If we’re going to have a new Cold War with China, then can we at least go after all the traitors that are literally on the Chinese payroll?

Look, I’m with you Democrats. Breitbart Social Media Grifters going on about “Bejing Biden” are cringe, like that shirtless E-Boy Tarl “Styx666” Warwick. But let’s face it, you people have been playing footsie with China for decades.

Don’t tell right-wing morons, but the Chinese money is more like tribute than bribery. They were going to do it anyway, but the particular Chinese businessman that wants to drive on the road has to pay the toll. If things change, obviously they aren’t giving out any refunds but the road will be closed regardless. Chinese money buys access, it sure as hell does not buy loyalty.

The real problem is all the Chinese students at the universities and in the corporations. I told everyone that concentrating aspies in Northern California was going to cause a lot of problems. Take a nerdy White soy-boy, parade around a flat-chested, flat-bottomed “Asian” gal, and since that is the first person assigned female at birth that has ever paid any attention to him, he’s going to marry her, and she’s going to pop out a generation of little half-breed spies. Does anyone in the American establishment ever actually, like, read history and stuff? Because I’m fairly certain all this has happened before.

I’m actually all in on a Cold War against China, as long as it stays cold and means no more immigration and more domestic high-tech industry.

But can we please find someone less cringe than Antony Blinken? Someone with just slightly more self-awareness?


The Biden administration’s ability to broker a productive relationship with China while hammering it on human rights issues faces its first test next week when senior U.S. officials meet their Chinese counterparts in Alaska.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken unveiled the meeting Wednesday, the same day he accused the country of carrying out genocide against its Muslim minority communities and pointedly ruled out granting concessions to Beijing in order to reduce its carbon emissions.

So, let me get this straight… Antony Blinken, the Zionist Jew, the son of a Zionist Jew diplomat, himself the son of the Zionist Jew that literally started the Israel Treason Lobby in Washington DC … is going to lecture the Chinese on genocide of their Muslim population?

On Wednesday, Blinken repeated that “I see it as a genocide” when asked about the treatment of Uyghur Muslims and said “we will continue to speak out forcefully and shine a light on these egregious violations of human rights.”

Um, Mr. Blinken, surely you are aware … ? Wait, how should I put this? Jews who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at Chinese people?

It’s just embarrassing. “Hey, Chinese, stop the genocide of an entire people and also reduce your carbon emissions!” How are we to save face in front of our Chinese friends and partners when Mozel Tov over here is essentially farting in public? Blinken rips a big one and then says, “It wasn’t me, the Chinaman did it!”

To all the well meaning people of China, from Americans: we’re sorry about Antony Blinken and believe us, we don’t like him any more than you do. Please do not take offense at his rude and shameful behavior, because he is just a Jewish comedian, the traditional Court Jester-Jew for whom we have an eccentric cultural tolerance, although this tradition is thankfully dying out as they just aren’t that funny anymore.

I’m willing to give Taiwan back to China if they promise take Tony Blinken and the rest of them too.

The Boomer Cringe is off the charts:

Also he’s culturally appropriating African-American blues, thus he is a racist as well as a dork.