This is horrifying! I have only one question. Do we call immigration or is this more of a Justice Department issue?

Margo Jensen, The Goode Family: Helen’s Back

As someone connected to the Washington Post points out, they are taking down Gaetz using the technique they used against Trump – turning his Mishpucka handler. In Trump’s case it was Michael Cohen, in Gaetz case it is Joel Greenberg.

And both are singing like canaries.

Isn’t the symmetry here quite obvious? Michael Cohen “fixed problems” for Donald Trump, like getting the Evangelical vote by “helping” Jerry Falwell Jr. deal with his “sexual blackmail problem.”

So Joel Greenberg was recruiting and paying teenage girls to attend “parties” where they would drink alcohol, snort cocaine, do ecstasy, and have sex with Greenberg’s guests. The next day Greenberg wound pay them via Venmo with little notes attached, like “for food” or even more explicitly, “ass.”

The “official story” is that the investigation “includes a payment to a a 17 year old girl.”

By the way, if anyone would like to query the management of Venmo and ask their opinions about their various roles in the sexual trafficking of minors in Florida, I believe the men to contact would be public figures Darrell Esch and Dan Schulman, the General Manager of Venmo and CEO of Paypal. You can hit them up on Twitter and ask about the company arranging payments for the sexual trafficking of children.

Seriously – if you are on Twitter, you should do that. I’m sure the management of Venmo have Twitter accounts.

If Venmo points out that most of the girls were over the age of 18, well, what does that tell you?

The 2020’s are going to be the Decade of Reckoning over sex trafficking. [1] It’s far bigger than the Catholic abuse scandal of the previous decade and orders of magnitude larger than what bankrupted the Boy Scouts.

This isn’t some ancient history, this was during the Trump campaign and Trump’s first year in office. Like three years ago.

Remember celebrity Whoopi Goldberg’s infamous defense of Roman Polanksi drugging, sodomizing and raping a 13 year old girl? Whoopi Goldberg said “it wasn’t rape rape.” But it doesn’t look like any Republicans are standing up to say, “hey, most of the girls Matt Gaetz and Joel Greenberg were pimping out at their cocaine sex orgies were over the age of 18.”

It was interesting how the “alternative media” was spammed with weird defenses of Harvey Weinstein and even some vicious attacks trying to make the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s Israeli child sex trafficking and blackmail operation the bad guys – as if these 14 and 15 year old girls were the masterminds of a scheme to blackmail innocent Jewish billionaires who just wanted some romance. [1]

So, we’re supposed to jump up and down and complain, “well most of those girls were over 18, and they liked the drugs and the money.” It’s like a pedophile saying, “sure I was waiting outside of the schoolyard passing out candy, but the kids took the candy voluntarily!” “Sure I was peddling heroin to teenagers but I never stuck the needle in their arm! Those kids were just trouble!”

If you are slow, go back and re-read the parts about “private detectives” who were “former Mossad” working for Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, and Ghislaine Maxwell harassing and threatening the girls they were trafficking – and their families – and the local law enforcement. Jeffrey Epstein’s crowd was trying to abolish the police 20 years ago, for some quite obvious reasons. And Joel Greenberg gave himself a badge, strapped on a gun, and started pulling women over under color of law. [2]

This is more than a matter of vice – although it is that. It’s more than a matter of political corruption, blackmail, espionage – although it is all of those things. But it’s a foundational cultural and even biological “issue.”

What do you call an arrangement when a certain “class” of men are engaged in a prostitution arrangement with a “class” of women?

If the guests at Matt Gaetz’s orgies were “white men” and the girls being paid to be there were “black” the racial angle would be quite clear and there would be a major scandal. What other racial and sexual combinations would raise eyebrows?

The media loves “racist” stories but they will not touch the racial angle here with a ten foot pole. Epstein victim Maria Farmer’s testimony about Ghislaine Maxwell’s “racism” was censored by the so-called “alternative media.” Stefan Molyneux made the fatal mistake of mentioning a racial angle on Twitter during the Epstein arrest and was quickly banned from all social media.

Make no mistake, this Matt Gaetz and Joel Greenberg scandal is directly related to the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell Israeli child sex trafficking and blackmail ring – these are the same people. It goes straight to the top of the Israeli government, to the former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has admitted Ehud Barak’s involvement. The Prime Minister was photographed entering Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan residence.

Do you see it yet?

[1] Consider the racial and sexual implications of just the name itself, “the Nordic Model.” Take your time.
[2] Apparently numerous Social Media accounts are going “private” as the media exposes parts of the network.
[3] I wonder how Scott Adams got involved in this crowd? Remember Matt Groening was getting foot massages from teenage girls while aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express.” Scott Adams seems like a weird guy to be spreading Israeli propaganda straight from the embassy’s PR department!