Would be to see who would accuse me of sexual misconduct.

My impression is the ones who had an actual case likely would barely remember it, and the ones who would be the first to accuse are the ones that are actually guilty themselves. That’s the nature of men and women. I actually got a talking to by my boss for banging the HR lady. Look, she was hot, she was clearly into me, I asked her out, we dated. My boss accused me of sleeping with her to grease the wheels of a raise, which was wildly off the mark, but he was just misunderstanding something he had witnessed.

So when I’m first hired there is some problem with the paperwork, so my boss – frankly, to show off – walks me over to the HR department and yells at the HR guy complaining about the paperwork screw ups. Then he leaves me there. The HR guy is annoyed, so he passes me off to this very hot blonde Irish gal. She’s nervous – she’s new, and I must be important, as her boss just got reamed out. So I – being the gentleman I am – calm her fears, draw us both into a conspiracy against our bosses, and you know, five minutes later she’s flipping her hair and giving me googly-eyes. Back in the day I was such a stud. Ah well, at least I still have my hair.

I’ve tried to carve out a different niche than other writers labeled as “right.” I got a very strong start in blogging by telling hilarious lies to autistic young men on “how to pick up chicks” and ruthlessly trolling the feminists that would show up to complain. Tongue-lashing uppity feminist bitches is literally – not figuratively – literally my sexual fetish. Some men like feet, I like finding the vulnerable, insecure girl underneath the you-go-girl exterior bravado and grab her hair, hold her down, and rape her until she squeals.

See back in the “Gen X” era that was considered “sexy” like a John Cusack movie. Movies like 9 1/2 Weeks inspired millions of white suburban couples to try kinky shit, even though it often as not just wound up a sticky mess. No, not like that. I mean, “wow babe I’m going to cover you in maple syrup and lick it off” which may sound sexy but trust me it really is not.

These days my Pepé Le Pew act would be considered, like, rape-rape.

Rep. Tom Reed apologizes for sexual misconduct detailed in Post report, won’t challenge Cuomo in 2022

Interesting to see that Wapo has jumped in to save Cuomo and by extension the Democratic party by preemptively taking down his presumptive GOP rival. Interesting that it was the Post that did this – presumably the Democratic establishment in New York is simply paralyzed with infighting so the Feds had to step in.

Supposedly when asked what he would do about Gandhi, Stalin said he would just shoot him. A couple of years ago there was a “viral video” of a fight in some South Asian parliament where teams of people were playing capture the flag with the speaker’s gavel. The comments said that whoever had the gavel could bang it on the podium and win some procedural vote.

People were unanimous that this is a great mechanism for decision making. Greeks used to cast lots. That is a form of democracy too. If everyone is “equal” then you just roll dice to pick someone at random, and he’s the captain, the “team leader” now.

Then someone explained that Capture The Gavel was more like a symbolic filibuster. In the movie version, the American Senate’s filibuster has the lone Senator standing up there for tens of hours on end, barely staying awake as he reads names from the phone book. As long as he’s at his desk and keeps talking, the rules say he has the floor, so he keeps going until his interns, local boys from the heartland, pluck the heartstrings of the cynics-with-a-heart-of-gold big-city politicos and change their votes. America, and its secularized, generic quasi-post-Protestant civic religion, are saved.

So in the South Asian example, the opposing party can delay the inevitable with gavel theatrics and maneuver into a better position, but they have lost and the winners have won.

Gandhi’s people actually did some rather active stuff. They would crawl while the Brits were shooting over their heads. Just like BLM, or the lefty protest culture in general, the entire point is that it’s a ceremonial thing. The cops aren’t going to shoot them, and if they do even arrest them they can scream and pretend it’s violence to get social media upvotes.

In fact, it’s already a thing that models, literally fashion models, will go to a protest to get some portfolio pictures. During the Occupy Wall Street protests they even had a website, “Hot Girls of Occupy Wall Street,” where really good looking women dressed in fashionable clothing would pose next to police and the ones that actually got arrested used that as the cover photo.

Remember the model with the amazing tits that got a “social media backlash” for not wearing a bra at the protests and “drawing attention to herself?” Emily Ratajkowski. That is the entire point of political protests which aren’t even political. It’s about self-expression and publicity in the era of social media.

They even do it with homeless camps now.


I love the phrase “media-savvy advocacy group.” What made you ever believe that the Media was “real” and not “staged?” Oh, you sweet summer child. Remember all that stuff ten years ago about “crisis actors?” I mean, I’m not saying, I’m just saying…

Remember Trump’s QAnon people were promising that they would march into the Capitol and the Patriotic Military were going to arrest Vice President Mike Pence and then Supreme Court Justice John Roberts would step down and Amy Coney Barrett would declare Trump President. Technically this could all be done by the rules of the Constitution, and if the media said it was kosher, everyone would accept it.

If not … why are the hoopla with the National Guard at the Capitol? They didn’t even do that after 9/11. Sure that was because they knew there was zero actual terrorist threat, but Capitol Hill is now the Green Zone.

The Pentagon gets literally whatever they want, as much money as they want, as long as they don’t interfere in domestic politics other than various PR campaigns. The states have the Guard which mostly deal with natural disasters, and back in the 60’s the Feds proved the Guard answered to them in the case of any secessionism. The FBI makes sure rich people don’t get kidnapped for ransom and banks don’t get robbed, their only real law enforcement activities. The states and localities have beefy police departments and people that really matter have private security.

They hate the fact that outside of the cities America is full of rednecks with guns but they also know as long as they don’t actually try to take the redneck’s guns, all the armed rednecks will simply comply with whatever the TV says. They may grumble when they have to wear a Covid mask to Walmart and they may even post a complaint on Facebook. But that is about it.

