I like Christian rock. It’s very positive. It’s not like those real musicians who think they’re so cool and hip! — George Costanza, Seinfeld.

Ever been to a “Mega Church?” Everyone is so happy. People are singing songs, waving their hands in the air, tears of joy streaming down their faces.

Why are they so happy? Simple: there are no Jews in Church.

The Christian Church is the one place in American society that you can go to get away from Jews.

There are two glaring and obvious developments in 20th Century America that are completely outside of American political culture and analysis for reasons I don’t quite understand.

The first one would be what “Americanism” even means. The second one is the transition of American life from the Golden Age of Fraternity to the Television Era.

Boomers get mad when Black pro athletes “protest” the National anthem. They are right to be angry, as it is a calculated insult to them. What they likely don’t understand is that the anti-American protests are punching right at the consensus that made America into a nation.

After the War of Yankee Imperialist Aggression, the Northern Capitalists flooded the country with “immigrants” from all over Europe. In order to get everyone on the same page the Yankees invented “Americanism.” This consisted of rituals of “assimilation” for the immigrants, the public honoring of Southern culture, Southern graves and monuments, and especially war veterans, and the public schools.

The public schools were set up to train wage labor and they encouraged a culture of “generic Christianity” that was stripped of most distinctives in order to make it compatible with Catholicism and minority Protestant sects. This culture was later denigrated as “the Flag and the Bible” and any outsider immediately notices the conservative subculture of Constitution worship. In Mormonism, this worship of the Constitution has a sort of “sub-Bible” is explicitly given a religious meaning, and in fact the idea of Constitutional government itself is literally a byproduct of the Church of Scotland and its Presbyterianism.

This is a Protestant culture and is incompatible with strict Catholicism, but it worked in America because the really serious Catholics simply kept their own schools and the Catholic church as an institution was already losing most of its temporal power and in America was treated as just another sect.

The second big development in 20th Century America was the death of the Golden Age of Fraternity and the transition into the Television culture. The only popular scholarship about this transition is the book Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam.

It is impossible to overstate the significance of this transition.

There has been some talk about the “decline of democracy” due to this transition. In the Golden Age of Fraternity, everyone – men and women – were involved in a complex web of civic organizations which were democratic. So, the average housewife in 1960 was on the board of a half dozen social groups. These women spent a lot of time sitting around a table with other women proposing “legislation” and electing officials. Sitting down at a table with different people and negotiating for your interests was something that people did every single day, in all walks of life. “Real poltics” – the politics of the local, state, and federal governments, were merely an extension of this democratic culture.

The “Social Revolution” of the 1960’s “happened” and it was driven by the Television and its related media corporations. One of the most illuminating and imaginative pieces of writing in the post-9/11 era was the “conspiracy” writer David McGowan’s deconstruction of the “hippie culture” of the 1960’s and discovering how utterly artificial it was, how it was created by the largest media corporations and publicized through their TV and radio broadcasts and photography magazines. What seemed like a spontaneous “trend” of “youth culture” was merely astroturf created by a group of people at the literal intersection of the capitalist Fortune 500 corporations and the Military-Industrial Complex.

This “hippie culture” could have never spread without the technology of broadcast radio and telelvision. It was top-down and could have never been “bottom up” like the American democratic culture of the Golden Age of Fraternity.

It is downright maddening to read “Alt Right” type people complaining about “the media” and its promotion especially of “degeneracy.”

There is no “sexual degeneracy” that is new. The human body has not physically changed at all since the dawn of civilization. Our bodies have all the same parts. So there is nothing “new” about any “sexual perversion” at all. There were “transgenders” of one kind or another in every single culture since the dawn of civilization.

What is different is that America no longer has a public culture except for Television culture.

If the women of the Ladies’ Cotillion Club all wore blue hats, and some crazy lady showed up with a red hat, they could easily whip her back into line and she’d conform to the group and wear the blue hat.

But if everyone has a TV in their house and the TV station is broadcasting TV shows with women wearing red hats, the Ladies’ Cotillion Club would eventually all start wearing the red hats. Because now the TV is the status system – what is on TV is “normal” and if your personal life doesn’t conform to what is on the TV, you’re the one that is weird.

One of the reasons the US is engaged in such a vicious cultural fight is because there is nothing left of public culture except for “Hollywood” and “the news media.” So, CNN can say “Caitlyn Jenner is stunning and brave and beautiful” and if you disagree, you’re the abnormal one now. Because what is on TV is what is normal.

Being a hipster and saying “I don’t watch TV” has zero effect. Like a Keynesian Beauty Contest, everyone knows that everyone else is watching the TV, so they have to set their expectations in that context whether they like it or not.

The “Internet” – the “Web” – is very much like the TV, but its decentralized nature has made it harder to control and the public culture has lost its center. The Boomers could all watch Walter Cronkite and take him seriously, now there is no such figure.

In culture, it is even more stark. Recently, in the Post or some other “serious” newspaper, someone lamented that Tom Hanks was the closest America has to a father figure.

Wait, what?

Tom Hanks? The actor who played Forrest Gump? I was not even aware he was seen as a “father figure” by anyone, much less all of America. When I think “Tom Hanks” I think Forrest Gump and him having sex with a tranny in that 80’s movie Bachelor Party. “America’s Dad?” Wasn’t that Bill Cosby? Oh, right …

America is a big place. There is no “central culture” – there never has been. There was simply the TV culture of the 60’s to the 80’s which successfully homogenized public culture and choked off local cultures.

Automobiles, capitalism and its temporary jobs leading to a very mobile population, led to the break up of long standing local cultures too. There was a “Great Sort.”

