white person that has an Ashkenazi grandfather, but anyone who identifies as a “Jew” is by that identification declaring that they are anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-European, and anti-White.

So I oppose anything and everything “Jewish” – it is a zero sum game between Americans and Jews, also between Europeans and Jews, which means globally between Whites and Jews.

That is the fault of Jews, not Whites. They started it, we will end it. They have only themselves to blame.

Maybe ten years ago on one of the proto-Alt-Right sites, someone said that the best way to deal with the Jewish Problem – it’s not a “question” – it’s a problem – is to simply marry them and “breed the Jew out.”

I found this to be somewhat hilarious and it caused endless ruckus which made it even more amusing.

I “dated” (cough) a dozen or so Jewish or “half-Jewish” (or whatever) women in my 20’s and early 30’s. Two that were actual relationships, as in lasted more than a weekend, I’ll call Rachel and Miriam.

Rachel was from California. Her mother was “Jewish” and her dad had grown up Catholic. We watched the original “South Park” movie and since she was quite smart and pretty politically savvy, I had a great political conversation with her about my impression of this film – made in the late 90’s – which I saw as blatant war propaganda and at that time I was coming to understand that the main reason the US was always in wars in the Middle East was because of Jews.

I had figured out the South Park cartoon – written by a self-hating Mormon and a self-loving Jew – was propaganda since very early on, due to my unique background in a culture that taught me to always view mass media broadcasts as enemy propaganda. (Thank you, American Christian Resistance!)

Anyway Rachel opened up about her “Jewishness” – or lack of it. She said neither of her parents were even slightly religious. They celebrated Christmas, the Santa Claus kind, and once her mom decided to teach her daughters about Judaism and they had Hanukkah one year, which she said was kind of pathetic and weird.

I asked her about Israel and she said she more or less sided with the Palestinians, because they seemed like the underdog, but she was also self-aware enough to realize she really did know much about it. She also said that even if she thought of herself as “Jewish” or “half Jewish” she still hadn’t the slightest interest in the goings on in the Middle East or understand why people like her – a white liberal Californian – should somehow identify with a bunch of ancient goat herders in the middle of the desert.

I really can’t find myself having any sort of problem with someone like that. If I had married her we would have raised our children as “not Jewish” and would have celebrated Christmas.

The other one was Miriam. She only had one foot out of the Hassidic ghetto and her parents were fucking Mossad agents.

Twice in my life have I approached a woman with a mercenary attitude. No, I don’t mean like “just looking to get laid” – that is all men, and 80% of women, at least at first. The first was seducing a young lady when I was a teenager and feeling really bad that she was all into me and I was like, “eh?” – but did it anyway because, well, you know, I was a teenage boy thinking with the little head.

But Miriam, I’ll admit it, I targeted her for more than just the Khazar milkers (they were fabulous, too.) At the same time my lover – my “real girlfriend” who was a freak cuck quean that liked to listen through the door and diddle herself while I fucked other women – her brother was marrying a Jewess.

No one in this Jewesses’ family were religious, and both were atheists. But, hey, they had a Jewish wedding because it was traditional. And as soon as the baby was born, all of a sudden they couldn’t celebrate Christmas anymore, not even the Santa kind, not even have a simple Christmas tree.

That is what “being Jewish” meant to this family – to be anti-Christian and anti-European. If their granddaughter grew up celebrating Christmas like everyone else, she would forget that she was a “Jew” and would grow up not hating her neighbors. So they made sure to nip that in the bud.

Well, what did the father think about this?

Larry Gopnik: What about the goy?

Rabbi Nachtner: The goy? Who cares?

He didn’t like it at all, but what was he going to do about it? His wife would divorce him and her family had all the money and lawyers.

So he cucked.

Well for six months I drew out Miriam, asking her all these questions about her parents – she never suspected a thing, of course, because I’m that good – and I realized that any relationship between us would have worked out exactly the same.

She wasn’t really religious – she did identify as “Jewish” far more than Rachel, and she was even a Zionist, from a Zionist family. But for her too, the essence of her Judaism was hatred of “the goy” – ESPECIALLY Christians and ESPECIALLY Europeans. She had numerous Arab and Persian token friends that she loved to talk about to prove how “cosmopolitan” she was.

You see, they love our “goyim” sperm, our “goyim genetics.” But we are simply genetic donors to those in the cult. Just look at them and you can see why, on average they are not as good looking as “pure Europeans.”

So, really, as far as I’m concerned, Rachel can stay. But Miriam has to go back.

Even after the fall of the occupation regime in Palestine, Jews will still live in the Levant, as they probably always have in one way or another. The Ashkenazi might have to go back to their true homeland, in Ukraine, as they are obviously not Middle Easterners.

The Jews, the Zionists, the Israelis, the hateful jack-offs who won’t even have a Christmas tree like a good neighbor, those people are not Americans in any way, shape, or form. They are hostile invaders, and 95% of the ones that “support Israel” are literally spies. What do you think all those “hotlines” are for, to “report hate incidents? Those are there to condition the cult members to find information on their targets and inform to the Jew authorities. Why do you think they invented Birthright Israel? It’s an espionage operation.

Eventually I came to see it as a game. All – 100% – of Jews that have been to Israel are spies, all – 100% of them are anti-white.

So, there it is. You can come up with all sorts of explanations, from religion, to ethnicity, to culture, even genetics. I don’t know, I’m just some guy.

But the Jew Problem is not my fault, it is their fault.

Jews Chose Hate.

That is what rejecting Judaism and Zionism is, being anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist is to choose love over hate.

We Chose Love.

Jewish Hollywood had an incredible run. The TV Boomers, they love Jews. They watched all those movies and TV shows.

But that era has passed. No one is particularly fascinated with Jews anymore, certainly, the religious sentiments barely exist anymore.

Now, “Judaism” is nothing but racism and organized crime. Who needs them?

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