Vanity Fair is sounding hysterical lately. They are terrified that FOX news is getting “populist” and spreading “fake news” about how the Liberal Elites want to ban hamburgers for global warming but aren’t demanding an end to immigration. FOX is singled out, of course, because it is the one quasi-independent electronic media company.

They hate it because they know that FOX news gives the “conservatives” the chance to mock them, and they are upset at the fact an alternative status system exists at all. You see the same thing with Australia’s Sky News, which loves to mock the “Social Justice Warriors” of the Australian Broadcast Corporation, their version of BBC, a mix of PBS and NPR that tries for a wider appeal.

Be clear: FOX News, Sky, and the Murdoch companies in general are a “false opposition.” They are every bit as nasty as their “liberal” counterparts, just as dishonest, 100% in the business of disinforming the population and keeping the Sheeple in their pens. But occasionally one of these “right-wingers” will rile up the Sheeple, telling them, “they are going to stop feeding you yummy hamburger and instead only give you GMO Soy Feed.”

This causes a great ruckus among the Sheeple, which causes the Murdoch types to laugh as the rest of them scramble to calm down the Sheeple.

You can tell that Murdoch and the “Conservative Media” aren’t really a threat to the establishment, and in fact don’t really have that much power, by seeing what happens when occasionally one of their employees actually mentions something substantive.

Tucker Carlson was very naughty mentioning immigration – too bad he hasn’t pointed out that ending mass immigration would actually do more to cut greenhouse emissions than anything else.

Tucker Carlson is also clearly being given permission by someone to take on the Anti-Defamation League, which is extremely exposed due to their direct ties to the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell Israeli sex trafficking and blackmail ring.

Tucker knows. The Murdoch family knows – go read up about the News of the World “hacking scandal” in the UK to understand what the Murdoch operation actually is. The Murdoch Organization is itself a kind of espionage and blackmail ring.

Really, the ADL is in a tough spot here. If they win this one, they lose in the larger sense. People will just say, “yeah, the Jews got Tucker Carlson fired, just like Henry Ford said back in the 20’s in The International Jew – by threatening corporate CEO’s in the backrooms with threats of being defamed in the Jewish media.

Do the Jews think that’s a win?

The Boomers were shell-shocked by World War II. They were utterly brainwashed by the Television culture of the 1960’s. They watched all those Holocaust movies. In the “Sixties” the “youth culture” thought that “Jews and Negroes” were really “cool” and had “soul.”

Now … not so much.

The right wingers? Again, during the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979-1980, and of course especially after 9/11, the Right-Wingers could finally be “not racist” by sucking up to Jews and Israel and hating on Muslims and Persians.

In 2021? With Joe Biden’s basically “All-Jew, All-The-Time” cabinet full of Zionist fanatics like Alejandro Mayorkas, Ron Klain and Merrick Garland defaming even just regular work-a-day white Trump voters as “white supremacist domestic terrorists?”

It’s not a good look for Jews. I really want to tell all my Jewish friends, you REALLY need to reign in these nutjobs like Greenblatt and Mayorkas.

But of course they can’t. Those types will also be “more Jewish than other Jews” and “more Zionist than Israelis” and eventually there will be a backlash. No, no need for more hysteria about Muh Holocaust – please.

I suspect it will work out like this: middle class Jewish culture will disappear completely. Those people will assimilate and intermarry and do their very best to get as far away from the Jew Cult as they can.

The elite Jews? The wealthy class? The Soros and Rothschild flunkies? The Lloyd Blankfeins?

What happens when a ruling class elite get further and further alienated and isolated from those they rule? It is never a stable situation even in the best of circumstances.

They will continue to fund their attack dogs like the ADL, further alienating the population, and the old benefits of being a member of the Tribe – the international networking, the plausibly deniable nepotism like in the Ivies? That sort of thing isn’t going to last the emerging technocracy and we see that Jews are losing their Priestly Status in the Woke religion as they get increasingly categorized as “white.”

Soon the “Asians” are going to win their lawsuits against the Jews that control the Ivies and other elite institutions and I don’t think forcing them to watch Schindler’s List is going to change their mind.

I kind of hope they really do get Tucker Carlson fired because it really clarifies things. I want the average conservative “normie” FOX News watcher to understand that their enemy, the people attacking them, are in fact Zionist Jews, like the ones at ADL.

Don’t blame me – you people are the ones doing it. You can always, like, stop.