How clever is Tucker Carlson? Because trolling the women in the military was actually quite clever, assuming he was expecting the “backlash.” The Pentagon runs on good publicity and the entire “Women and Queers” in the military thing is just PR for libtards.

Hunter Wallace calls them “brats” but Aimee Terese gets closer when she calls them “bratty subs.”

Candybar! Candybar!

If we’re really worried about the “rape crisis” in the military we’d stop forcing integration. Clearly they are not really concerned. The military is just one of all the institutions that play this charade.

Remember when Trump called that university’s bluff? The university claimed that their entire institution was riddled with “white supremacy” and “systemic racism.” So the Trump administration announced an investigation into the university for violations of the Civil Rights Act. The bluff was called, surprise, they weren’t serious.

Does anyone believe that Andrew Cuomo did anything other than hit on women? Does anyone really believe that any of those women were “victimized?” Every time one of these liberal women say they are “literally shaking” over reading some Tweet, or some young woman in some political office says she felt “gendered” and “uncomfortable” because some guy looked at her boobs, they just make the case that they are not competent for their job ruling the Empire.

They should instead be organizing bake sales at the Church fundraiser. The military doesn’t need even one pregnant fighter pilot, and while that joke was probably funny at some point, now they are just embarrassing themselves.

The “dissident right” has a very good point about this. These women are simply engaging in cross dressing. As women, they understand nothing about masculinity except it makes them nervous and horny. They should never wear the uniform. Sure, in practice, the Pentagon and the services are just a big bureaucracy. 90% of men in the military are not Rambo. Some tough old bitch lesbian can run a department as well as a lot of men.

When there is a fire, the tall but nerdy white guy who is kind of quiet leaps into action, carries out all of the women and children, then goes back for the puppies and kittens. He becomes the hero of the town, competed over by the gals. The instinct is natural because you want to encourage that sort of behavior.

You give young men the uniform and the medals because you want him to literally kill the invaders and that is the honor and respect that you have to give him so he doesn’t go crazy and start killing you too.

The US fights wars with machines, not men. The US doesn’t fight real wars either. Fighting real wars is stupid. People get killed. It’s very messy. And gals can punch in the coordinates for a drone strike as well as anyone. Remember everyone in the military looks to Star Trek as the ideal – this is not a joke, this is the shared vision of not just the military but of the Fortune 500 as well. Star Trek is America’s new Civic Religion and it’s not really that new by now.

But we “allow” women in the military because no one is really fighting. We “allow” women in the legislature because the fighting is symbolic. If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez somehow came to control the Democratic party and she cut the Pentagon’s budget by 15%, she would be overthrown in a fort-night.

People get all bent of of shape about “women voting” but that is only because we still have to maintain the pretense that men voting matters.

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. If the Chinese landed a million man army on the California coast and just started raping blonde surfer girls, what are they going to do? Complain about sexism?

LBJ used to literally get up in people’s faces, shoving his nose inches from their nose while swinging his finger around wildly yelling. If he could “win” that way, he did. In not, sometimes he sent his personal assassin to kill you.

Remember, at the end of the day, it is about killing people. White American men are very good at killing people. White women have not been particularly good at their job, which is birthing people, however.

Flight suits for pregnant women is a joke, but ditzy gals who think they have some sort of political power literally don’t realize it’s a joke. Frankly, I hope the women of the “left” and of the Democratic party in general – I hope they “#MeToo” everyone. All the men in the Democratic party should be purged, as they are men, thus are more or less rapists at heart. The feminists are right that all heterosexual sex is rape and we do live in a “rape culture.”

“Rape culture” means that women have to take precautions to not be raped. The entire earth is one big rape culture and you should see how animals do it! I once entertained myself watching an old dog sniffing around his own daughter dog when she first came into heat. He would try to jump on her and stick it in but she wasn’t ready yet so she kept snapping and growling at him. Eventually she went fully into heat. You know they call it “the law of the jungle” for a reason.

No one actually gains power from physical control of the speaker’s gavel. The Brits could have shot Gandhi’s “peaceful protestors” at any time.

Again, this is a problem of industrial culture compounded by the mass electronic media.

Why are Southern men the backbone of the American military? Because Southern men are tough and masculine because they lost a war and had enemy troops occupy them for a generation. The Yankees never had that happen, as of 2021.

When Vespasian and Titus breached the Temple in Jerusalem, the priests continued doing their symbolic rituals even as the soldiers cut them down. There is some ancient tale about how an enemy army defeated the Hebrews because they wouldn’t fight on the Sabbath. So obviously that particular bit of crazy fundamentalism was phased out rather quickly. There was some weird Christian cult in Russia that castrated themselves. It never got particularly popular and they never reproduced because, well, they had gotten “bottom surgery.”

Sometimes reality interferes. I hope we right the ship before we’re invaded by a hundred million brown peasants from Latin America or even worse, ten million Chinese.

Remember what we are dealing with here: back in the day the libtard women said, “I’d give Bill Clinton a blowjob just for keeping abortion legal.”

Do you care if Andrew Cuomo grabbed some woman’s ass? I don’t. Do you care if Andrew Cuomo tried to get into the pants of some 23 year old intern? Of course not, I assume that is the entire point of getting into politics.

Do I care if women in the military feel “gendered” or if the women in the government feel “safe?” No, of course not. I don’t care if their women get raped anymore than I care if their men get killed. I only care about me and mine. I would be offended if a woman representative on my side was raped, or even if an enemy looked at her ass.

But if a woman representative on the opposing party was literally gang raped on the floor of the Senate? I would see that as a hopeful sign that some cherished illusions were slipping away thus people were getting serious about solving our problems.