My plan for Appearance Reform is working! Washington DC is Hollywood for ugly people, but it doesn’t have to be. We DO have the vote and we can elect a better looking class of politicians.

He is popular with Democrats which is good, but only if he runs as a Republican. Although he will probably be under a lot of inducement to be a Democrat thus finally “turning Texas blue.”

But you have to remember that Governor of Texas is considered an almost ceremonial post – the Governor has very little actual political power. But Governor of Texas is a great stepping stone to the Presidency.

Abbott is a straight-up traitor who is apparently being blackmailed and bribed by the Zionist Jew lobby, and Texas Republicans are particularly treasonous. So if McConaughey runs as a Democrat you might at least get to see the Republicans have to find a way to appeal to voters besides “muh foreign state of Israel 7,000 miles away in Asia let’s start more wars for them.” A lot of people talk about “Christian Zionism” but they quite obviously have zero understanding of it.

If you ask the average person in America, “do you support Israel” they will answer “yes” for the same reason they will say “yes” if you ask them “do you support Ireland?” If you ask them why they support Israel, a Southern Republican might say something about the Bible, and if you ask them about Ireland, they might say something about their great-grandmother who was Irish.

It doesn’t really mean anything they are just reacting to what they see on TV.

Now frankly I find McConaughey’s wife and kids racially problematic and I seriously question his judgement, but, whatever, he’s a good looking guy, he doesn’t seem like a fanatic, and he will look good on TV.

Did you know that Hollywood has to re-edit all their movies for the Chinese market because Chinese people don’t want to watch an “American movie” about Black people, female action stars, and gay stuff? They want to see Clint Eastwood in a cowboy hat, or Matt Damon as a high tech CIA Super Solider. They want to see beautiful leading ladies like Blake Lively and Megan Fox, … not Lizzo.

Obviously, right? If I were to watch a Chinese film, I would want to see a beautiful Chinese model like Xiao Wen Ju, not some African woman who happens to reside within the borders of China. The entire point of watching foreign films is to enjoy art from a different culture. If I wanted to watch “Globalist Culture” well that garbage is pouring out of every screen in every room already. That ain’t worth $15.00 for standard Netflix.