The Anti-Defamation League hates Tucker Carlson, the most popular cable TV host, because Tucker Carlson said what everyone knows but people racialized as “white but not Jewish or Hispanic” are not allowed to say.

The Jewish head of the SPLC, Mark Potak, constantly celebrates white Americans becoming a minority in America due to mass immigration. Bill Clinton and Joe Biden make speeches about it to the cheers of crowds of Democrats. Biden even lectured a bunch of Black people telling them the had to deal with the “Hispanics” now because “whites” were becoming a minority.

But if Tucker Carlson, a Republican, says it, that means he hates Jews.

Wait, what?

Well since 90% or more of Jews support mass immigration to make white Americans a minority, if you don’t want that to happen that means you “hate Jews.”

So Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League and their spokesman, Sacha Baron Cohen – “Borat” the comedian who wrote the song “Throw the Jew Down the Well” – want Tucker Carlson fired.

But then a group of 1,500 Genuine Jewish Rabbis wrote a letter complaining that Jonathan Greenblatt, Borat, and the ADL were “misplacing” their accusations of “anti-Semitism.”

The 1,500 Genuine Jewish Rabbis said that the ADL should stop “focusing” so much on “obscure neo-Nazis of the ‘alt right,” [1] and should instead spend more time accusing “leftist adherents of radical Islam” of being “anti-Semitic.”

Remember, the ADL are the Jews that gave an award to Florida politician Barry Krischer for helping to protect Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and their Israeli sex trafficking operation by blocking the investigations by Florida law enforcement.

The ADL also support ethnic and religious apartheid in Palestine and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people from Palestine.

The ADL supported Jew Spy Jonathan Pollard, who – as he was met at his airplane to Israel by no less than the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyhu – said that “all Jews” should be traitors to the country they live in and put the foreign country of Israel first, because Israel in the Jewish country.

Now, when I say that – or when Tucker Carlson says that – that’s an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.” But when Jonathan Pollard says it, the Anti-Defamation League advocates for clemency.

So, which Jews will win? Will the next decade see the Zionist Jews of America hate mongering more against White Christians or Brown Muslims?

I guess they will try to get the best of both worlds and just hate on everybody.

Really, I’d hate to be a Jew, so full of hate for other people. If I were a Jew, the first thing I would do is let Jesus into my heart and let go of all that hate and learn to love my neighbors as myself.

Then I wouldn’t have to be a Jew anymore. Thank you, Jesus!

[1] I think he means me!