A review of Anti-Defamation League’s activities and social media shows that Sen. Chuck Schumer has continued to embrace the group, even as its xenophile rhetoric and support for Jewish apartheid alienated other elected officials.

On April 23, 2001, as dozens of Palestinians were attacked by Israeli police while Jewish extremists chanted ‘Death to Arabs’ the Anti-Defamation League maintained its support for racial and ethnic apartheid in Zionist occupied areas of Palestine. Senator Chuck Schumer has not only failed to denounce the Anti-Defamation League but maintains close ties to the extremist organization and has accepted large campaign donations from supporters of the group.



I mean really I’m just phoning it in at this point. They are just phoning it in at this point. No one takes them seriously and they don’t expect anyone to take them seriously – they simply have the megaphone – they have the one way communication, they have an audience.

What “we” need is an independent means of communication. For the first time in history, this is more or less possible. The open Internet didn’t really go away, “we” just “allowed” the Silicon Valley corporations to grow their walled garden private social media companies like Google and Facebook.

“We” need to organize, and I’ve already laid out, at length, the two basic organizations that are traditional for our people, the Congregation and the Lodge. The Congregation grows by sexual reproduction and the Lodge grows by initiation (read: recruitment.)

As Hunter Wallace at OccidentalDissent has documented for the last couple of months, the average “normie” Trump voting Republican is now more “racially realist” than anyone in the “Alt Right” ever was. Richard Spencer’s dorky speeches didn’t convince anyone of anything, but Black Lives Matter has “woken up” the normies and they really don’t like it. The rhetoric coming from the Democratic party – and the Captains of Capitalism at every major US corporation – is anti-white extremism that has never before been seen or heard. It is unprecedented and the radicalism of the children of the Professional Managerial Class now openly embraces “white children getting killed” – that sort of rhetoric is on CNN now.

So now is the time – of course – that the “movement” types will out themselves. Some of them will push even harder for NSDAP fetishism and some of them will continue to beat long dead horses like various traditional religious ideologies.

Which is good because the “movement” is fake, and always has been fake, and the more they are marginalized the better. On racial issues, the average Trump Republican is to my right. I’m the moderate now. On the right are crazy Republicans that think Biden isn’t really President and on the left are crazy Democrats who literally want to kill white children for being born racist.

I’m the moderate centrist, in the middle saying, “can’t we all get along?”

So as a moderate Republican, I’m going to vote against all Democrats and I’m only going to vote for Republicans that take a strong stand against immigration and against anti-white hate speech. I don’t need any movement to do that.

If I were smarter and more qualified, I’d create a mass media platform, that two way communication network that we need. But I’m just a blogger, we need smarter and more qualified people than me.

You can’t argue with results so whoever does it first is going to be the winner.