Even the Israeli teenager that trolls here under a dozen handles, have at it. I would actually welcome a Jew to explain how he sees his religion in 2021.

I’m a big fan of E. Michael Jones. I only wish that “Argumentum Ad Exasperated Tone of Voice” was a legitimate debating technique, so then his constant use of false dilemma fallacies would still hold water because he said it with the right vocal inflection, “there are only TWO choices, the City of God or the City of Man! This is obviously true because of my tone of voice!”

Back in the day, the Jews used to desperately try to join the growing “white movement” online. I remember a particularly obnoxious Jew who went by the handle “Guy White.” His big thing was, “n-word this, n-word that, don’t we all hate black people so much! My Fellow Whites we must stamp out anti-semitism and nazis so we can unite and fight the Negroes!”

There were plenty of these guys, “Whiskey,” “Nicki Stix” (like the glam rocker I think) and the Jew that Jared Taylor unaccountably put in charge of censoring AmRen.

Here’s the basic problem with these Jews. Some of them I think are even sincere, but they are afraid to confront Jewish power themselves. So what happens, in actuality? All of these Jews spend all their time trying to find “anti-semitism” and expelling “nazis” from “the movement.” That is all they do.

The problem is that, in America, 80% of Jews are hard core Commies and viciously – specifically Jewishly – anti-white. The other 20% aren’t anti-white, in fact even in a sense pro-white, think of themselves as white, and think of Israel – the secular, high tech state – as a “white” country and part of the West.

Their big problem isn’t with Jared Taylor – it isn’t even with me – their problem is with the 80% of their fellow Jews who are hard core commie anti-white. But they don’t spend any time trying to “fix” their fellow Jews, no, instead they want to “fix” all the people they racialize as “white but not Jewish.”

There is a similar problem with the famous Internet Catholic E. Michael Jones. E. Michael Jones brags about how he goes to all the “white guy podcasts” to get them to “stop being white” and stop being racist, and to instead join the Catholic church so everyone can fight the Jews together.

But here’s the question, why doesn’t E. Michael Jones concentrate on fixing his own institution, the Catholic church which he readily admits has a lot of problems? Jones is so terrified of saying anything “racist” he actually blames black crime on “the Oligarchs” by which he means “all the Americans who were richer and better educated than my immigrant parents.”

Really, how is Jones different than a typical American Jew? It’s always the same thing from these immigrant parasites. If your family came to America and built anything, they are “racists” but if you just showed up on a boat and were given a job you were somehow “oppressed” because … well, I don’t know why? Americans – “WASPs” – oppressed you? How?

Your grandparents had it tough because they had to live in a small apartment in Manhattan and only got low paying work in a factory after they washed on up Ellis Island?

Awwww, poor baby. My ancestors literally fought Indian barbarians, built their own houses of trees they cut down themselves, with tools they smelted themselves, made up metal they dug out of the ground, while feeding themselves on plants they grew out of the dirt and animals they hunted and cooked themselves.

Factories? What’s that?

Really, the whole “immigrant” schtick was already bad enough when it was just some Irish people with a bug up their ass about getting conquered by the British Empire – like everyone else. It’s also hilarious to read people like E. Michael Jones complaining bitterly about the British Empire while longing for the days when the Pope ruled the entire continent as an Emperor and was working with the Jews – their main synagogue literally next door to the Vatican in Rome – to tax farm the peasants of Europe.

As for all his stuff about “Logos” – isn’t it just a funny coincidence that God Himself and his Church just happen to believe in all the typical bigotries a half Irish, half German immigrant in Pennsylvania does? Jones hates America, so therefore God hates America. Jones hates Protestants, therefore God hates Protestants. Jones hates Jews, therefore God hates Jews.

Jones gets the Jewish problem completely wrong but at least he does understand there is a Jewish problem. But the Jewish problem for me is not the same as the Jewish problem for Jones.

Really, even calling myself a “Protestant” is stretching it. I’m basically exactly as Yarvin described the “Cathedral” religion – Universalist Idealism. It’s the White way. I’m basically a UUnitarian without the SJW nonsense and a large helping of hipster racism. Tim Berners Lee, who invented the WWW based on UU principles, is the kind of guy I could have a beer with and discuss out post-religious instincts.

The only difference is that I’m self-aware enough to understand that my own liberalism is a white privilege. Only white people can be liberal, because liberalism is itself a product of the Enlightenment, when we threw off the petty tyrants like E. Michael Jones and his Mafia and Gay cabal friends in the Vatican.

It’s actually rather HILARIOUS that nutjobs like E. Michael Jones are still whining about Protestants, as if they even exist anymore. These idiot Catholics actually believe that shills like John Hagee are in charge of anything, when in reality they are simply being paid by Jews to peddle Zionism. Even at the height of TV preachers, the 700 Club was fringe. What happened when Pat Robertson ran for President? He was laughed out of the room.

So what is it with all these people saying “oh the problem is all those Zionist Protestants.” Really? Their number one issue is abortion. They won’t even allow any of those people on the Supreme Court because they are terrified they will overturn Roe v. Wade – you’ll notice the majority of Catholic justices never, ever do anything to upend that ruling.

So, the problem is a declining population of southern lower middle class boomers who have some vague notion of “supporting Israel” – it’s not, say, AIPAC, the ADL, and Jeffrey Epstein’s operation? Ehud Barak? Benjamin Netanyahu’s control of GOP Congressmen?

It’s not the Zionist Jews that run ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, Daily Beast, etc., etc. etc. It’s actually some Bible thumping preacher in Alabama with a total audience of, like, 2000 people, and who doesn’t even have the phone number of his Congressman?

If any Jews actually agreed with me on anything, they would be over at the ADL forums saying, “My Fellow Jews, stop being so anti-white.” If any Catholics agreed with me, they would be over at LifeSite News saying, “My Fellow Catholics, we have to stop supporting mass immigration and anti-whiteness.”

But no – they NEVER do that. They instead come to fringe white blogs to complain about “Anti-Semitism” and “Protestantism.”

It’s absurd, but it really proves the case of Kevin MacDonald about white people and their moralism.

I say embrace it. I’m perfectly happy to include Catholics and other white Christians into my ingroup and exclude Jews from my ingroup. I don’t attack Christianity as an ideology nor the Church as an institution – I support the Church as an institution.

But they keep attacking me for simply existing as an alternative to their defunct historical ideologies, which makes them LARPers.

99% of blogs on WordPress don’t get a single comment, yet I’ve been getting trolled since literally day two. I must be saying something that cannot be said.