I think in another life I could have been a journalist. It’s just playing Mad Libs, plugging nouns into a handful of language patterns. Headline, Summary, Intro, Details, Footer.

For these particular National Security articles the top is meant to distract you with woo, and if you don’t get bored and keep reading to the end you see the dollar signs.

It must be made public, and when it is, it will be big, former intelligence director John Ratcliffe said in a recent interview.

Except it actually doesn’t have to be made public:

However, two factors might delay the report’s release: agencies have missed similar congressional reporting deadlines in the past; and the provision is not technically binding, as the language was included in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the bill, not the bill itself. “In other words, it isn’t statute, but the agencies/departments generally treat report language as bill language,” said one senior Senate aide familiar with the legislation.

The bottom line: no one has to do anything. But on the other hand it sort of looks like they would, given the language, even though they won’t. Because it’s just woo anyway. UFO!

Former senator Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), a longtime backer of UFO research, said then that the footage “only scratches the surface of research and materials available.” “The U.S. needs to take a serious, scientific look at this and any potential national security implications,” he said. “The American people deserve to be informed.”

More Defense Pork in Nevada for my friends, please!

“The bottom line is if there are things flying over your military bases and you don’t know what they are because they aren’t yours and they are exhibiting — potentially — technologies that you don’t have at your own disposal, that to me is a national security risk and one that we should be looking into,” Rubio said.

Risk = mitigation, national security = money with a capital MONEY.

The Wapo commenters are outraged that “former intelligence director John Ratcliffe” is being interviewed because of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. I guess it is cognitive muscle memory, at least half of things in life triggers TRUMP RUSSIA!

Cinelli101 asks a good question, though.

why is it the US reports far, far more UFO sightings each year compared to any other nation? Methinks paranoia along with social media disinformation. Be logical – if there really are folks with technology sophisticated enough to do what is being insinuated – it stands to reason that we would never detect them to begin with either visually or with technology available at the time. Humans have conjured up explanations for phenomenon unexplainable at the time from the time we could barely stand upright. And we are still doing it.

Well I don’t know about all that but I assume the reason the USA has more UFO sightings than anyone else is for the same reason the US has more White Supremacist Hate Crimes than anywhere else. Kah-ching!