Caitlyn Jenner is running as a Republican for Governor to replace Gavin Newsom after his recall. There are several reason to celebrate this development.

Caitlyn Jenner was assigned male at birth after after winning a Gold Medal at the Olympics and appearing on millions of boxes of Wheaties, she joined a reality Television show, admitted to herself that she was a woman on the inside, and transitioned.

Trans-women are women and in fact better woman than persons assigned female at birth because they have in a sense experienced the social pressures of having to conform to two genders, a lived experience that those assigned female at birth simply do not have, thus cannot speak to.

Caitlyn Jenner’s stunning and brave announcement in the media that she was transgendered floored me and took a lot of courage. Not only was it important for Trans Visibility, it inspired me to learn for about transgenderism.

But first we have to acknolwedge transphobia if only to debunk it. Noted transphone Steve Sailer has denying the existence of trans men and pointed out how in the old days, a young girl might feel quite nervous and insecure about growing up and becoming a bride. Now a young girl might feel quite nervous and insecure about growing up and performing on OnlyFans for the first time. The rites of passage are still there, but the old ones were patriarchal and now they are feminist, but some young girls might still be nervous about growing up.

We now understand the nervousness is actually rapid onset gender dysphoria, but there is treatment. We have puberty blocking hormones we can us to delay young girl’s transition into womanhood until she is able to have male gender affirmation surgery. As they used to say, “Better Living Through Chemistry!”

The other “type” of transgender is a really effeminate boy who has stereotypically feminine gender presentation that grows up into a really effeminate gay man and decides to live as a straight woman dating a straight men who are straight men who date trans girls.

The third “type” like Caitlyn Jenner have spent their entire lives as men, often in stereotypically masculine professions, such as Olympic track star, or Silicon Valley Tech CEO, or – in the case of Ted Kaczynski, who at one time expressed interest in transitioning – ecoterrorist – then in middle age decide to transition. Transphobic golf magnate Steve Sailer tries to make this out to be some sort of weird thing that straight white men with Asperger’s Syndrome – autism – do, as if it is a kind of sexual fetish, a kind of dominant role play, that these men like to engage in with women, and if they can be accepted as “real women” they can engage in this sex play in public with unwilling participants. That kind of hateful rhetoric has no place in today’s Republican party.

These women often spent their entire lives believing they were straight men, but then when they hit 40 realized that they were women trapped in a man’s body and actually lesbians. Sometimes they become Social Media Influencers explaining the “Cotton Ceiling” which is the part of Patriarchy that turns middle aged lesbian women into transphobes by not being open to sexual contact with a female penis. Like the “Glass Ceiling” that women have had to break through for true equality, the “Cotton Ceiling” is the thin strip of cotton in panties that go between a woman’s legs, cutting off access to her front hole that Trans Girls have to break through.

So these Trans Girls Media Influencer are putting in double time trying to break through that Cotton Ceiling and get into cisgendered gal’s panties.

As a heteropatriarchal cis-gendered person assigned male at birth, I can relate, as when I was young I also spent a lot of time trying to Break Through the Cotton Ceiling.

We shall overcome, brothers! I mean, sisters.