Syrian [sic] missile lands near Dimona nuclear reactor, interception fails – SA-5 flies from Syria all the way to Negev in the longest-range attack yet by Syria; Patriot missile activated in response. – By ANNA AHRONHEIM, UDI SHAHAM, JERUSALEM POST STAFF, APRIL 22, 2021 22:28

As Biden poses for pictures and rehearses his speeches, Obama is working behind the scenes to restart his only accomplishment after eight years in office, the JCPOA “Iran Deal.” Israel is doing anything and everything they can to stop it, launching covert and overt attacks on Iran, everything from “cyber-war” against their nuclear facilities, to placing propaganda with their Zionist Jew collaborators in the American and Western press, all the while Benjamin Netanyahu tries to keep the plates spinning if only to keep himself out of jail.

Meanwhile, the Zionist-occupation government in Western Ukraine continues to ratchet up tensions with Russia. NATO needs conflict with Russia to justify its existence and, ignoring Biblical fairy tales, that part of Eastern Europe is the true homeland of the Ashkenazis. In the Middle East Zionism causes a distortion of Imperial policy, in Eastern Europe there is an actual confluence of interests – no distortion at all.

Erdogan’s Turkey is barely pretending to take orders anymore, in Libya and elsewhere, and have now committed the worst crime an Imperial NATO satrap can commit and purchased serious military hardware, fighters, from Russia. So, the Biden administration administers a slap on the wrist to Turkey and Israel with the “recognition of the Armenian genocide.”

That’s a signal and it means more than it appears to on the surface. But nevertheless, the Empire can make some short-term gains, and defends its current position, but there is no way forward in either sense.

Eventually the EU will declare independence from NATO. First Germany, than France, then Poland accept reality. At some point China will make its move.

The US will simply not have anything to spare to defend the apartheid regime in Zionist-occupied Palestine and eventually the Party of God, Hezbollah, will do God’s will and that will be the end of that. Jews will of course reside in Palestine, as they have forever, but the pretense that Israel is a sovereign state will become simply too burdensome to maintain and it will be relieved of its illegal nuclear arsenal, one way or another.

When some fanatic Zionist Jew starts making noises about “the Sampson Option” and threatens Saudi – and Italy – Jews both in Palestine and all around the world will put their feet down, in their own immediate and long term interests, and deal with their fanatical brethren.

So we must be vigilant on the home front so the Zionist Fifth Column, AIPAC, the ADL, WINEP, and the Jewish Media, can’t stage another of their numerous false flag terrorist attacks. If you’re working in a skyscraper and you see a bunch of Jews heading toward the exists – follow them out before it’s too late. Don’t expect them to warn you – you aren’t on Odigo now are you?

I cheer for former President Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry here and hope they can tie this up before Biden is replaced by whichever Florida Republican in on video at Matt Gaetz’ and Joel Greenberg’s Underage Sex Slave Cocaine and MDMA parties in 2024.

God’s Will will be done, and He sometimes uses Muslims like Hezbollah to carry out His Will. Praise Jesus.