So at the same time Joe Biden’s State Department is insulting China and the non-populist media is signaling a new “Cold War” with China, this is the exact time they start a massive media campaign about “AAPI” – “Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders” – and a supposed rash of “hate crimes” against them.

Virtually all of the incidents of “hate crimes” against “AAPI” have been pretty “ghetto” type Black people attacking random Asian people on the subway. The media talks around this and then speaks in the abstract about “white supremacy” and then tries to blame Donald Trump calling Covid-19 “the Wuhan Flu.” These “ghetto” type Black people would be treating random Asian people on the subway with respect and deference, except Donald Trump’s racism during TV press conferences about Coronavirus “normalized” African-American hate violence against AAPI.

I think this sort of language can be best understood by comparison to how Mommy and Daddy spell out words so little Johnny and Sally don’t understand. “Honey, we have an appointment at the D-O-C tomorrow and the S-I-T-T-E-R is gone.”

Really – liberals ARE the real racists. They are re-segregating the schools by saying that African Americans need their own “spaces safe from white supremacist violence.” Children – and those with child-like minds – will accept this at face value, and more realistic people will understand the use of euphemisms, reversals, and abstract language.

Such language is hardly used just for race. Other popular phrases are “humanitarian intervention,” “market regulation” “reinvestment” or indeed “quantitative easing.”

In any case, surprise, a White Supremacist Incel appears, out of Central Casting, and shoots up a bunch of “Asian Massage Parlors.”

Some may accuse me of being sensational by constantly harping on the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell child sex trafficking and blackmail ring that has been in operation since Jeffrey Epstein was introduced to the Clintons in the 1990’s. It is sensational. It’s perennial too, even though few people talk about the “DC Madam” anymore, you know, after she said she wasn’t going to kill herself then she lynched herself in her own closet and her “client list” just sort of disappeared into the Ethereum.

Of course one of the moves against Donald Trump was the arrest of Trump booster and Zionist Jew Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots NFL team. The courts just recently ruled they were ordering destroyed the video of him having some sort of sexual contact with multiple “Asian” women, presumably, victims of international sex trafficking.

Apparently, there are thousands of “Asian massage parlors” all around the United States that are covers for organized crime, and specifically, sex trafficking.

Part of the Imperial policy is turning the Diaspora against the home country. The “Anti-Communists Cubans” of Florida that are supposed to vote for Marco Rubio are Cubans who fled after the Revolution and form the core Diaspora group against the Communist government in Cuba, and a community racialized as “Hispanic” which allows the Republican party to claim Diversity Points.

There are Chinatowns all around the world, and in every major city in America. Most Chinese don’t live in Chinatowns anymore, they live in the suburbs like everyone else. This goes for the other “AAPI communities.”

Since at least the 1990’s there has been a pretty hilarious thing in major American cities on both coasts. It’s a Chinese culture centered around Fulan Gong, the “martial art” and the newspaper Epoch Times.

If you go down South, in all the major cities, at about 6:00 am weekday mornings, you’ll see a bunch of White guys, of all ages including boys, jogging and doing various types of exercise. They will advertise on social media for people to join, but what they will downplay is they are really a “front” for the local church. You can hang out and exercise but “really” they want to invite you to their Church meeting. It’s a nefarious plot by the Elders of Evangelicalism. Don’t let those potluck dinners and soft rock bands fool you, this is the face of Christian Theocracy.

Well the Chinese in the big coastal cities have the same thing. They do exercising in the morning, a kind of Yoga thing, and they will invite the public and eventually try to sell you on yoga classes, Chinese meditation, how to do business like a Chinaman, whatever, they may even try to set you up with their daughter or son. They will try to sell you a subscription to Epoch Times too.

If I were a Chinaman living in America, where would my “loyalties” lie?

Who knows maybe this is a way to discipline the Blacks that are getting “uppity” in the Democratic party, scaring people with their over-the-top anti-Whiteness, BLM rioting, and sheer hostility. They tried the “anti-Semitic” thing and now it’s “anti-Asian.”

Dinesh D’Souza is this Republican e-celeb that puts out the most cringe worthy Republican propaganda imaginable, and since he claims to be “of color” – he is an Indian born in Bombay – he gets away with the most shameless “Democrats are the real racists and the Ku Klan Klax” nonsense imaginable. We’re supposed to believe – well, maybe not “we” – I don’t know anyone who actually believes – that Dinesh D’Souza is totally, personally committed to the US Constitution, the Free Market system, and tears up when hearing the Star Spangled Banner.

I mean, come on. They really lay it on a bit thick, don’t they?

The most high profile “Chinese-American” is Andrew Yang who became popular a few years ago by running for President on the platform of giving people free money, which you would think would have made him extremely popular. He makes sure to tell the same story that all “immigrants” tell – “you evil mean White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans bullied me in school now I’m running for President take that whitey! I love America, in fact, I’m the REAL American, not you!”

He has described being bullied and called racial slurs by classmates while attending public school, in part because he was one of the smaller children in his class after skipping a grade.

Presumably by the time he attended high school at “Phillips Exeter Academy, an elite boarding school in New Hampshire” he just learned how to brush off all the racist insults and bullying.

So if the US and China are in a Cold Civil War, are we going to have the highest profile Chinese-American, Andrew Yang, our spokesman to the Chinese Diaspora telling them to unite to overthrow the Communist Party of China?

If Andrew Yang becomes President, will America have to start World War III with China to keep Taiwan – Yang’s homeland – “independent?”

As a White Man, I feel like I have to say that I do not exoticize Asian women, nor do I have “yellow fever” nor do I objectify Asian women. I mean, I don’t think Asian women are ugly, I just think they are less beautiful, on average, than European women.

But I can’t tell if that makes me “racist” or “anti-racist” because I am excluding Asian-American women from a potential dating pool, thus, wait I’m not sure, is that good or bad?

Either way I don’t see why I’m supposed to demonize Chinese people nor should I have to ostentatiously show concern for this new Imperial PR campaign. If the CCP is a threat, well, close the border, start bringing all those jobs back to America and let’s get to autarky. I’m 100% in.

The sons-of-bitches censored the legendary Day Above Ground video for “Asian Girls” but they left the parody, “White Boyfriend” up. These people just have no sense of humor.