According to Kevin MacDonald, Northwestern Europeans are “individualist” in a way that no other cultures are. Confucius’ story about the Duke of Sheh illustrates it perfectly. The Duke tells Confucius that his people are morally upright because a man would turn in his own father to the authorities for stealing a sheep. Confucius says that in his part of the country, it is the exact opposite: a moral man would protect his criminal father from the government because family ties are more important that the government.

Christianity imposed a unique sexual ethic on Europe – they banned the cousin and niece marriage that were normal in all human societies. This broke up the Clan system and almost certainly had a cognitive impact on the later generations. Northwestern Europeans especially have a cognition based around “egalitarian individualism.”

The “ingroup” is not one of blood, but of morality.

The Anti-Christians are likely right to point to Christianity as one reason why “whites” are not as ethnocentric as others, but then again pre-Christian Nordics were essentially the same way. This tendency has nothing at all to do with some verses in the Bible, and everything to do with the material facts on the ground regarding social organization.

As anyone can clearly see, if you remove Christianity you still have the “Christian ethic” which is really just a version of the Scandinavian Jante Laws.

Like it or not, this is what European – “white” – people are.

What we see however is that these same people – European people, “white” Americans – immediately become as “collectivist” and “clannish” as anyone else the very second they join a Church or other civic institution.

I was just trolling in the other post by posting the “Hillsong” video. “Hillsong” is the top “contemporary Christian” musical group of the 2000’s.

Just watch one of their videos. While they will highlight every single non-white face in the crowd, it’s really hard to watch one of their videos and not notice how white the so-called ‘Evangelical’ Christian subculture is.

It is also worth noting that the Evangelical subculture was pretty much the mainstream American culture until the era of the Television. There really is no one that has borne the brunt of the absolute hatred of Hollywood more than especially Southern white Christians.

All you need to do is read any mainstream newspaper during an election and read what is written about the “Evangelical vote” – one gets the distinct impression that most of the “journalists” type out the word “Evangelical” with the same hate they would type out the word “nazi” or “white supremacist.”

The “Evangelical” subculture, and institutional Christianity in general, are the “problem” they have never been able to solve.

Sure, the Evangelicals grovel every time they get called “racist” by the media – but then again, virtually all white people do that. But nevertheless, Evangelicals are particularly good at fertility.

If this were a garden, you would see nothing but weeds and sickly plants, except in the section labeled “Evangelical” in which cases all the plants are growing and reproducing.

One may be tempted to find something in the ideology of Christianity but that would be a mistake – a typically Protestant mistake, actually. The “magic” of American Christianity – the “magic” of Evangelicalism – comes from the institution not the ideology.

“Evangelicalism” – American Protestantism – developed under the extremely harsh effect of a Darwinist selection processes in a “free market” for religion due to the First Amendment freedom of religion.

Who won? Guys like Joel Osteen. Joel Osteen is just a White Male version of Oprah Winfrey, frankly. “Real” Christians love to hate on him because he soft peddles everything.

But I challenge anyone to watch one of his broadcasts and notice the crowd. It’s fully of healthy, attractive looking white people, smartly dressed. I look at that crowd and think to myself, “that is my crowd. These is what I want my daughter to dress like. These are the peers I want my son to have. This is a place I can take my wife.”

Anyone raising a daughter in the toxic culture of 2021 America should really think about how there really is no better peer group for your teenage daughter than a church. It will give her plenty of social activities, it will protect her from the most adverse influences, and it will allow her to mature in a safe and wholesome environment.

Before you start to nit-pick, ask yourself, are there any better alternatives at all? Even a single one?

“Real” Christians love to complain that “church is just a social event” and they have lost the “true meaning of the Gospel.” But as far as I can see, it doesn’t matter what magic word you use: “Jesus” or “Abracadabra.” It’s hard to argue with results – the magic still works.

In fact, the entire reason I started blogging is because I made a comment on the old MWIR site about Christianity as “fertility magic” and a half dozen people gave me a lot of good feedback and suggested I start a blog. (Honestly if I had to do it all over again, I might have deleted by WordPress account before I made the first post, but eh, you can’t change the past.)

The Evangelicals are biologically healthy for obvious reasons. They are exactly the “white collectivism” that the so-called “white nationalist” movement say they want. Sure, the whiteness is not explicit, it is implicit. The “whiteness” just exists. They will highlight the one black family that goes to their church for the same reason everyone else does.

Did anyone notice how the entire “Evangelical establishment” hated Trump but the actual voters – the actual people in the pews – voted for Trump is massive numbers, despite what their “leadership” said? Poll any group of Evangelicals and you will find the majority are against mass immigration and against anti-white “political correctness.”

All of this is more or less an accident of history. But nevertheless, this is what happened. The most pro-white, right-wing, fertile, and collectivist groups of Americans happen to be religious Christians and especially Evangelicals.

As they said back in the bad old days of 9/11, you fight with the army you have, not the army you wish you had.

Once you can internalize these things, you can understand other things. One, the ideas of Musonius Rufus of the Identity Dixie Rebel Yell podcast, and how the most successful Anarcho-Syndicalist Collective in human history is NOT the Spanish CNT … but the Southern Baptist Convention.


I know, people are going to ask, “what about Christian Zionism?”

Well, it is true that Zionism has infected the Church in the same way that Zionism has infected all other American institutions. But Christian Zionism is still a healthy instinct. Christian Zionism tells Jews, “you belong over there, in the Middle East, 7,000 miles away from us. Leave us and go back where you came from.” Then when all the Jews are gone Christ comes back and there is finally Peace on Earth.

What’s not to like? Praise Jesus.

Whiteness reproducing itself.