“He talked about how Muslims were all treated horribly. They weren’t treated equally as everybody else. Just because how their names were spelled, they were putting a frame on him that he was ISIS. Just because of how his name is spelled and where he’s from that’s not right. And I could see where he was coming from, but I just don’t know why he would choose this way to get his point across,” Cruz told CNN.

So his complaint is equality. He is engaging in anti-racism. He shot racists.

His first arrest was for punching a Nazi, which we all know from the mainstream media, is ok:

According to court documents first obtained by KDVR, Alissa punched a classmate in the head without warning after he “had made fun of him and called him racial names weeks earlier.” The victim suffered bruising, swelling, and cuts to the head. Alissa pleaded guilty to an assault charge and was sentenced to two months of probation and 48 hours of community service in connection with that episode.

The shooter is Antifa.

His complaint was not that the United States is bombing Syria. The complaint is not the same as that of Sayyid Qutb who decried the “decadence” of the West and blonde Texas cheerleaders with their short shorts showing off their legs and shamelessly flaunting their animal desires. That would be closer to the Massage Parlor Shooter.

Instead this is the same anti-white complaint that is heard daily in the United States. “Whites” are discriminating against “minorities.” Not in any substantive way, like a violation of the Civil Rights Act. In this case it is the suspicions of Muslims.

He has a far better argument than Black Lives Matter. The United States has been subject to a hate-campaign against Muslims for 30 years – the 911 Commissioner Bob Kerrey mentioned a “30 year conspiracy.” The “counter-jihad” movement was almost mainstream in the West for twenty years.

Black Lives Matter rests on a far shakier premise. The Mainstream Media treats Black America, as a symbol, like one treats a favorite child. A major cultural question in the Mainstream Media for the last decade is how many more awards to give to Black Americans and which words to capitalize when they are written about.

In one Facebook post, the suspect appeared to express fears that someone was targeting his phone for Islamophobic reasons. “Yeah if these racist islamophobic people would stop hacking my phone and let me have a normal life I probably could,” he posted in July 2019.

You Alt Righters should make this a meme: “hacking my phone for Islamophobic reasons.”

This one is beautiful:

On Facebook, his politics appeared mixed throughout several camps. He shared an article rebuking Donald Trump’s stance on immigration, but also posted about his own opposition to gay marriage and abortion. A day after the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand, Alissa had shared a Facebook post from another user that read, “The Muslims at the #christchurch mosque were not the victims of a single shooter. They were the victims of the entire Islamophobia industry that vilified them.”

On the recent Washington Post article about “cancel culture” there is a comment from Texas emoting about “Evangelicals” and the hypocrisy of “conservatives” trying to legislate a “Christian theocracy.” When this writer was growing up, this was a constant refrain from the Mainstream Media. “Evangelical far-right Christian militias” had taken control of the Republican party and were going to institute The Handmaid’s Tale in America – that is why the book was so popular.

The crime of the “Evangelicals” was that they were racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, misogynist, against a woman’s right to choose and wanted women barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen, surrounded by children, and subservient to her husband.

But then after 9/11 the conservatives – or whoever had snatched the bodies of the conservative movement – all of a sudden started attacking Muslims for those very same things. They took the long litany of complaints against White Christian Americans and just started using them against Muslims.

Hence, “neo-conservatives.”

So if these people hate Christians for being socially conservative, but they are willing to accept Muslims who are even more socially conservative, their issue is not with social conservatism.

Their issue is with white people. Their issue is with the existence of European people – people they racialize as “white.” They don’t hate an ideology, they hate a DNA. Everything is about race with them.

If Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa and his family can be flown from Syria to Colorado, they can be flown back from Colorado to Syria. But if we are stuck together, I’d like to reach out to the non-murderous part of the Muslim community in America.

You know, I’m against gay marriage and abortion too. I’m against the US wars against Muslim countries. It’s not me pushing this stuff. It’s someone else.

Maybe we Christians and Muslims can team up to take on our common enemy.