It’s easy but first you have to understand the history of white supremacy in America.

I’m John Jefferson, a free white man from Scotland, straight off the boat, newly settled in Virginia. I pay $15.00 for a young Negress wench, from her white father. We have ten children and I buy a plantation and they all work with me on the plantation. I do a bit of speculation with the Jews in Charleston getting vig on ship contracts and by the time my children are marrying other local Negroes and having my grandchildren, who will also work on the plantation, I finally have enough to build a fancy house and marry the white daughter of the local minister, with whom I have ten more children.

So it’s 2015, a young single guy from Oslo moves to the United States to work at Northrop. He goes to a local singles event and meets two of John Jefferson’s great-grand daughters, one identifies as “white” and one identifies as “black” and it is immediately clear from sight alone, across the room, which is which.

If the Norwegian marries the white one and not the black one, that is “Structural Racism” due to America’s “legacy of white supremacy” and it is also “how the Norwegians became white.”

So, is he racist? If the one great-grand daughter of John Jefferson says to the other great-grand daughter of John Jefferson, “you white bitch stealing my man” then yes, he is racist.