What is there to say about Matt Gaetz and his Mishpucka handler Joel Greenberg? It looks like Trump won’t be bailing him out. Who knew that the Dilbert guy, Scott Adams, was pipelining Israeli embassy propaganda? But remember when he got famous for his “Trump is a Master Persuader” gimmick?


So the Israelis knew this was coming and tried to shakedown Gaetz’s father for $25 million for some hair-brained scheme against Iran.

You know this stuff was a “conspiracy theory” for years, but in the post-Jeffrey Epstein era, with Ghislaine Maxwell cooling her high heels in jail awaiting trial as I write this, it cannot be so easily dismissed.

The media is trying to paint the picture of Gaetz as a boorish frat boy, like they did with Brett Kavanaugh. Someone claimed Gaetz would show them cell phone pictures of females he claimed to have slept with. Like it’s “bros” talking about the “wild chick” from the bar last night.

But what Gaetz “ally” Joel Greenberg was doing looks exactly like what Jeffrey Epstein was doing.


He had access to tax and other government information about Florida families. He looked for information about young girls – minor girls. He stole fake IDs, presumably to give to the girls so they could pass for “legal.” He was somehow facilitating introductions, via a website, between “Sugardaddies” and “Sugarbabies.”

We have a term for this, a well known term in English, it is called “pimping – sex trafficking.” It’s a crime, and if you pimp minors – by definition, this means sexual trafficking – it is punishable by hard time in pound-me-in-the-ass federal prison.

Does Visa and Mastercard collaborate with the sexual trafficking of children via “Sugardaddy” websites? Someone should ask their CEOs, Michael Miebach and Lloyd A. Carney! We forced them to stop collaborating with MindGeek, the largest distributor of child rape videos in the entire history of earth. A LOT of these corporate types are quite exposed here. We’ll get back to that in a minute…


The non-sexual scandals of Greenberg are interesting too, because he treated the government the way some people treat a rental car.


Joel Greenberg is doing exactly what Ashkenazi organized crime has been doing for 100 years. The Sicilian and Italian organized crime rackets got shut down and they could not transition to the new realities – their stock jobbing was fourth-rate. The old time Mishpucka – guys like Les Wexner and the Bronfman brothers – they never went “legit” but they went out of their way to look legit.

Joel Greenberg represents the next generation and it doesn’t look like have the same stuff their grandfathers did. Hey, welcome to the club. Families are always rising and falling in America. You know who said that? No, no Shakespeare, that is too obvious dummy. It was Hawthorne.

So Joel Greenberg is involved in some website called “Sugardaddies.” You put in your credit card information, and they show you pictures of young women who will be your personal prostitute if you give them enough money.

So you meet one of these girls, and you check her ID to make sure she is 18. But you know Joel Greenberg has provided her with a fake id. I mean, she kind of sort of looks like the girl in the ID, but you are started to get excited here so you probably won’t be thinking clearly.

Your attitude on sex trafficking typically depends on whether or not you think of the females as part of your ingroup or outgroup. For me, working class white girls from the Atlantic coast of Florida are more or less my “ingroup” – they are my mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, girlfriends, wives. I am absolutely outraged by wealthy politicians pimping teenage girls.

Remember when Elon Musk called that English guy living in Thailand a “pedophile?” I’m sure he got sued for that, but why would he even say such a thing? It is because Thailand has a reputation for prostitution and sexual trafficking. Part of the case of Jeffrey Epstein was him sending Virginia Roberts to Thailand to “pick up” another child for sex trafficking.

Is Florida the new Thailand? Apparently, it is open season on “white girls” from Florida. Our rulers have invited the men of the world to come shopping for white sex slaves in Florida. Hey – pimping light skinned girls from Northern Europe has been a feature of human civilization for at least 3,000 years. Did we think they just magically stopped when the Ottoman Empire fell apart in World War I?

Here’s an idea for a better kind of “cancel culture” – let’s Cancel Sex Trafficking in America.

Visa and Mastercard have “canceled” all sorts of businesses for saying something “politically incorrect.” But Visa and Mastercard openly collaborate with the creators of the most obscene, violent, and hateful pornography – actual records of hateful speech and acts directed toward and acted upon young women.

Consider how much money the Catholic Church has had to pay out due to their scandals. Consider all the companies, banks, corporations, Internet companies, etc., that have collaborated with the pornography industry, which let’s not forget, is the exact same thing as prostitution and sexual trafficking – but they created a record of it, distributed it, and in some cases took payment for it.

This could be a central cultural scandal of the 2020’s, a “reckoning.”

I think of this as killing two birds with one stone. The set of sex traffickers, pimps, and pornographers intersects with other sets of actors that are my enemies.

“Pizzagate” and “QAnon” resonated with a lot of people because they knew even if the specifics were wrong, the general picture was true. The idea of holding these people to account inspired a lot of “normie” people – a lot of women specifically – to do a lot of research. They spent 20 years burying Jeffrey Epstein but an audience of women consumers of mass media kept the story alive.

I cheer every time some Hollywood producers or actor is taken down via “#MeToo.” How is it that Andrew Cuomo hasn’t resigned yet? What happened to the case of the child pornography found at Bill Gates’ mansion at the exact time Bill Gates was working with Jeffrey Epstein?

Every single male politician you see on TV you should assume was put there precisely because the media has something on him. If you are wrong – oh well, but you’ll be right more often than you think. That goes especially for the Republicans. It probably goes for a lot of the women too – remember the “Trouple” woman from California? Her big crime was having sex with a co-worker – who hasn’t done that?

This is supposed to be politics – it is hardball.

It really is your patriotic duty to research these people, find out where they work, and get them fired. Think of it as a game – it’s Gamification, like QAnon was. I’ve explained how to play in numerous posts. Find their resumes, notice which foreign countries they have visited.

It’s a game. The bad guys are out there. You can – just for fun – “do your own research” to find out who they are, and then expose their crimes.

Look what happened to the top Antifa guy:


Anyone touching the government or the Fortune 500 is VERY vulnerable to anything even slightly “political incorrect” and anything that even comes close to “rape” or anything at all involving minors – is radioactive. Even if it is not criminal, it is certain to get someone fired.

It’s a game. It’s legal. It’s for a good cause.

Be the cancel culture you want to see in the world!