There is no morality in world affairs; the nations of the world know that the Jewish oppression of the people of Palestine is something that the United States cannot defend. China knows that the American people are squirming under the jackboot of the Zionist Occupation Government and by tweaking Americans on this they weaken the Empire.

The Liberal Zionists who constantly attack “whites” (read: racialized as ‘white’ but not ‘Jewish’) and Christians – and their “right-wing” cousins attacking Muslims – are increasingly being called out on their own chutzpuh.

It’s really quite fascinating to see who is jumping in to defend Israel.

The entire “Nazi” movement in America – which, let’s not forget, is a creation of the FBI and the ADL and Hollywood, with zero connection to the old NSDAP party of Germany and also completely unrelated to the pre-war German-American Bund – is saying “no we must stand with Israel so we can deport the Jews there.”

These same people are the ones proclaiming that FBI informant and disinformation clown George Lincoln Rockwell was a “great American.”

It’s quite interesting how the most “anti-Semitic Nazis who loves Hitler” also “just happen” to defend Israel when the chips are down. While Rockwell wasn’t Jewish, the man who wrote all of his books and speeches, Dan Burros, was Jewish.

A “white nationalist” from Counter Currents is whining about “letting the enemy have a means of escape” – which is LARPing, as if some troll from a fringe WN website actually can have that level of specific effect.

Again – people – get your head out of the clouds and think about reality here. You – none of you – are in a position to “tactically outmanuveur the Jews.” That is stupid LARPing. Anyone who seriously believes that dressing up in comical costumes and pretending to be a “Nazi” is somehow a clever troll is a LARPer. Frankly, anyone who believes that the utter failure of the NSDAP has much to teach us in 2021 is a LARPer. These people are a scourge, which is why they are given so much publicity by the media.

Remember Charlottesville? They had an entire bus full of actors that showed up – complete with “Nazi flags” that were still wrinkled from just being taken out of the package – lined up to get the photographs, then got back on the bus and went home. Of course, this photo series was the ones that the media broadcast and the ones that Wikipedia uses.

For anyone who is not a LARPer and is not literally, like, high or something on their own moronic fantasies, right now, as the entire world is united AGAINST Israel and AGAINST the Empire – AGAINST ZOG – now is the time to stand with the rest of the world:

The regime in increasingly discredited. No one buys the “Jewish suffering” narrative anymore. China told Zionist Jew Antony Blinken to pound sand when he started whining about “human rights” and told the Jew to get fucked.

White America is all but united against any more mass immigration – the Democrats, and the GOP establishment, are terrified because their excuses for replacement immigration is fooling zero people.

Covid-19 has not just stopped most immigration, it’s disrupted even tourism and travel and even just regular trade in goods between countries.

Really, the brave Palestinian people have stood up and the world has heard them. The entire world is uniting against ZOG’s Empire.

I, for one, stand with my fellow human beings all around the world and long for the collapse of the Zionist-occupation regime in Palestine – and America.

It’s happening, Reg! Something’s really happening Reg!

Thank White Jesus I never joined the stupid “White Nationalist movement” which really appears to be a complete fabrication created by Hollywood Jews, the ADL, and a bunch of white narcissists they hired to play “Nazis” on TV. They can literally go fuck themselves.

Also – on the “other side” of this, the right-wingers saying, “hey don’t be anti-Semitic, Israel is part of the West” – fuck them too. Israel is in Asia, not Europe. It is not a Western country. Tel Aviv is nothing more than a colony for LGBTs and ZOG espionage against the USA (Unit 8200, etc.) The NRx dorks who keep saying, “there is no white genocide, there is no anti-white Jews, it’s really ‘liberal Christian universalism’ so the best thing to do is give up all political power and just accept a CEO/dictator” – well, fuck them too.

Right-wingers are morons, they always lose because that is the purpose of right-wing ideology, as I’ve covered many times in the past when I discussed the CIA’s weaponization of anthropology based on Soviet tactics against minority ethnics, is to “ease out” the target population from mainstream society and to put them in literal ghettos.

Really, a pox on both their houses, the “Nazis” and the “Anti-Nazis” both. Neither are relevant in 2021.

Free Palestine, Free America, Free Dixie.