Wow, that was brutal, huh?

Antony Blinken was born in the innermost of the Inner Party. He’s been told he was brilliant since he was a baby, he’s been lauded by teachers and his peers since school, and anytime he’s appeared in the press the journalist types the words “competent” and “genius” and “moderate” as many times as needed.

Plus, he’s cool, he’s got the populist touch because he plays guitar in a blues band. Like an older version of Beto O’Rourke, but Jewish.

His Liberal Zionist tribe has run the Democratic party since LBJ, if not FDR, depending on how you look at it. They run Hollywood. They punch well above their weight in finance. They invented the art of “cancel culture” starting a hundred years ago. They literally own most of the media.

Blinken’s Liberal Zionist tribe owns the Democratic party. They provide the majority of the money, they provide the intellectual heft, and they staff the important positions. Their press coverage is always fawning, which makes sense because the journalists writing about them are Liberal Zionists too. All the rest of the “diversity” is there for show and to distract everyone for how extremely homogeneous the Inner Party really is. It’s a simple minoritarian strategy that works in any multicultural polity, you split the majority group and form a coalition of minorities. Liberal Zionist Jews are the brains of this particular minoritarian strategy, indeed, they invented the modern American form of it.

When anyone in America points this out, they get smeared by the ADL and the SPLC, and labeled by the media as “far-right” and “anti-Semitic” and attacked in the streets by literal Zionists calling themselves “anti-fascist.”

Of course the Chinese are neither intimidated nor tricked by such foolishness:

Currency Wars (simplified Chinese: 货币战争; traditional Chinese: 貨幣戰爭; pinyin: Huòbì zhànzhēng), also referred to as The Currency War, is an essay by Chinese author Song Hongbing. Originally published in 2007, it gained a resurgence in 2009. The premise of the book is that Western countries are ultimately controlled by a group of private banks … … it was a bestseller in China, reportedly being read by many senior level government and business leaders in the country. Unlike other books within the genre, e.g. Unhappy China, Currency Wars has been received more positively by the Chinese leadership as its recommendations are seen as less aggressive towards the US. It was however criticized in Western media as being far-fetched and relying on conspiracism. As of 2011, more than one million copies of this book have been sold.

Oh, but it gets worse:

The book has been criticized for promoting antisemitic conspiracy theories. The book says that Jews have been conspiring to covertly influence historical events ranging from the Battle of Waterloo to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, with the intention of increasing their wealth and influence.

But don’t take a Chinese person’s word for it – no, let the Jews at Wikipedia explain that the Chinese have just been tricked by Western anti-Semites and Nazis:

In this respect, the material echoes traditional antisemitic conspiracy theories such as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, The International Jew, and Nazi propaganda like Der Stürmer. This is seen as rather unusual as China is not generally known for antisemitism.

Uh oh. The Chinese look at America and say it’s run by Jews. This cannot be true so the Chinese must be turning into NAZIS! Chinese NAZIS I tells ya!

So Antony Blinken shows up at this summit and actually believes he’s going to lecture China on “human rights” then he is going to come home – to the adulation of the Washington Post and the New York Times – and tell everyone about his “tough negotiations” and “slow but steady progress.”

Instead, Blinken, ashen face, can only respond to the Chinese insults by saying “from what I am hearing people are saying ‘America is back’.”

This is Trumpian. Trump would watch “the shows” to see how his media coverage was and complain.

Blinken reads “the papers” which are all blowing smoke up his ass about how “competent” he is and how diplomacy is back a brilliant political slogan like “I’m With Her” and “Don’t change horses in midstream.”

No – this is real. It’s on all the shows – I saw it on Tucker. The Chinese sat there and lectured Antony Blinken’s on America’s “structural racism” and the summer long Black Lives Matter riots.

Blinken’s response? “I’m hearing that people are saying ‘America is back.'”

But my mom says I’m cool! The Washington Post called me competent and said that Diplomacy Is Back! It’s those damn Chinese, they are a bunch of NAZIS!

But don’t think just because he’s a bumbling fool that Blinken is harmless. Remember Blinken, like the rest of his tribe of Liberal Zionists, were all in on the Iraq War. Blinken is in the position he is in because he is Jewish, because he is a Zionist, and because he is a liberal.

But when Binken’s mouth writes a check it isn’t going the be the asses of his fellow Jews, his fellow Inner Party liberal Zionists that has to cash it.

That will be the asses of the “goys” – the ones that serve in the military. Blinken’s fellow Liberal Zionists in the Democratic party, like Rahm Emmanuel, they serve with their country’s military, the IDF.

Yadda yadda, diplomacy is saying “good doggie” while you reach for the stick, etc. Diplomats are supposed to be good at navigating different cultures. Blinken is really good at navigating the DC cocktail circuit, dishing to Wapo journalists, and raising money to fight “anti-Semitism” – and of course cheering for bombs dropping on the heads of Iraqi children to help his country, Israel.

We have to play along with this because, you know, otherwise the ADL will call us “anti-Semites.”

Clearly the Chinese feel no need to be polite to these people anymore.

Meanwhile William Burns gets confirmed by the Senate with a unanimous vote. The fact the vote is unanimous means it is symbolic – the decision was already made.

He has “bipartisan” support. In fact the only thing that happened is Ted Cruz forced Burns to say he’s fight Russia over the pipeline to Germany which is, I guess, Texas oil flexing some muscle.

Some “journalist” from one of the networks asked Joe Biden to call Putin a “killer” and Biden attempted to posture as some sort of tough guy standing up to Putin.

Which is more pathetic?

When George W. Bush “looked into Putin’s eyes” and “saw his soul?”

Or when Biden looked into his eyes and said he “didn’t have a soul?”

Remember, this the return of “competence” – diplomacy is back … America is back!