According to Yarvin, in the one-party state the Vice President is in charge of the Deep State [cough] while the President is a symbolic figure, to use American terminology, the Bully Pulpit.

Tucker Carlson is the only celebrity the Republicans have and he is the only major TV show that is even remotely popular among a large plurality of viewers racialized as white and assigned male at birth which is an important demographic in elections and advertising.

Florida Republicans are apparently the ones calling the shots these days and Desantis probably knows a lot about Matt Gaetz and Joel Greenberg and their many friends and associates overseas. Frankly these Florida Republicans overlap with Trump’s New York crowd quite a bit.

So now is the time to buy in. I’m setting up an address and accepting crypto to shill for Tucker Carlson and Ron Desantis.

We could have Carlson/DeSantis vs. McConaughey/Markle and start a bidding war which would be ideal.