Charlie Sheen, I think the craziest thing about you is that you thought you would go back to your TV show after calling your boss a “Jew kike.” If people got to keep their jobs after calling their boss a “Jew kike” then everyone would do it. — Anthony Jeselnik

No – it’s not just “Zionism.” It’s Judaism, to include “secular Judaism.” Israel is the Jewish state. If you disagree, you are an “anti-semite” according to official US State Department doctrine, implemented by the Trump administration and currently enforced by the Biden administration.

Don’t blame the “anti-Semites” for that – the Jews did that, the Zionists did that, the Israelis did that. Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the Chairman of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, and the Attorney General Merrick Garland – all three of them openly, self-avowed Zionist Jews – they are the ones doing that. If you don’t say “transwomen are women” – oh wait, “you are holding up four fingers” – no, wait, not that, “Israel is the Jewish state” – yes, that – well then you are an “anti-Semite.”

I don’t want to be an “anti-Semite” so I agree, Israel is the Jewish state. Jew = Jewish = Judaism = Israel = Zionism.

Now the Israelis – who are both Jewish and Zionist – are bombing the offices of journalists. The Israelis are literally bombing journalists, and their families and children. The Israelis – proudly, openly Jewish and Zionist – are doing what the “Western media” – the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, CBS, and NBC – accused everyone else of doing, even threating to “dox” underage kids who posted funny “CNN memes” on Twitter, which they said was part of a “war on journalism.”

Even as Julian Assange rotted in confinement, our “journalists” at the Washington Post and the New York Times were bloviating about a “war on jouralism” because Trump mocked them and anytime they allowed comments on their “journalism” everyone just debunked them and made fun of them as the pathetic shills they all are.

But when Jared Kushner – a Zionist Jew, and Mohammed Bin-Salman – MBS, a Zionist Muslim – ordered the assassination and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi at the embassy, the Washington Post screamed bloody murder, pretending – really, they actually said this stuff with a straight face – that Khashoggi was a “Washington Post journalist.”

I mean, yes, of course, they did publish various op-eds under his byline, but to call Khashoggi a “Washington Post journalist” is to call Dwight D. Eisenhower “an amateur golfer.”

So you are CIA, and this is how Mossad repays you for your subservience to them. Mossad has the entire political establishment if not by the wallet, then by the balls, and then that punk, Jared Kushner, goes and stages a coup with the worst of the Saudi royals and then murders a loyal CIA operative, pissing off Turkey in the process.

Who is Jared Kushner anyway? Just the son of Charles Kushner, the guy who set up the Governor of New Jersey with an Israeli “boy toy” and infiltrated the 9/11 investigations in the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security.

But now that Israel – the Jewish state – is bombing journalists, journalists who are not Zionist, not Jewish, and not Israeli – thus, “goyim,” – “Our Journalists” are more or less silent. Few outraged op-eds, no TV specials on “Jewish Zionist Extremism” even as Jews are marching through the streets attacking Palestinian women and children while chanting “DEATH TO ARABS!.”

That is what Judaism, “being Jewish,” Zionism and ultimately Israel itself, means, “DEATH TO ARABS.”

All the “American” Jewish journalists – the Democrats, the liberals, the progressives, the leftists, the centrists, the moderates – they aren’t really making a big deal about the Jewish War on Journalism.

It’s only “journalism” when a Jew writes it, or Jews like it. If a Jew didn’t write it, or a Jew doesn’t like it, it’s “disinformation.”

If a teenager posts a funny meme on Twitter making fun of CNN, that is a “War on Journalism.” He has to be “doxed” and threatened with world-wide exposure as a “racist anti-semite white supremacist anti-journalist extremist.”

But when Israelis – who are Jewish – literally drop ton of explosives on buildings full of journalists, burning to death the victims inside, and Israelis – who are Jewish, Jews in the Jewish state – hold BBQs and burn torches, while screaming “DEATH TO ARABS” – well, you know, I guess Al Jazeera were “anti-Semites” – Amalek.

I know, cataloging the hypocrisy is eventually tiresome, but it is important to know this isn’t really “hypocrisy” – that is the wrong word.

The correct word is chutzpuh.

That is what Alan Dershowitz titled his book, Chutzpuh. Alan Dershowitz is worth noting, as the entire crowd around him goes to the highest levels of both the Clinton and Trump administrations, both Democrats and Republicans, and especially a specific faction of Republicans.

Alan Dershowitz, lawyer to Jeffrey Epstein, collaborator with Barry Krisher of ADL fame, connected to the producers of 24 that were involved in setting up Rush Limbaugh.

Jamie Gorelick – lawyer for Jared Kusher, protoge of Alan Dershowitz, helped create the “Chinese Wall” to protect Israeli assets – like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell – from having their cover blown by CIA talking to FBI. Even when the Republicans screamed bloody murder, the “executive director” of the 9/11 Commission, Philip Zelikow – open Israeli asset, never tried to hide it – worked behind the scenes to keep her on, and the Jewish journalists at NYT and Washington Post attacked the Republicans for trying to remove an Israeli asset from the 9/11 Commission.

No one suggests that every Jewish journalist knew that Gorelick was a key Israeli asset involved in placing Mossad operatives throughout the Clinton administration and working with Lucienne Goldberg’s husband, etc., etc. This history is all well known but you are supposed to just pretend it didn’t happen otherwise you’re an “anti-Semite.”

But all those Jewish journalists figured, “protect the Jewish woman, attack the ‘goys’ who are racistly anti-Semitically attacking my fellow Jew! Nazi! Scratch an American ‘goy’ and a fascist bleeds! These are the anti-Semite Fly-Over country types my bubbeluh warned me about!”

Cause, you know, Jews are racist. That is the entire point of being a “Jew.”

So, you know, you can’t face this about yourself so you go around looking for “racists” and “anti-semites” and “fascists” – like those teenage “goyims” who dared to mock the Very Important Journalism We Do fighting the “Trump Fascists.”

Don’t talk about my cousins over in Palestine in a settlement murdering Palestinian children! No, look, some trucker in Alabama voted for Trump and said the “n-word!”

That is “journalism” for you.

Al Jazeera is 100x better than CNN, anyway, so no wonder they are bombing them.